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Life Selector review

Summary: Here's a really unique idea that's been put together in the best possible way. Fans of POV porn will love the interactive, first person hardcore stories you walk though here, making decisions about how and who to fuck in every scene. The cast of European girls is top notch and these babes give wonderful performances. The site is streaming only, but it sort of has to be, and they've done a fantastic job with the tech side of things to make the experience one of a kind and without problems. Definitely give this collection a closer look.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2012-11-13

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Intro promises

"The ultimate interactive porn site!"

- You control the sex, you control the story
- Porn star cast, unique POV/interactive sex movies

First impression

It isn't too often I come up to a site that is totally original and unique from the other porn sites on the market. It took me a few minutes to gather how all this worked. Thankfully, the site is put together pretty well and explains while you enjoy.

You sign up here for free, just need an email address. You can start any of their various stories, which are POV choose-your-own-adventure stories that you'll work through in a series of clips, picking your way through by making choices between various options at in-between stages. You can get started free, but when it starts to get hot you'll need some credits to make a decision on what to do next.

So there is no recurring subscription here. You buy credits, and use those to work your way through erotic stories, which are hardcore sex movies with porn stars, filmed in high quality POV.

Sounds pretty awesome! Read on for a closer look at how things are put together here.


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Our opinion

Life Selector is one of the more unique porn sites I've been to. I can't think of another that works quite in the same way: walking you through real stories, where you experience them in first person and get to make decisions as to where to go and what types of sex acts can happen. The site stars a lot of the same European babes and glamour girls from the 21 Sextury network, and in these hardcore living stories, they put on some intense performances!

Interactive and Erotic Stories with Great Hardcore

This is the first site I've been to that promised interactive porn and delivered it, cam sites not included. They've really put some thought into how this might work, from the economics to the more important user experience. They've done a really great job. Let me run you through how it works.

In the library, there are various shows that are either qualified as Quick Shows (short, single sex scenes) or Full Shows (multiple sex scenes). You can think of the latter as closer to DVD length, and with a little more layers to the story, while quick shows are like one off scenes.

Now, you start at the beginning of the story, walking through the scene in first person as everything is filmed in Point Of View (POV). There comes a time when you need to make a decision, and this decision will lead to some sort of sex. In one story, where I was a bodyguard, a slutty blonde in a pink bikini is giving me a tour of my new boss' house. We stop for a drink - I have to choose Vodka or Whiskey, and pay 15 credits, and then the next clips loads, picking up where the last left off and leading into me groping and stripping the girl naked, having her suck my cock, and being able to fuck her in about 3 different positions. For a few more credits I can have her lick my balls, gag on my cock for a while and other things like that. After I've had my fill, the last clip loads and she strokes my cock into her mouth until I've filled it up with cum.

A new series of options pop up, asking me which part of the story to go to next - one that promises a shower sex scene with a brunette, or the other which will be me and another guy sharing a hot black haired beauty in a threesome.

There is dialogue, acting, interaction all the way through each part of the scenes.

Porn Star Casting

You're going to be fucking some of the hottest porn star babes on the planet. So far in their stories girls like Aletta Ocean, Puma Swede, Sophie Moone, Zafira and Cindy Hope have been on, as well as a number of Euro babes that are gorgeous but that I didn't know by name. Almost all of the girls are European.

Streaming-only Videos Put Together Well, but Some Sound Issues

All of the shows are streamed right in the browser window. They've done a great job with the technical challengers their style of POV interactive porn represent, though.

The player takes up most of the browser window. When it is time to make a decision, windows pop up in the player itself and you just click the one you want to go with. You can also skip chapters, or go back. If you start a show and don't finish it, you can pick up where you left off when you visit again.

The production quality is very high, but the playback quality is only great - not excellent. They probably had to go with standard definition playback for technical reasons, choosing a smooth and good looking stream over one that might need to buffer occasionally for those with slower connections but looks great. I think they made the right decision, because the interactive nature of the stories means any pausing to buffer really punches holes in the magic being weaved.

There were some issues with sound - sometimes it's hard to hear people talking, but then the camera might move closer and suddenly the sound is much too high. With sex, sound is usually pretty good.

A Good Number of Shows

There were over 60+ episodes, a mix of Quick and Full Shows, online at the time of my visit. They had a real variety to offer as well: shower sex, group sex, threesome sex, anal sex, blow jobs, cum shots, facials, rough sex, strip poker, and much more. A good mix of girls and scenarios means a lot of entertainment here.

No Downloads but Repeat Viewings Allowed

You can don't load these shows, but that is probably obvious - it's impossible to have a downloadable copy of an interactive show. However they do let you pick up from shows that you haven't finished where you left off, though. You can also replay shows you've watched before as many times as you like.

Fantastic Presentation

They did a fantastic job with the website, which works like no other porn site you've been on. The interactive features, the graphics and promos that go with each episode, and the production quality of the shows themselves are all really top notch and one of a kind.

Affordable, Credit-based System

You can buy big bundles of credits to use for the price of a typical monthly site subscription, and those credits will get you through a lot of shows. That is to say, in terms of cost this site isn't different from a full subscription, with the caveat that you only spend what you use - so it will most likely work out to be cheaper than a typical subscription for most surfers. That's a big plus!


A truly interactive porn site with unique quality to go with their unique and very hot concept.

You can't compare this site to any other in porn. The concept is really fun, the girls are super hot, and the quality of the production and the hardcore sex is in a class of its own. If you want something different, an experience unlike you've had before, this site is a must try. For fans of POV porn, it will be an enormous success.


As I've said in the review above, there aren't any interactive sites like this one available. There are, however, several that work with the same class of Euro babe porn star.

The guys who produce this site are also producers at 21 Sextury network. A big collection of multiple hardcore sites full of gorgeous European babes fucked in hardcore, fetish, group and anal sex scenes. The 1080p HD downloads are some of the best in quality online.

Combined in that network is another, called 21 Sextreme, which features more intense hardcore and fetishes - like gaping and more intense double penetration or BDSM sex.


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Total average: 81.1/100 Our score: 90.0/100

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