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Mary Careys Official Website review

Summary: Mary Carey's Official Website concentrates on pornstar movies. There are images, videos and also a chat room for your membership fee.

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Score 75.0 /100
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J C, 2005-05-09

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Intro promises

"Mary's Appearances
Keep up to date with my performances and come see me somewhere!

Mary's Diary
I love to share my Diary with people, and I write new
stuff in it all the time!

Mary's Bio & Stats
Find out my life story and my favorite sex toy!

Performance Credits
A list of what I have done on Film, TV, Radio, etc.

Campaign 2003
This is an archive of my gubernatorial platform and
some of the speaches I gave."

First impression

It's everyone's favorite big boobed, pornstar gubernatorial candidate! It's hard to believe that someone that can't spell "Speeches" (see above) didn't get elected over a former bodybuilder turned action film star whose political idol is Richard Nixon (in a democratic state no less). Ah well. You can have a second chance here and vote for her site. I'll tell you if I'd poke that chad.


By credit card
$12.95 for 30 day subscription
$85.99 for one year subscription

Our opinion

I'm a little surprised by how sparse the members section is. Not necessarily content wise, but in terms of design. They took the template from the tour pages and plopped member content in the right side instead. You still have the links for the tour and to join and everything. It's also surprising that all those special sections you see listed up there aren't available through simple links. In fact, when you click on the "about mary" button, you can access it now. Without being a member. Hmmm....

Well, as far as stuff you DO need to be a member for, the pictures present a wide variety of "stances." There's seven jam-packed pages of high quality galleries to pick from. Most of it is softcore full frontal stuff, but there is a teensy bit of hardcore to be found. It's a nice unexpected extra. The quality of the shots looks very professional and even the digital camera stuff is well above average. I honestly couldn't see any problems. A few of the sets are available in hi-rez downloadable zips, but most aren't from what I could tell. So that means you'll have to open up the galleries in their pop-up form.

The gallery is a mix between awkward and great. It could just be my settings, and I'm too lazy to test it out on different resolutions, but the gallery window doesn't fit my screen. It flows over so that I wasn't completely sure if I was missing some navigation at the bottom or not (I wasn't). At the top you'll see the option for download (when available) and some familiar vcr type controls followed by the option for a slide show of 3-10 seconds/pic. The featured picture is below that in a slightly off-kilter frame. Then you can see below that four thumbnails that shows you what's up next and what you just finished looking at. It's all arranged nicely except for the skewed frame and the too large for my screen thing. The images here are just as high quality as the downloads, but I wish there were more sets available to save.

The videos were pretty disappointing. You can either get the smaller bite-size preview mov files or the giant meals that are the full files. The quality doesn't necessarily justify the wait for some of the bigger ones. Those with lower speed connections should learn to get by with the preview clips. I was unimpressed with the quality of the files. Blown up to any reasonable size turns them into fuzzy, pixelated images. They were shot well enough most of the time, but they require better transfers. It took too long to download them, considering the end result.

The chatroom section isn't exactly that. It's actually a forum. Definitely not the same thing. It's surprisingly active considering how recently it seems to have been added. The webmaster or Mary don't reply or update all that quickly to some of the comments or questions, but it's still a good feature that more sites should have and take advantage of.

The friends part isn't cross promotional links like I half-expected. Rather it's more galleries of other girls. The pictures aren't as good as Mary's stuff however. You wouldn't be joining the site to only look at her friends anyway.

Other stuff that is on the site, but you don't need a membership for is a link to a store showcasing all kinds of Mary Carey DVDs, some more standard links (mostly to Mary on other sites), and my favorite -- a place giving you directions on how to get Mary Carey ringtones for you cell phone. I think that's pretty funny. The About Mary section is the largest part of the no payment required stuff. This will list all her appearances and contact info as well as her political platforms. It's pretty interesting stuff to read through (whereas her diary is rather uncharacteristically bland and undetailed).


It would be nice if some of the bonus content you find on the tour pages was actually members only content. The huge gap in price ranges makes the decision pretty easy as well. A month or a year...hmmm. But the monthly price is a pretty good steal considering the large amount of pictures you'll get access to. It was easy to make fun of her while she ran, because that whole race was a madhouse. This site gets to show you another side to the woman and you can even gain some level of respect for her...while you're spanking it, of course.

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