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New Sensations review

- 1st revisit

Summary: On New Sensations you can find a wide variety of pornstars in exclusive videos and pictures. Video quality is pretty good, but pictures could be higher resolution. Be sure to check it out if you like the modern pornstars.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Melissa, 2006-09-11

Pornstar, Hardcore, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

They let you know immediately on New Sensations that they want you to experience the largest, all exclusive pornstar site online, where it’s pledged to carry 100% exclusive photos and videos with updates done 5 times a week. Sometimes you find a site that the tour page alone is done with such quality, such heat and expertise that you find yourself getting lost in the lovely things offered, and that was the case for me here, it’s an exceptional layout with promises of hard-core and high resolution in everything they bring your way. They also offer live videos, where you can chat and watch live video feeds of some of the world’s hottest women they say. Weekly updates will keep this mega site growing, and since you get 10 bonus sites plus 11 reality sites with your price of membership, you’ll be busy.

First impression

Just the look of the introductory area of New Sensations has me feeling anticipation over what the membership area must be like. This was no doubt done through a professional eye and everything is placed just where it should be, leaving a trail of beautiful bread crumbs that you’ll want to follow by using your credit card.


5 day $9.95 (recurring)
30 day $24.95 (recurring)
60 day $39.95 (recurring)
90 day $54.95 (recurring)

Credit card, Check


Our opinion

When opening up the membership area to New Sensations, it reminded me of a well put together blog site at first, so much information added, besides images of the sites you receive as bonuses and then a nice, uniformed list to the right that will take you to any section of this particular site that you want to go to. You’ll find a model index that does the formal introduction of the ladies, along with whether they hold images, videos or both in their exclusive section. Taking myself into the photo section you’ll find some 3rd party photo galleries offered along-side of the exclusive material. This is where it got a bit confusing, I never did find just the New Sensations ladies, so I’m going back into the model index and access it all from that area. Just a small glitch in a normally easy attainable site.

I counted 344 models, all of them just as lovely as the one before and the one after, with bodies that make an hourglass look out of shape. You’ll find beautiful breasts in their advertisement shots, some are natural and some have had the assistance of a surgeon, but they’re all luscious. After going through the entire alphabet the one girl that really stuck out in my mind was one called Allysin, she’s blonde, and she looks as if she might be a tad older than some of the models, but that’s one thing I really like about this site, they aren’t all teens just breaking into the business, they are lovely ladies with a few more years on them, but nothing has interrupted the continuation of perfection with them. I really like the way they’ve laid out each girl’s exclusive area, they have breakdown of their photo shoots, offered in soft-core regular sized, large or ZIP, with the same options for the hard-core material that Allysin and all the other girls have to offer as well. Her videos are found just to the right, again, soft-core and hard-core options with everything this particular model has done, listed.

Of course I’m going to start with the images and also the large hard-core series, we might as well go for the gusto right off of the bat. This choice holds 20 thumbs, which even though they’re presented a bit on the smaller side of what I would have liked seeing, the enlargements come in at a nicely sized 800x517 pixels. I would hope for a resolution upgrade in future pictures. The clarity is amazing on these shots though, and you’ll find yourself lingering a bit longer than normal, just because it is picture perfect. These really are high in heat as well. Allysin was definitely the right choice for my write-up because I could talk about her all day long. This woman really is without flaw, her long legs open up with pure sex between them and her male counterpart knows exactly what to do – to make her feel better. Of course once the tables are turned so is her body, turned around to take his massive cock from behind.

Delving over into the video section I’m in a quandary... should I check out the soft-core or the hard-core footage? Yeah, right, who am I fooling, it’s hard-core all the way! This particular title of Allysin’s is called, “NS Hardcore.” There is also a heading of “The Four Finger Club,” but this seems to have taken me into a slew of lesbian sexual adventures, I’m not complaining, but I lost track of Allysin in there, so I’m sticking with the first choice. There are 4 clips available, all offered in Real Media, Media Player and QuickTime, with the speed choices of Low Band and High Band. The download of the WMV high-band brought up to 1.4 Mbps, a media length of 3 minutes and a video size of 640x480 for the newest videos. Older videos have lower bitrate and a resolution of 320x240. Now with the technical stuff out of the way, let me just say that this girl makes sex look even sexier than most. This is a video clip of a video being played where this boob-a-licious girl is summoning the stud watching into her world of nymphomania. Suddenly she appears on his sofa and the two of them strip, lick, suck and fuck the afternoon away.

New Sensations offers a live video page where they cover just about every genre you could want, as an example you get “Geisha Girls,” “Live Russian Girls,” “College Girls, BDSM feeds,” and so much more. And I did tell you earlier on in the review that there are bonus sites offered with your membership fee, and those ten sites are named, “Jizz Bomb,” “Lil Latinas,” “Squirting 101,” “Mr. Biggz,” “Screaming “O”, “Four Finger Club,” (this must be where that other set of Allysin’s came in to play), “NS Full On Video,” “Nochos Killer Pussy,” “Papa Loads,” and, “Butt Divers.” And don’t forget there is also 11 reality sites that come with your membership fee as well.


My, oh my, what can I say about New Sensations, except “Wow!” Every girl that inhabits this space will take your breath away...and your load. The content is soft-core, hard-core and amazing. My only complaint would have been with navigation, I did run through some areas of confusion and they had a habit of allowing all the bonus areas to bleed through into this site, giving you a bit of content from everywhere, which did make me stop and scratch my head a few times. But if you can find your way through without any mishaps in maneuvering, then the content you find at the end of the rainbow is definitely a pot of gold.

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