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Peter North review

Summary: Peter North probably needs no introduction himself. The cumshot legend is one of today's most known male pornstars and many of his videos are available for download on this site. The main action is of course oral sex and the following cumshot.

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Score 90.0 /100
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J., 2004-10-31

Pornstar, Blowjob, Videos, Mega-Sites, Hardcore, Movies


Intro promises

- Hot pornstars in action
- Access to entire BrainPass network (over 8 sites total), updated daily

First impression

I've seen several BrainPass sites and they're always of a solid quality, so I expect this to be no exception. There's a lot going on on the opening page, but it's all very nicely organized and everything appears to be in order.


Credit Card

30 days: $24.95
90 days: $59.95

Our opinion

If you're looking at reviews for online porn, it's likely that you've heard of Peter North before. He's been in the business for years, with his trademark high-quantity ejaculation shooting him to stardom in the adult world. It makes perfect sense that he'd have his own site on which to showcase his particular talents. BrainPass is a good network in which to do that, since they've got a nice network of quality sites to back him up (though he probably doesn't need much backup to begin with).

The main members' page is a very simple list of updates on the BrainPass network. This has its plusses and minuses- if you're really interested in the Peter North updates, you have to look a little harder than you might if the site was independent. But I think that's a small price to pay to have the entire contents of some 9 sites at your fingertips from the get-go. In that listing, you get today's updates, as well as the rest of this month's updates and you can click the link below to get a full list of network updates. Pretty handy if you ask me.

But if you're more interested in just seeing North paint some faces with his massive "brush," you can just click the "My Movies" or "My Pictures" link on the toolbar on the left side of the page. Here you can also find a direct link to his latest update, as well as some extras that we'll get to later.

There are three movie types on North Pole, Deep Throat This, and Anal Addicts. These are commercially available in porn stores (as well as in his own store on the site), but here you get access to all of them. Clicking on one of the series opens up the standard BrainPass video listing. It's a very simple and effective way to list the large number of videos on the site. There are 10 videos listed per page, with 4 preview pics from each right there on the front page. As usual with BrainPass, the pages load almost immediately, even with all those previews, so you just have to read the description and user rating, look at the previews and decide if you want low or high speed video. From there, you simply choose the part of the video you want in the format you prefer (there are 6 different types, described later) and go to town. The videos are both externally streamable and downloadable, which is key to a great site. The high speed formats include a WMV 228kbps (352x240 resolution), an MPG 650k (352x240) and a WMV 700kbps (480x360) version. The smaller WMV looks decent at its natural size and is acceptable when blown up a little bit and the MPG version is equally viewable, with little comrpession artifacting at smaller sizes. But for my money, it's the WMV700 format you should stick with for full-screen viewing- it's really quite nice looking and only incurs minor to moderate pixelization at full screen. Of course, you have to wait much longer for it to buffer or download, but if you're an archiver, this is your format. The low speed formats are about what you would expect. A WMV56k version that looks like a stamp-sized (240x180) animated .GIF with a slightly better framerate, a WMV128k version of the same size with a little less compression, and an MPG350 at 240x160 with a slightly better framerate than the previous two.

Each video set has a corresponding picture set, but these are pretty much all just 720x480 video captures from that scene. The good thing is that both video speed sets and the photo set are available from every page within that video set, which makes for very few "back" clicks. There's also a My Pictures section that includes some softcore (and a few hardcore) sets of girls in a similar size and quality to the video captures- nothing much to write home about, but this site is about the videos. Other bonus content includes some behind the scenes vids and a Special Events section that right now only includes an underwater scene with Peter... but still, that's pretty interesting.

The video content is, as expected, designed to showcase Peter North with various pornstars and girls you may not have seen before. Since this is Peter North, you'd expect a high caliber of model and, for the most part, you get it. These are pretty much the standard 90s porn girls witih big tits (though not all fake) and with a variety of hair colors. There's not much in the way of ethnic variety, which is a bit disappointing, but chances are you're here to see Peter- the girl he's with is secondary. The North Pole video series is, for the most part, standard boy/girl stuff ending with a famous Peter North facial, occasionally venturing into the threesome category. As expected, Deep Throat is all blowjob/facial vids (not all star Peter) and Anal Addicts is all Peter in anal stuff (again, not all with Peter). The videos are all of modern professional production quality- you're not likely to see any light stands or bad cuts or anything. This is all solid, quality content here.

And there's lots of it, too- over 300 video sets by my calculations. Which is really only the beginning, since the BrainPass network includes plenty of other sites with their own exclusive content. Some of the sites you get access to with your membership to include RealSquirt, HardcoreFiesta and SweetAmyLee. Apart from the direct sister sites, there's also access to sites like BrunoB, Lesbo101 and over 200 others I couldn't even begin to list.


If you're a Peter North fan, or if you're just looking for a quality network to sign up with, chances are this is the site for you. With tons of Peter North content plus a megaton of bonus stuff, this site is one of the few that's actually worth its money. The content is quality and available in quantity. The speed and navigation are both solid and, essentially, I can't think of much of a reason to not join this site if you're in the market for some quality adult material.

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