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Pornstars Like It Big review

Summary: On Pornstars Like It Big, the action is focused on pornstars craving huge dicks in order to be satisfied. The videos look good and there's a ton of great pictures for each episode as well. So far there's 25 of them, but many good sister sites.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2007-08-13

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Intro promises

- The Hottest Pornstars, The Biggest Dicks, The Web's Best Porn scenes, All Under One Roof
- The hottest chicks in America getting down on the biggest cocks around
- Fresh new content updated every single day

First impression

I was quite impressed with the tour. Most 'Huge Cock' sites have far too many average cocks in the mix. The men in the preview are all very well endowed. Porn stars get fucked daily, so it's naturally going to take something much larger than normal to satisfy them, right? The theme here is pretty much horny starlets on a quest to find the most colossal cocks in pornville. I shall have a look inside and see how these vids and cocks rate against the competition.


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Our opinion

You'll have no problems navigating Pornstars Like it Big. Upon logging in, you're greeted with a selection of 16 sites choose from. All of these are part of the Brazzerpass Network, and come as a bonus with your membership. Simply choose 'Pornstars Like It Big' and you're immediately taken to a well organized member's area.

Topping the page is a horizontal menu containing links to several key areas (and nifty features) of the site: Our Girls, Network Girls, Bonus Sites, Recommendations and Live Cams. Directly below you'll find a link to the latest update. Including steamy still images, a synopsis and rating. Even further below you'll find links to the highest rated videos, top favorites, a preview of next week's update, and several polls. You'll even find links to the latest of updates for each site in the network.

That may sound like a ton of stuff but the page is very well designed. They pack all of this together neatly without cluttering things up. I also like the fact that the site is so interactive. Members can rate videos and pictures and even send in suggestions. I think having a rating system can give you a little edge on knowing whether or not a video is up to par.

I checked out the pics first. There are two types: 'High Quality' and 'Screen Caps'. The High Quality pictures clock in at an average of 130kb with dimensions of 900x600 pixels. While I'd prefer they be a bit bigger, the excellent quality makes up for this. There are some very crafty shots in here and everything is VERY well lit. These pics are clear and rich, with vibrant colours.

Your other choice is screen captures directly from the site's episodes. These clock in at around 40kb with dimensions of 640x480. Avoid these like the plague! They are extremly low quality, suffer from horrible motion blur and look like they were taken off a tv screen with a polaroid! They may as well ditch these.

One good thing about both galleries is that they hold an ample amount of pictures. The screen cap alleries hold an average of 450 while the 'High Quality' galleries hold (on average) a whopping 1000 images. That is pretty impressive, by any site's standards.

There's currently 25 episodes. They each have a standard running time of 30 minutes. There's a slew of options as far as downloading is concerned. You have the choice of downloading each episode in a series of clips or all in one file. You even have the option of downloading a series of 1 minute clips from the episode. While this may seem a bit dumb at first glance, it has its advantages. It's a good precursor to downloading a whole video or even just a clip. With all you have the choice of either the WMV or MPG format.

The full length WMV episode will clock in at an average of 375 MB with a resolution of 640x480 pixels and 1500 kbps. An MPG of the same length will clock in at 346 MB and 480x320. They both look quite good and hold their own against many other sites' videos. All in all, I think the WMV edges out the MPG here. The WMV files look a tad bit better full screen than the MPGs.

For streaming simply click the 'Watch Movie' button. This will bring up a nicely sized window in your browser feeding you the entire episode. I was impressed with this. Whatever player they're using runs very smoothly. The video quality is pretty decent but obviously they made some sacrifices to get it to stream so smoothly. I had no buffer problems whatsoever. Kudos to them for actually using a decent sized screen for the video. I also got some superb speeds on the direct downloads. An average of 1200 kb/sec.

The content in the videos is pretty damn good. These guys advertised big cock and they deliver. I didn't see one on the whole site that wasn't well above average size. Each episode has a pretty basic formula. A little scripted action with a porn star bitching about how she won't be satisfied until she has a gigantic cock. After a bit of build up, a giant cock shows up and things get cookin'. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it works quite well.

If you're into pornstars this should really do it for you. I was surprised to see quite a few 'names' from the industry. They even have Evan Stone in their latest update. These are pornstars, so obviously they know what they're doing. You get nice variety of all your standard hardcore action. The videos are very well shot and lit. The camera work is impressive and the editing smooth. This is quality material shot by industry professionals and it shows.

I'm also VERY impressed with the 15 bonus sites you get with your membership. They also all have virtually identical layout to 'Pornstars Like It Big'. This makes cross site navigation a breeze! If you're into big titties you should be especially pleased. The bulk of the bonus sites seem to cater to the huge boob niche.


Pornstars Like it Big delivers its promises. The content is all about pornstars getting it on with huge cocks. Layout, pictures and video looks great so you won't have any trouble finding or enjoying the content. If you're just in it for the huge cocks though, you may want to pass this one up for now. While the material is great, there's only 25 episodes at the moment. If you're willing to wait, this site shows promise and I think the variety from the bonus sites makes it well worth the price of admission!


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