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Rocco Siffredi review

Summary: On Rocco Siffredi's official site you can find 100+ movies from his extensive collection available for download. They all feature rough sex with hot European models willing to obey Rocco's requests which often involves anal sex and deep throat blowjobs. Movie quality is good and you won't find a better Rocco collection anywhere. Must see for fans.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Count Gripsnatch, 2008-11-19

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Intro promises

Siffredi's films vary widely in content and tone. He has appeared in romantic adventures and comedies, but his later work with involves BDSM scenes in which he spits on women, slaps them, performs watersports, makes his co-stars gag during deepthroat, and occasionally pulls hair to the point of causing tears.

Many of his films begin with affectionate, romantic scenes that turn into marathon bouts of violent anal sex. Climaxes often involve such activities as Siffredi focusing the camera on the distended anus of one of his female co-stars, spitting into it, ejaculating into it, and then having other co-stars clean the woman's anus with their tongues. Gorgeous European women, young and old fall prey to Rocco.

Six of his films have won adult awards, and he has won eight in all, including AVN's Hall of Fame award.

First impression

This is by far the most professional adult site I have seen. The sleek design and color scheme (along with the Italian Stallion theme) is very alluring. You can tell that a lot of money and hard work went into it. Oh, and a lot of Rocco as well. He likes to keep in contact with his fans. On the front page, there is a guestbook, a survey, a full biography, an "Ask Rocco" column (who wouldn't want advice from this man?) There is also a link to his online store and a newsletter where you can sign up to receive news.

At the beginning of the page, you are shown Rocco's latest movie update, as well as rotating image links of DVD covers that are all part of his series. Navigation would be easy for anyone, no matter what their computer experience level was.


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90 days membership - $68.95 (recurring at $68.95 per 3 months)

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Payment via Credit Card, Online check and Web 900

Our opinion

Site offers approximately 100 movies, usually broken down into three or more scenes, which are available for download in hi-res (720x480) and low-res (320x240), and can also be streamed. Movies range in duration from 20 minutes up to one hour! They are searchable by title, genre, series or model. My favorite thing about the site? When you hover over a picture of a scene, you see a bunch of photos from the scene flash on the screen, showing you what you can expect to see. This is one of the best features I have ever seen on any site, not just an adult one. With other sites, you get to look at one photo of each scene and have to guess whether you will like it or not. With this awesome preview feature, it is much easier to say yea or nay to a particular scene. The end result is that you get more videos that you'll like, and less of those you won't. Isn't that what we all want out of an adult site. Rocco delivers!

Speaking of delivering, this guy is a complete animal. Anything goes, from bizarre sci-fi fantasies to flat out hardcore bukkake in an abandoned warehouse. Rocco finds the most beautiful European women, willing to do anything to him and to let him do anything to them. Some of it would sometimes seem insulting or degrading, but not here. None of the action is forced and the models love what they are doing and having done to them. He is like a super classy, European Max Hardcore.

All throughout a scene, when Rocco is in it, he is THE MAN. He controls all the action and has the models at his beck and call. If you like any sort of domination/submission, you will love Rocco. I mean he was name-dropped in a song by the critically acclaimed band The Hold Steady.

There honestly is too much happening in the videos to get into great detail. In his library of different series', there really is everything. Lesbians, orgies, choking, ball gags, rope, spitting, anal, DP, dress-up, S&M and toys. And that's only scratching the surface, my friends. They all have a plot; some more than others. There is one thing that all the videos share is that they feature ROUGH sex, particularly gagging and anal sex. You can tell that this does something more for Rocco - puts him over the edge.
Amidst all this great action, you can see that Rocco has impeccable taste. His models are all top-notch. Not to objectify, but they are all beautiful from their faces down to every part of their bodies. It is AMAZING watching such beautiful women in (and out of) these wonderful clothes, and getting downright NASTY in front of the camera. It seems so taboo - something you would never see in real life in a million years. This should be a really big turn on for most men. It will be great to see what Rocco comes up with next.


The Italian Stallion lives up to his name. Rocco Siffredi is an insatiable animal who does anything and everything to his models. He is king of the jungle in every scene he is in. The models in his movies are flat out gorgeous and dirty. In a good way. Rocco loves to get what he wants, and although he tells women what to do, pleasing them is also his M.O.

A membership to Rocco also gets you access to a bunch of other official pornstar sites, including Peter North and Tera Patrick as well as Squirtalicious and several others.

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Total average: 82.7/100 Our score: 90.0/100

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