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Tonight's Girlfriend review

- 1st revisit

Site of the month logo Summary: The site has a good number of scenes online now and still adds a new girlfriend each week. The porn is really exciting and enjoys a very high quality of production, and a cast of girls that is pretty much the very hottest and best working today. The only misstep is that all of their HD videos are going to be viewable as in-browser streams only. There are no permanent download options for any of the movies. That shouldn't stop you from checking them out, though; this is a truly premium quality product in reality porn, and worth the visit.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2012-12-14

Pornstar, Reality, Hardcore, High-definition, Videos

big boobs, escorts, prostitution, role playing

Intro promises

"If money is no object and fantasies are no obstacle, ask yourself this tonight: Who will she be... and how will you have her?"

- 1080p HD Video
- Long videos (50-80min)
- Lots of porn stars
- New scenes added weekly

First impression

Tonight's Girlfriend wants to know what it's like to have the money and connections to have any girl you want, any way you want her? What if those girls were famous porn star babes? Is it possible? A silly question -- anything is possible if you throw enough money at it.

These scenes set out to prove that. The tour shows you some of gorgeous dolls that have been girlfriends so far, including babes like Esparanza Gomez, Rachel Roxxx, Breanne Benson, Nicole Aniston and Julia Ann to name just a few. The site has been online about a year now and has really grown, offering many times more gilfriends than on our last visit.

In the next section of the review we'll sign up and have a look around the members area. Read on for all of the details.


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Our opinion

I think this site was a bit of an experiment in the beginning. They wagered on fans' appreciation for very high quality production, quality acting, and very hot sex scenes and the wager paid off. It's growing very steadily now and has a nice library of past 'girlfriends' to watch as well as new girls being added each week. If you're looking for a reality porn site of the highest caliber when it comes to models, sex, and production - look no further. But the site does have its negatives.

Very Sexy Hardcore Scenes

The scenes here are long, usually running about an hour or closer to an hour and a half, and very sexy. What makes them so sexy? The girls, and the acting and interaction between them and the paying John. The setup is always the same: some one with money is using that money to make a fantasy reality, and since money is no obstacle they pick the girls they want: always a gorgeous porn stars, or sometimes two. The girls arrive, there are some introductions and then the guy pays and explains what he'd like. The rest of the scene we follow along the with the night's action, including watching the girl change into the desired outfit and watching her clean up and shower after the sex. It's a full experience, as if you're there in the room with them from the moment the door bell rings at their suite.

The sex is fantastic, and there's quite a bit of variety. Lots of the standard vanilla porn - blow jobs, sex in a few positions, maybe some tit fucking or a particularly hot position is tried out. Some scenes feature more Role Playing, designed around a specific fetish or fantasy of the paying customer. Then there are Kinky scenes which might feature rougher sex or latex clothes, that sort of thing. Nothing particularly out of hand when it comes to fetishes here. Mostly it's about the hardcore sex and interaction more than anything else.

The girls are gorgeous porn stars all of them, the very finest in the industry, and they look incredible in their scenes. The concentration of top talent here is really impressive. There are no exceptions made, only the most stunning girls are casted.

Exceptional Cinema-like Quality

The scenes are filmed with the same sort of quality as a Hollywood movie. I guess it is a combination of the set work, the lighting, and the camera gear and editing they do, but these videos do not look like quick fuck scenes filmed in some guy's garage using a digital camera. The result is a classier product, and together with the acting/scenario of the scenes, you end up being drawn deeper into the action. It isn't filmed in POV or anything, but you get that sort of first person intensity from watching the episode. You're sucked right into it, and that is not a bad thing!

HD Streaming Video

All of their movies can be streamed in-browser via an embedded Flash video player. It has a 1024x576 screen size in the browser window but can be expanded to fill the entire resolution of your monitor. By default the 480p stream is selected, and it looks great. You can click the 1080p tab above the video to switch to the higher quality stream, and you'll note the difference. It isn't true 1080p, but is definitely 720p. Even at fullscreen the video stream looks pretty fantastic.

In-Browser Streaming Only

I think most will come in expecting download options but they would be disappointed. Members aren't given the means to save permanent copies to their hard drives. Instead, you must login and stream the videos in-browser. There's no other option or choice, I'm afraid.

The streaming was pretty smooth. I did have some issues with it stopping to buffer at different times of day, but it is hard to tell how much of that was caused by issues with my local connection speed and how much of it was a result of their servers. Usually it's the former, but for those not on higher bandwidth connections, the buffering could be an issue. There is a way around it: hit play on the video, then pause it and walk away. The video is downloading still into the browser. If you let it download completely (you can see the progress in the timeline of the player) you can watch it start to finish with no buffering at all.

No High Resolution Galleries

There are some images with the movies but they look like screen captures from the video. They aren't very high quality and there aren't many of them. About the only thing they are good for is previewing the scene in question and seeing what sort of action happens. You can only view them in an in-browser slideshow as well.

A Growing Library and Regular Updates

There were 64 scenes at the time of my visit. Every week they add a new scene, and each scene averages 50-80 minutes from start to finish. That's a good amount of content and makes for plenty of entertainment, which I know will be a question on many folks' minds because of the streaming-only nature of the site.

Friendly Members Area but Some Advertising

The members area is pretty simple but it works. I think a few more features need to be considered now with the site growing larger and harder to browse through quickly - some filters or specific categories related to the sex would be great. But it works all right, it's just that it could be better. There is also some advertising in the members area for sites produced by the same team (Naughty America).


Site of the month logo

Premium quality reality porn, with long scenes, great sex, and the hottest pornstar babes - only problem is you can only watch it via in-browser video streams (no downloads).

Tonight's Girlfriend is what I would call a premium quality porn site - exceptional production quality, great interaction and acting, and wonderfully creative and erotic hardcore sex with the hottest porn star babes working today. The HD video looks fantastic, and the library is growing as more fantasies and more girls are added. They really misstepped by limiting the movies to in-browser streaming only, though. I think a lot of surfers come in expecting downloads, and to not have any available is a disappointment. But that isn't enough to keep me away from this collection. This is a fun site with great sex and you owe it to yourself to have a look.


There are two other sites with a similar set up and execution but with different story scenarios behind them. They are both produced by the same team as well and offer all the same media options.

The first is College Sugar Babes - hot 18-23 year old porn star girls who found an older man who uses them for sex and in turn buys them what they want and need and gives them money. These are pretty hot scenes, with the girls eager to please and the men quite frank about their sexual desires and needs, using the girls however they wish.

The other site is MILF Sugar Babes, which operates on the same concepts except now its 30+ year MILF old porn stars who are making ends meet by fucking a rich sugar daddy, usually behind their husband's back.

If you like this porn then chances are you'll like the other Naughty America produced sites. They run a big network with HD videos, lots of porn stars, a number of hot scenarios and fantasies. The network is huge, updates daily and is among the top rated in online porn.


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