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Tonight's Girlfriend review

Site of the month logo Summary: Tonight's Girlfriend follows the adventures of a man with plenty of money and a lot of fantasies to live out with hot porn star escorts. In hour long episodes, he lives out those fantasies in videos with Hollywood-quality cinematic production. You can stream movies at up to 1080p HD quality here, and new episodes are added once a week. For those that want a reality porn where the fantasy is a more integral part of the excitement and erotic tension, Tonight's Girlfriend is a perfect match.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2011-09-23

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Intro promises

The tour at Tonight's Girlfriend is really understated, and they refrain from making any explicit promises. The theme of the site is high end escorts and shows us how a session with a luxury escort could progress. What we are shown are several different episodes starring different porn star models that have so far been on the site. There is no information about updates, media quality, or any possible extras.

First impression

"If money is no object and fantasies are no obstacle, ask yourself this tonight: Who will she be... and how will you have her??" That's what Tonight's Girlfriend asks, a site that has a pretty unique execution of an idea that, prior to right now, has never really been done well in reality porn: fucking gorgeous escorts.

This site seems to take that scenario to its absolute highest concept, with very long scenes (around an hour of running time), and plenty of high quality acting on the part of the porn star girls, who have been hired to live out the fantasies of our host.

The tour offers 3 long samples though, and in them you get a taste of how things are done: cinematic filming techniques, and an erotic encounter that starts with the escorts arrival, and ends with her washing the host's cum off of her tits and face, dressing, and leaving.

Read on for an in depth review of this new, revolutionary site.


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Our opinion

Tonight's Girlfriend is all about privilege. The host is a wealthy man, he has his professional life, his public persona, his wife and kids off somewhere, but here on the site he is another creature all together, one who uses his privilege and money to buy the best that money can when it comes to escorts.

Each and every one of these scenes is a video diary of an encounter, and our host's appetite is diverse, though never straying too far off into the realm of kink. The encounters to date have been grouped into just a few categories: Kinky, Role Playing, Dominating, Submissive, and Vanilla.

Kinky scenes can include anal sex and some very light domination and BDSM -- ball gags, light spanking, etc.

Role Playing has the escorts instructed to play a specific character for the encounter, the host living out a fantasy. With Jayden James, for example, she plays the role of a secretary who is going to fuck her boss. She does an exceptional job in this role, by the way.

Dominating features girls who like to take charge, run the show, and go absolutely wild for the host's cock. Ann Marie Rios does just that, fucking and talking dirty like a true slut until our host fills her with his hot cum.

Submissive is just the opposite, with the escorts playing a demure, submissive role in the coupling. Our host is more in charge, and the girls simply do as they are told, whatever it may be. Note, however, that this is not true Top/Bottom domination dynamics, just hardcore sex with a little edge, in that the girls are pushovers and at the host's command.

Finally there is Vanilla, which is just the host having hot sex with various hot porn stars because, well, he wants to have sex with them.

Most episodes here run 50 minutes or longer, and they are almost like watching a movie. First, the camera work is very cinematic, using depth of field and ambient lighting. The acting is very good, the porn stars are playing themselves, but as escorts (which some of them actually do on the side), so it all comes off very natural.

That camera work carries over into the sex, and so too does the site's overall creative spark. The sex, the interaction between the pornstars and the host, is totally unique and unlike any other 'reality porn' site out there, which I hesitate to group Tonight's Girlfriend in among. This site is operating on an entirely different level. Those who appreciate erotic tension and anticipation, interplay between the models that adds to the eventual hardcore action, will finally have that desire realized in hardcore pornography for the first time here. Where conventional reality porn establishes a simple scenario in a minute or two then skips to hardcore fucking, Tonight's Girlfriend really takes the story aspect much further, but that story isn't a distraction, it's a central part of the eroticism.

In a way, this is the sort of porn that you could easily enjoy with your wife or husband or girlfriend or boyfriend. It is classy but still very hardcore and dirty. If your significant other isn't a big porn lover, or if you've never tried watching porn with them before but want to break the ice and try it out, this might be just the site to go with for that occasion. Its class and quality make it perfect for such a job.

The movies all stream online in a Flash video player, and they all go up to 1080p HD resolutions. You will have to click to make them full screen to get the true impact of the HD quality, the default player embedded on the page is 960x540 pixels only.

There are pictures that go along with each scene as well. You view them in a slide show. You can right click on a picture to save it but there aren't any zip file downloads. The images aren't high resolution either, but appear to be high quality screen stills from the video.

The only catch is that this site doesn't let you download copies of the movies. You can access them without any limitations, but have to stream them in the moment. With new episodes coming about once a week now, this isn't a site you'll be unsubscribing from any time in the future.

I really believe this site is on to something new, and might just be creating a whole new niche of hardcore porn for those of us no longer satisfied with quick sex, but that want an intense level of eroticism and excitement involved as well.


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Tonight's Girlfriend is an intense, erotic, and very hardcore experience. They offer hour long scenes with some of the hottest porn star models in the industry which involve a lot of great erotic tension as well as explicit, dirty hardcore sex. Though the site is still small it is already on my top five list, and is a site I recommend without hesitation.


Though Tonight's Girlfriend is really a new sort of reality porn site and very unique, you might want to check out some more traditional sites that play with fantasy scenarios, too. They include: Naughty America, Brazers, Reality Kings, and Bang Bros.

If you want to see "the real thing" - as in real escorts, you should head over to Real Punting where a group of British guys have sex with and film various escorts from all over Britain.


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2011-10-19 20:55:25

This is reality porn. The girls represent themselves and ask for "donation" as they do when they do this "privates"as they call it, outside the industry. It's shot in a luxurious apartment hotel with ambient light in fantastic HD. THe camera work its the main inovative thing. I ve seen many porn over the years but nothing shot like this. Its done not from below like gonzo, not from above like features, but in a way that puts you right in the action without need to film at skin level. As you put it above , "cinematic filming techniques". I just say its a new level for porn, hire more directors like that.