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Vivid review

Summary: Vivid is one of the premier adult film studios and on their official site, they offer many of their top titles available for streaming only. Their movies are very glamorous and upscale looking with many of the most famous adult stars.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Burton, 2005-11-07

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Intro promises

"Over 1 million steamy XXX pictures for your erotic enjoyment."
Movies of Vivid video girls (no explicit claims)
" gives you the best live sex in the world. you'll get to chat with your favorite Vivid girls while watching and hearing them as they perform just for you."

First impression

My first impression is that Vivid is large, somewhat impersonal, and slickly produced. The home page reminds me of one of those online gambling sites with too much clutter. Interestingly, the front page does not make too many claims about the specific type of content one will find at this web site. But, I sort of figured out what to expect: anyone who has ever been to an adult video store knows that Vivid has a huge handle on the porn VHS and DVD market. This is a site that showcases the porn stars that they have under contract.


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Our opinion

The site is divided into seven sections with tabs at the top letting you browse each section, which is a convenient way to get from one section to another. There are seven sections: "Home," "Vivid Girls," "Movies," "Photos," "Live Sex," "Behind the Scenes," and "Extras." The "Vivid Girls" sections lets you surf to the site's content of a particular Vivid model. All the Vivid models are really hot if you like the huge boob and huge hair porn star look that many do. There are really no girls with the "teen" look; these girls are all professional porn stars who clearly do this for a living. Each girl has hundreds of both softcore and hardcore pics in their individual section. Some have pictures of models giving blowjobs and having sex and some are just boob shots. I have to admit, you get a little bit of everything, leaving one with no complaints about variety. Be advised that there is no fetish stuff here, just a vast variety of sex acts. Most pics are 681x1024 resolution and quite clear.

The video section is clearly the whole point to join the site. It is an online library of Vivid Video's vast collection of full-length feature films. And it is really vast. There are over 400 full length porn flicks on this site. They are streaming files of actual VHS and DVD releases by Vivid video, not made specifically for use at the site but for retail sales or rental.

Interestingly, some are very good quality at full screen and some are not. You have to look hard, but you can find some really good ones. One huge complaint that I have about this site is that you cannot right click on the photos and you are not allowed to download the movies. You can only stream the films, which causes long pauses before they load and if you want to go to a particular spot in the film, it has to buffer for several annoying (and sometimes crucial) seconds before it loads properly. The videos come in RealPlayer, Windows Media, or Quicktime, but only streaming in one of those formats. This shaves off a huge amount of points in my opinion, especially since the price to join the site is so high. Adding insult to injury, there are links so that you can buy the DVD or VHS right below the area where you can only stream the movie. Another thing I don't like is that there is advertising on the left hand side of the site for things like penis enlargement pills and online gambling sites. It is irritating that after spending so much to join, you are solicited for more.

Finally, the “Live Sex” section is simply a live chat site where you have to pay more to have a private chat with the girl where she will get naked. It is the same thing you can do at ifriends or a similar site, but you have to first pay to join this site. This adds to the tackiness of the site.

The Vivid Webcast section and Bloopers and Outtakes section is, in my opinion, the best and most interesting part of the site. This is surprising, because my sense is that Vivid expected this to be a "bonus" part of the site, second to the massive video library. The reason I liked these so much is that these two sections are the only areas on the site with any personality. The Webcast section archives actual webcasts that were done by the Vivid girls. Some are just the girls talking to the camera and then stripping while others are just straight sex with men, but they are fun to watch and not overly produced. The behind the scenes section is really fun to watch. It includes footage of the girls getting ready to film or between filming and walking around the set, almost always nude of course. Oddly, this is the place I spent the most time. These girls are so hot and most of them have great off-set personalities. The video quality here is almost like watching a DVD at full screen, which enhanced this section even more in my eyes. Both these sections are just as diverse as the other areas of the site leaving one with no complaints about variety. But again, I have to complain that one is limited to streaming these videos. I have a high speed cable connection and the videos would have to buffer even for me.


Vivid is a company with such vast capital and models that I expected much better. I can only conclude that the people at Vivid have decided that this website is secondary to their vast VHS and DVD market, but they maintain it because it’s an easy way to make a buck. Don’t get me wrong, there is a huge amount of content here but it is packaged poorly and very inconvenient to access. The personality of the site is impersonal, leaving one with the sense that Vivid does not respect or trust its customers. The bottom line is if you like Vivid video and you rent their movies frequently, it might be a good site for you to join, but others may want to keep on surfing to a site that is not so expensive and has easier-to-access content.

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