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All Sites Access review

Summary: All Sites Access is a true Mega Site and home of famous sites like Mike's Apartment, MILF Hunter, Captain Stabbin, We Live Together and many more. Impressive amounts of content but it can tend to become a bit monotonous.

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J., 2006-06-19

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Intro promises

- Access to 16 reality porn sites
- Unlimited downloads
- Thousands of movies (over 50,000 clips)

First impression

This is the access point to one of the most popular and well-known porn networks around. This page is simply a listing showing all the different sites for which one membership fee earns access. I've reviewed several of these site individually, but it's astonishing to see all the sites laid out one after another. I have no doubt that there is exactly as much content as they say there is on here- I know... I've seen it.


Our opinion

As I mentioned above, this site serves as the main access point to all the sites available on a broad network with just one membership. Here's a full listing of the sites to which you'll gain access if you purchase a membership: Cum Fiesta, MILF Hunter, Big Naturals, Mikes Apartment, Captain Stabbin, 8th Street Latinas, TrannySurprise, Mike In Brazil, Street Blowjobs, In The VIP, Mega Cock Cravers, We Live Together, Round And Brown, MILF Next Door, 40 Inch Plus, VIP Crew, EuroSexParties, and TopShelfPussy. Try to say all that in one breath! And which is actually 18 instead of the advertised 16! That's right, it's a pretty impressive network. I won't get into site specifics in this review. For those, you can check out our specific reviews (I personally have done at least 2 of these at some point). In this review I'll be taking a look at the network in general and give you the broad strokes... so to speak. Suffice it to say, though, that these sites are all of the "reality" genre. That means that they either pretend they meet some girls on the street or they don't pretend at all and the camerawork is just handheld. I guess that's what passes for reality on the net.

The main members' page is about as simple as it can be. Each site has its own small frame where you get a few thumbnails and a brief description, then just a button to enter the site. And this is the only actual page on the site... brilliant! I'm tired of having to search around for stuff. Sure, this way isn't all that pretty, but function is the key here. Clicking on a site's link opens up that site's main page. All of the sites have identical formats, with the only differences being minor cosmetic things (different banners and background colors, etc.). They've all got a navigation bar on top, a small update section and a listing of the latest models on the site with a small thumbnail below that. On the front page you also have links to most of the other sites on the network (strangely enough, some sites don't have links to some others). Normally I'm a fan of this "less is more" approach- it aids in load times and, when it gives you the information you need, there's no real reason to get too fancy with it. In this case, though, all you get is the model's name, a small thumbnail of her headshot and the date of the update. Sure, it's nice that it's chronological and all, but in order to know anything at all about the set you have to go into it and look around. I'd prefer a better thumbnail or maybe even a little description of the scene to help my selection.

Anyway, each model has one set of pictures and 3 or 4 sets of videos, each set of which is accessible in the little latest update window on the main page or from the model's page that you get when you click on a model's thumbnail. Updates on each model are made over a 7 day period which makes for around an update every other day or so - a pretty intense pace when you consider the number of sites that need to be updated! Pictures are viewed in the standard way - click on the photos button and you get 20 small thumbnails. Click on a thumbnail and get a larger (533x800) version of that image. The photos are either screencaps from the video or about half a step above that level- there's really not much to say about them. They work well as thumbnails to see if the video sets will be worth watching though.

The real meat of these sites is in the videos. Clicking on a set's name will bring up 12 or 13 thumbnails for each of the one minute clips available in that update. From this page you can stream the one minute clips in one of two formats (broadband or dialup), download the one minute clip, or download/stream the entire update as one continuous file. Overall the navigation here is simple and effective. If you're streaming one video, you can skip ahead or back one. If you're ready to move on to the next update set, you can do so from the model's main page. Streaming or downloading the clips proves to be very easy- just choose your quality and a Windows Media Player plugin opens in your window (no word on Mac compatibility, guys- sorry!) and you're off to the races. The broadband streaming (and the downloadable clips) are a decent 480x360 @540kbps. This is a quality I would consider to be right in the middle ground of good-looking but not-too-slow-to-download video. The only thing some may take issue with is that blowing these videos up to full screen will dramatically increase the amount of pixelization. It's still viewable at that size, but I'd recommend keeping it at or near its native resolution. The dialup versions of the videos are pretty much only useful if you're still using AOL through your sweet 14.4k modem. Skip these and invest in a broadband connection dude.

One issue I have with the streaming videos is that, since they're .wmv format, which means the whole thing has to download before you can skip around in the video. With the small clips it's no big deal, but if you're streaming a whole update you might find it more efficient to just download the thing outright. I'm pretty pleased with the presentation of the video and whatnot, though a higher quality option would be great.

Initially, I was very impressed by the content on the network. Obviously with all the sites and updates, the quantity can't help but impress, but what about the quality? Well, every site has the exact same style: the pseudo-reality "gonzo" type stuff that's become more and more ubiquitous ever since the switch to video from film in the early '80s. Now, there's nothing intrinsically wrong with this style- it shows the action and generally doesn't annoy too much. But the sites on this network go one step further in their homogenization of the content. See, each site has their own kind of niche, sometimes obvious by the title (Cumfiesta, 8th Street Latinas, Big Naturals) and sometimes not (We Live Together is a lesbian site, for example). But instead of using the volume of content to explore different facets of these fetishes, they usually find a formula and stick to it. Sometimes it's obvious and overdone (Captain Stabbin fucks girls in the ass on a boat then throws them into the ocean a la BangBus) and sometimes a little more subtle (every video on MILF NextDoor has two girls stacked on top of one another while a third fucks them with dildoes), but the effect is the same: this stuff looks just plain thrown together. Sure, they've got to keep cranking this stuff out to meet the rigorous update schedule demands, but throw us a bone here! On top of that, pretty much every site features the "suck/fuck/cum on face" formula that has become the norm the past decade or so. No time or effort was put into production values- the sets are bedrooms with a couple lights thrown up at 45 degree angles, a flat lighting scheme befitting the flat level of the content on this otherwise impressive network. It's not terrible, mind you... they just don't do enough with what they have.

Apart from the main content on the sites, there's not much else to be found. There are a few girls who do live cams specifically for the site, but when I showed up to see one, the girl was a no-show. Other than a few banner ads for other networks, there's nothing else to discover here.


It's possible that All Sites Access wants to sell people on the idea that it's got a little for everyone. In fact, however, they've got a LOT for people who like pretty standard, uninventive porn and very little for anyone else. At this point they're exploring only a few of the dozens of niches for which people pay top dollar for- and the ones that they do explore tread the same paths that many other have (and then retread their own). While the basics are there on this network, if you're looking for something creative or something to legitimately hold your interest for a long period of time, there are better places to go. Quantity isn't everything and this network teaches the lesson the long, slow way.

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