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Bang Boat review

Summary: Bang Boat is a hard-core reality site offering explicit content in the form of, images, streaming clips and third party content.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Mr. Bungle, 2004-07-21

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Intro promises

- Public sex on the high seas
- This is one of those sites that show explicit previews of the content rather than making promises so take a look for yourself.

First impression

Wow… looks like we’re going for a ride on the high seas all right… the design of the preview pages is simple, colorful and transparent and the girls are stunning which gives rise to certain expectations.


3 day trial - $4.95
7 day trial - $9.95
One month – $39.95
3 months - $69.95

Payment by credit card, online check, phone or per minute

Our opinion

The design remains quite nice once inside the members’ section however it is not as transparent as one might wish and as one might have expected form the preview pages. On the contrary it takes some time to figure out what specifically belongs to the site and what does not, as it contains a whole lot of material from similar sites… which is great to some extent, but also somewhat confusing when browsing the site.

It is understandable that the site is somewhat confusing as it has a great deal of content from ‘sister- sites’… these are excellent, however it does diminish the impact of the site as highly original.

Well… let’s get down to business… the Bangboat… hmmm, if it sounds familiar it is probably because the concept has been seen before (eg. Captain Stappin’ and Bangbus). The basic idea is that the lucky captain of a luxurious yacht can get more pu… than any other regular guy as he manages to ‘lure’ the (hardly) innocent girls along on a sea ride. Once they step over the rail of the boat they however learn the hard way that such a ride doesn’t come for free… surprisingly, the girls are usually fine with the somewhat unconventional ticket fees that dear Captain Poon charges them…

‘BangBoat’ excels as it exclusively has highly attractive models on board who altogether seem desperate to please… the action as state- of– the– art hardcore and the kinky aspect is clearly the exhibitionistic aspect combined with the skills of the hardcore chicks.

The downside of the site is not the excellent fast streaming quality of the clips nor is it the pics or the third party content (as such). It is rather the fact that this is a ‘stream only’ site which means that one cannot download the exiting boat trips… this seems to be the new way forward for a lot of new sexsites around in order to limit distribution and unfortunately in spite of all the arguments it is reducing the appeal of the site.


‘BangBoat’ uses the‘reality show’ angle of handheld cameras to show the paradoxically unrealistic scenario of a ship crew of horny men who actually manage to look up extremely attractive girls and get them to join them on a banging joyride at the high seas.

The porn is excellent hardcore with great looking girls and the streaming quality is fabulous, however this thing has been seen before and the appeal might be fading especially considering the fact that one cannot download the goodies.

In conclusion, quality-wise an excellent pro porn site with great sex in the great outdoors with great models, but a few minor turn offs as well… including the monthly fee.

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