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Innocent high review

Summary: Innocent High delivers reality content with cheerleaders and students passing their oral exams in more ways than one. There's so far 130+ episodes with both videos and pictures. Content quality is good, and the site comes with a number of equally good sister sites.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Melissa, 2007-11-28

Reality, 18-23, Blowjob, Hardcore, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

Rah-Rah-Sis-Boom-Bah! There are cheerleaders to this site that are letting more than their pom-poms show! From rooting for the home team to just being a hot little student in first period algebra class, these girls are getting passing grades without taking notes and doing the exams.

The tour area of Innocent High shows you exactly what it takes to pass the class and make the grade with the instructors. A short skirt, pretty thong and hot mouth are definitely pluses. They make promises that with membership you’ll receive a new teen student each Monday, DVD quality videos, hi-res photos, exclusive girls never seen anywhere before, and there are bonus sites as well.

First impression

I’m all for anything that helps you get through those dreaded days of high school, but I recall my teachers, and very few of them look like the ones you’ll be finding from this site. The cute girls from this area have found the key to the mint, and it was located behind the zippers of their teachers. The tour is laid out with a clean, professional look to it, with large advertisements and enough heat to want you to come in for a closer look, I hope that holds over into the membership area.


3 day $2.99 (recurring @ a monthly rate of, $29.99)
30 day $24.87 (recurring)
90 day $49.87 (recurring)

Credit Card, Check, Phone

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Our opinion

They’ve managed to keep that same clean look through the membership area with a listing of the most recent updates, their schedule on how updates are done and a partial model index that will fill the first page. Accessing the material at hand seems to be the easiest done by going into the full model index, clicking on a picture and then beholding everything these naughty school girls are bringing to the screen. Since they do the additions in pieces of, pictures, their one minute clips, a bit larger clips and then the whole episode, I want to travel back a few weeks to find a girl that holds the entire offering.

Lana is the girl I chose, and she was portrayed as an Asian foreign exchange student at the school. All I know for sure is, she’s beautiful, with long, flowing hair and the seductress type of expression that will make any teacher or principal drop to their knees and ask her for an A. They start out by offering the movie broken into three pieces, giving an approximate size of, 86.6MB (download WMV), or, 104.6MB (download MPEG).

The same formats are offered for the one minute installments of the movie, which come in handy should you be on a dial up connection. These are offered for streaming or download by the way, in high or low resolution. They seem to stick with WMV as the format for downloading the full movie.

They stay in the same basic range with the presentation numbers for the videos, no matter which direction you go in size. You’ll find an approximate listing for the WMV as 1400Kbps, and a 720x480 video size. For the MPEGs, some offer a 640x480 video size, while others will dip to a lower 320x240. All in all though, I have to say the videos played extremely nice, and they set up the scenarios that will go right for your zipper, such as the girl’s locker room and the horny coach that just has to go in and peek during shower time.

The images are posed and disclosed nicely. Just as the videos – the count for each gallery matches the number of models I found through their index, which was 132. They keep the count high per thumbnail page, many of which will hold over 200 shots. These JPEG’s hold a nice crispness to them, and they are taken in the throes of passion, not just the teasing act of posing. It’s amazing the things you’ll find in the teacher’s desk drawers, and they show the objects nicely in pictures. Scoot the pencils and erasers to one side and dig deep, because there will be toys in there to make these young girls squeal with delight. They give extended boundaries to the shots through enlargement sizes at 1050x700 pixels.

There are bonus sites as promised to go with your membership fee to this site, and those are, Oye Loca, Solo Interviews, Euro City Life, This Girl Sucks and Trailer Trash Cuties. They will hold the same bountiful quality found here, with one of my favorite things being the simplicity. They don’t make things too flashy or glamorous, they stick to what they offer and they make it good, in my book, I tip my hat to them for that.


Tour promises came through with flying colors once inside membership area of Innocent High. Innocent High holds 132 students that are striving for grades high enough that will get them into the pants of college professors! That number covers the amount of sets you get for video play and images.

Bonus sets were included as pledged and I just really enjoyed the clean look they kept for the presentation of this site, mixed with the dirtiness of what these teens are doing on film will create a recommendation from me.

[Updated April 2008] Download speed was rechecked and is fine now.


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