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Jim Slip review

Summary: Jim Slip is an exclusive amateur reality site offering UK content from 80 models in the form of, thousands of pictures and 50 hours of videos.

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Score 65.0 /100
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J C, 2005-06-16

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Intro promises

- "Over 50 hours of exclusive porno filth"
- "If you like watching sluts getting fucked in stockings n heels and behaving like sex crazed maniacs then come on down!! Over 80 girls inside! Thousands of pics inside!"
- "100% exclusive"

First impression

Honestly, straight off the bat, Jim Slip isn't impressing me. The web design alone looks a little bit better than something a twelve-year old put together on geocities. There's nothing grabbing me visually. And, Jim is a little bit creepy. To the site's credit, I haven't seen any of these girls before (since they are from the UK), but some of them definitely do look like they were picked straight off the street. But, you know me. I'm not one to completely give up on a site right away. There is hope for this site yet...I hope.


By credit card or online check or telephone

30 days membership for ~$36.19, recurring
90 days membership for ~$96.90, non-recurring

Our opinion

Going into the actual site, I found that the design concept is even worse. The members section has this really bad picture of a black brick wall in the background. The whole thing is very simplistic, and in fact, would look a lot better if there was no background image or just some solid color. It's set up very similarly to the "All Network Pass" people's sites in that you have several rows of thumbnail images giving a name and date that opens up to a main page for the girl containing the photo and video galleries (as well as a brief description). There are a couple of differences, though.

For one, the girls are divided up into (so far) 9 different pages, for no apparantly good reason. If you want to divide it up, that's fine, but I'd put a few more on per page. You certainly have the space on the sides for it. Also, each girl is equipped with a slut-o-meter. This not so handy device, which rates the girls from 1 to 10, appears to be determined not by members, but by Jim himself. So, of course, the ratings are going to be skewed and you don't know where the numbers come from or why they are what they are. Most of the ratings are 7 and above, but I sifted through them and found a 4. That could be just a red herring device.

On the main pages, there's also an updates link you can click on if you want. It'll bring you to a pure text listing of everything the site has to offer. The upside is that you can bypass the girl's main page and go straight to the gallery or video page of your choice. The major downside is that it's a guessing game. Not all of these girls are beautiful. In fact, I'd probably say it's roughly ten percent. So, in order to make sure you're getting something you actually want, you might as well go through the extra "trouble" of sifting through the thumbnailed main section.

Although this has the inclination and the appearance of a reality site, it isn't one. Don't let the "UK Street Sluts" name fool you. Jim isn't going out and finding random girls and bringing them back so he can fuck them. Well, okay. He is. But the women know what they're getting themselves into straight off the bat, and we don't come into the picture until after they're already settled in and ready to go. None of that fake hunt stuff here. From what I've gathered, these girls are supposedly mostly street walkers, as in prostitutes.

The picture galleries don't look all that bad, but they don't look that great, either. They are your typical stills taken from the set. However, they are independent of the videos, which is a nice touch. What really sucks is that the galleries tell no type of narrative, and most importantly, do not remain consistent in terms of exposure, lighting and sometimes hue. You probably won't see all the shots you would hope to out of the series, either, even though there is a good variety of angles and positions.

The videos are a little better. They are done in the standard one roving cameraman fashion, but the give and take (so to speak) makes it really work. There are some mistakes, like leaving potential outtakes in and not editing out everything that should have been (I don't like hearing cut). I really like the personality I see in Jim. Sure, he's an older man, and that in itself lends to the aforementioned creepiness, but ultimately, he's a solid, professional performer. The whole introduction segment lends itself well to building up both the scene and the viewer.

You can watch them in two or three ways. The windows media videos can be streamed for low and high bandwidth connections. The newest stuff also gives the option of "Full Screen" streaming. Obviously the low isn't very good quality and the image gets a little bit clearer (and bigger) with the high, but the real star is the full screen. These videos are very sharp. I have seen better and crisper video on other sites, but this is pretty close. I'm impressed.

It's possible to open them up on your external player, rather than watch them on the site, but there really isn't a lot of purpose to that. You can't download these things at all. And to top it off, the scenes are divided up into about fifteen different segments (housed in 5 inconvenient sections). Oh, and they didn't work on my Netscape browser. Only on Internet Explorer. It would be nice if you could set up the next part while you watch another, or if you could do any type of multi-tasking on the site. But, it appears that if you're watching or buffering a movie, then the rest of the site gets put on hold for you, even if you have other windows open or go to the external player. By the time you get the next section up and running, you've almost lost the will to carry on with what it is that you're doing.


Speaking as someone from the United States, there's certainly a novelty aspect to watching this British porn. Most of the time, we are exposed to material that is either from our country or in a completely indistinguishable language. The accent is an interesting new experience. But, also being from the US, I don't know the extent of Jim Slip's career, but it appears as if he's a relatively big name porn star over there, and I can understand why. The personality and the quality of the high resolution that shows up on your screen from the videos helps to overcome the other lackluster elements of the site. However, if the design was better and if the site moved more fluidly, and if you could download this content, you'd really be seeing something.

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