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Naughty America review

- 3rd revisit

Site of the month logo Summary: Naughty America is one of the best reality porn networks running. With over 4,860+ original episodes online, daily updates, gorgeous 1080p HD video and some of the hottest porn star talent in the business it's impossible to go wrong. The network is best suited to surfers who want a little more fantasy in their porn, though; that means a bit more acting and more investment in the set-up or scenario, with the payoff being more erotic sex. A fine collection and one that is very easy to recommend to any surfer who likes hardcore sex, porn stars, or big tits.

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Score 95.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2012-08-03

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Intro promises

"Nobody does it better."

- 36 Sites for 1
- Unlimited downloads
- Full HD streaming video to any tablet device
- 4,860+ Scenes and counting
- 2012 XBIZ Awards Winner for BEST STUDIO

First impression

The first thing I noticed when I pointed my browser back to Naughty America for the first time in a year was that it had grown even larger. Whereas in 2011 there were 33 sites, there are now 36. The 1080p HD format looks to have taken over and matured further in quality, they promise a better quality HD streaming for tablet devices as well, and have brought on even more porn star models to shoot their fantasy-orientated reality hardcore. I am glad to see them hard at work, and rather excited to get started.

As usual you can do a bit of snooping on the homepage without signing up, but they provide two affordable trial options if you want to test run the whole experience. For this review I grabbed a monthly subscription and jumped right in. Read on for all of the details about Naughty America in 2012.


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Our opinion

Naughty America has long been one of the largest and highest quality network of porn sites online, and nothing has changed about that in 2012. The site has made some improvements since our last visit though, as well as having grown even larger thanks to its continuous daily updates. New girls have been added to the more than 1,800 models listed in the members area, and new fantasies within fantasies are explored with them. As always this network remains a touch more "light" and playful than the other big reality networks (see Competitors for more on those) and involve more acting and effort put into creating the scenario fantasy that powers the sex. The results are scenes that are a little more erotic and novel.

A Rich Variety of Hardcore Sex Fantasies Acted Out With Porn Star Babes

There are few classes of fantasy that the network sites explore: the "My Hot..." series (My Sister's Hot Friend, My Dad's Hot Girlfriend, My Friend's Hot Mom and a myriad of others); the 18-23 themed sites (Naughty Bookworms, Fast Times, Naughty Athletics, etc); MILF and Mature themed sites (I Have a Wife, Seduced by a Cougar, My First Sex Teacher, etc); and classic reality themes like office sex (Naughty Office) and anal/ass porn (Ass Masterpiece).

The porn is always hardcore here but the sex is well integrated into the story or fantasy of the scene. On a lot of reality porn sites and networks producers have grown lazy - after a 2-minute set up with a few exchanged lines, it's just hardcore fucking with lots of moaning and groaning. Naughty America is a little bit more interested in that story, developing it further, using better settings and kinkier fantasies to heighten the erotic impact of the action before just letting their porn stars get naked and wild (they do that too).

As a result you'll have sizzling scenes like that of Jamie Valentine in Latin Adultery, where the porn star is dying to be fucked but her lazy ass husband is passed out on the couch. She sneaks her boyfriend in and has him pound her big ass raw then slips him back out right beneath her husband's sleeping nose.

Or scenes like McKenzie Lee's at My First Sex Teacher, where horny student Rocco is trying to get his hot, busty MILF teacher to fuck. He brings some booze and gets into her room after school's let out, only to have her tell him to get rid of the alcohol - she'd rather just let him play with her big tits and fuck her tight MILF body right on her desk, no booze required.

As part of the scenes at Naughty America's sites you're going to enjoy lots of cock slurping blow jobs, gagging, pussy eating, and other types of oral sex, the occasional anal penetration (more frequent on some sites than others), busty models with great tits and slender 18-23 models with natural perky boobs and tiny asses, and a great mix of sex in different positions and different locations (the shower, the car, bent over a desk, etc).

Over 1,800+ Porn Star Models and Growing

The porn star cast is star-studded and features not only well established babes like Lisa Ann, Julia Ann and Sophie Dee but girls who are just now getting to be very popular with fans such as Christy Mack and Abella Anderson. Pretty much every major big boobs, MILF and 18-23 porn star actress you could hope to find has starred here. Many of them have starred here in multiple scenes, even.

1080p HD Downloads Have Improved

During our last visit there were 1080p HD movies but they were in FLV format (Flash Video). Now they have a more traditional MP4 download format that is much sharper and higher quality. It has a 1920x1080 screen (6 mbits) and an excellent quality playback. The file size can be larger, however, because of the high quality and the length of the scenes, which are usually about 30 minutes start to finish.

Media Options Are High Quality and Convenient

Besides the 1080p HD download are a number of other ways to save or stream the content. In terms of quality, the 720p HD MP4 download would be next in line with a 1280x720 screen (3.5 mbits) and an excellent quality playback. There is also a 480p MP4 download with a 854x480 screen (2 mbits) and a great quality playback, a QuickTime download with a 768x432 screen (3 mbits) that looks great, and a special MP4 download for portable devices.

All of the movies can be streamed online in their embedded Flash video player, too. For HD videos, this player goes up to 1080p HD quality. You can choose 480p, 720p or 1080p quality for the player.

36 Sites in 2012 and Daily Updates

There are 36 sites total but three of them aren't what I'd call true porn sites - one has written interviews with porn stars, mostly a few years old; another contains the classic scenes from the network sites (those not in HD); and the final site lists all the HD scenes produced by NA network sites. Still, we're looking at a library with over 4,860+ exclusive and unique scenes of hardcore fucking, which are yours without any limitations or special conditions. Just enjoy.

"Porn Finder" Tool Makes Browsing a Breeze

The site is large and it has the right tools to make that a non-issue to people trying to find specific scenes within the collection. The Porn Finder, as they call it, lets you layer on options and generates a list of accurate, fitting scenes from all of the sites on the network. There are three main filters CATEGORY, WHO, and WHERE. Category is a particular physical feature of the model or the type of sex (big tits, anal sex, cum facial), the WHO is the character the babe plays in the fantasy (Boss's Daughter, Neighbor's Wife, etc), and the WHERE is the location the action goes down (Bathroom, Office, Bedroom). Using these together you'll find exactly the sort of porn you're eager to see.

You can also browse their model index or browse the sites individually.

Archive of Porn Sar Interviews & Live Shows

For a while Naughty America played around with live content. They actually had many streaming channels, like TV Stations, that ran throughout the day. This never really worked out for them though, and it was discontinued. All of the content created while they were experimenting was saved and archived though, and you can view it as if they were scenes. There are quite a few archived channels and hours of footage to explore.

Naughty America Porn Review Take-Aways:

  • \BBA large and mature network of fantasy and reality hardcore porn sites with A-list of porn star talent.
  • \BBBig tits and 18-23 are the predominant themes, with cougars and milfs, latinas, anal sex, and taboo relationships also prevalent in the fantasy collection.
  • \BB1080p HD video downloads are amazing now, and in MP4 format. Media options in general are great.
  • \BBThere are 3 "new" sites but they are actually the same content organized (HD, "classics", and archived interviews).
  • \BBDaily updates and a great members area to tie it together.


Site of the month logo

A very large and well-developed network of reality porn based on sexy fantasies, starring beautiful porn stars, and offered in top quality and unlimited downloads and streams. Pure class.

Naughty America isn't actually three sites larger, since those sites are collections of updates from the main 33 they had at our last visit, but the network itself has grown thanks to the daily updates that continue around the network sites. The 1080p HD format has been improved further and comes in MP4 instead of Flash format, the streaming options look sharper, and the same members area tools are here to tie it together and make the thousands of movies that are now yours easy to look through and search. Starring some of the best A-list porn star talent, there's little else Naughty America could improve here. A fantastic network that's exciting and fun.


The only porn sites that rival the quality, variety and size of Naughty America are the other major and long-established porn network reality sites.

Brazzers is the closest, and indeed the two networks often share the same porn star models in their scenes. There is more of a focus on fantasy at Naughty America, but Brazzers scenes are all reality-based scenarios as well. Big tits and big asses are the lifeblood of the fans on this site and so that's what their 1080p HD movies deliver in ample supply via daily updates. A class site that has just undergone some fantastic improvements in 2012.

Reality Kings is the next closest in theme and is also very much focused on creating hot scenarios for the hardcore fucking. This means a fair deal of acting in most episodes (at least during the first few minutes). They have worked in 1080p HD for a while now and have actually been quietly growing the number of sites on their roster over the past year. With thousands of scenes, it's impossible to go wrong at Reality Kings.

Bang Bros is the final big site. It's probably the least similar, since most of its sites are gonzo porn and not reality porn - ie not fantasy but true reality. The porn star and amateur girls aren't acting but just being themselves in fun, light hearted, but pretty intense hardcore sex scenes shot in public as well as in studios or at the Bang Bros' mansions. Big tits, big butts, sex in public, creampies, anal and more is available at this massive network with many thousands of movies available.


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