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Naughty Office review

Summary: At Naughty Office it's much more than strictly business. These business women close deals in more ways than one. Lots of episodes and the action is hot. Video quality is not more than mediocre though.

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Score 75.0 /100
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J C, 2006-03-22

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Intro promises

"Welcome to Naught Office, where we explore all of your work-related fantasies! Inside, you'll see secretaries getting fucked by their bosses, interns sucking cock, and a whole lot more!"

"The ultimate office fantasy...caught on tape!"

First impression

This is probably one of the few remaining families of sites that I have yet to tap into. I've seen previews for this and others in the Naughty grouping before, and I'm excited to get a chance to delve deeper into the chasm. Hopefully it won't turn out to be an abyss.


By credit card, online check or by phone.

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*) Trials may be limited to only parts of the site's content.

Our opinion

There's something decidedly unappealing about the way Naughty Office is designed. Not only is it extremely basic, but also archaic. The first thing you see on the members page is a tiny little image reminding you what site you're on, and a series of ads. The whole thing is placed on a dull light gray on top of a white background. Sometimes simple can be good, but not here. Maybe a bigger banner and a different color scheme would liven it up.

The upside to the layout is that after you scroll down to get at it, the content is easy to access and navigate through. Starring all your favorite internet pornstars, the episodes are placed into a three column set up (divided up by an ad every now and again) consisting of a good thumbnail that actually shows you what the girl looks like while remaining small enough to conserve space, the model's name and the date it was posted on the site. Below all of that are the links to the rest of the sites you have access to with your membership. The sites include American Daydreams, Latin Adultery and My Friend's Hot Mom.

Clicking on a thumbnail takes you to the episode's main page, presented in bright white with plain black text. It might be okay if they turned the Times New Roman text into part of a work related document, but they don't. Play around with the concept in your design scheme, not just in your episodes. The episode page gives a bigger thumbnail, with six much smaller, virtually useless ones. You also get the story set up. It doesn't describe what goes on in the scene, but rather shows how everything gets going. I actually like that, because in sites like this with a role playing concept, I want to know that they pay attention to it and can keep it fresh (and this site does). The page also offers all your downloading options. On the video side, there's the whole thing in DSL, 56K, MPEG and for the newer ones, iPOD. You can also get the video in smaller chunks in 512K (DSL) or MPEG. I'm a little surprised that they don't give you more information as to what is what size. They aren't even in order. DSL is the middle range, 56K is lowest, MPEG is highest and iPOD is self explanatory (and I don't have one to check the quality). The picture downloading options are also out of order, they are listed: High Rez, Zip, Low.

The pictures are put into a very basic table that wouldn't adhere to the look of the site if the look were anything but pure white. There are a lot of pictures, but it basically has a flip book feel. The pictures aren't really repetitious, but a lot of them are unnecessary. The order is a little off, too. You'll see the pornstar take off her clothes, then the hardcore stuff starts and she's clothed again. The thumbnails in the table also don't give you an accurate depiction of what the actual image size will be. They crop them to fit into the uniform limitations of the table.

The pictures themselves look pretty good. I was half expecting nothing but screenshots. Luckily, the site deals with professionals and were able to get a separate photo shoot for the high rez images. The digital photographs look nice and crisp and were definitely taken by someone who knows how to use a camera properly. I'm not sure I would call their size of 600x400 or even 800x600 hi-rez though. The low quality pictures are simply screenshots from the episode. The navigation within the picture sets is nice, but considering how serialized they are, I would love to see a slideshow option.

The videos range from horrible to not bad. The 56K wmv file is so horrendous that you can't even read the text in the opening. The sound quality sounds absolutely horrendous. And considering that this is the lowest quality, you'd think it wouldn't skip around and stutter as much as it does. This can only be viewed reasonably at the lowest possible screen size. Honestly, it looks like these people played a higher quality version on their computer and filmed it with a webcam. It's that blocky and jumpy and the sound is that canned. People with 56K connections can easily get much much better. The 512K/DSL wmv file is at least a 500% improvement. You can make out what the actors look like. The sounds actually appear to be from a microphone now instead of a crappy phone connection. The image is a lot clearer. It's certainly not perfect, but the drab "office" setting hides a lot of the flaws in pixelation and muted colors. The large MPEG files will not be much of a noticeable difference to most people, so to save time, you might as well go with the servicable DSL quality version. But the MPEG does have slightly greater detail.

The website also includes a very active message board section. The topics include help questions for the various sites, and you can also make suggestions for models you'd like to see and other random goodness. It's an interesting read and a good way to stay involved with something you pay good money for. It's nice to see a messageboard that's actually worthwhile.


If you can get past the lackluster look of the site, you'll find a lot of decent content here. In addition to the screenshot stills, you get a whole other set of pictures. The higher quality videos may not be stunning, but do the job. The stories play out very nicely and really help the site along. The scenes star virtually all the biggest name pornstars on the net in all kinds of different positions. It seems like they change every other minute. If only more were done to improve the look of the site and get the quality up all around, it would be a great site. As it stands, it's only okay.

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