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We Need New Talents review

Summary: We Need New Talents is a hard-core, reality amateur site. 20+ models bringing you streaming and downloadable videos in 5 formats, and images that are screen caps.

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Score 70.0 /100
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J., 2004-06-27

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Intro promises

- "Girls come to the casting to prove their talents!"
- "Do you want to watch us audition the girls as they show off their asses int he casting room? A lot of these girls are posing nude in front of a camera for the first time! Come watch us as we interview them!"

First impression

A relatively professional tour page greets you with a few cute girls staring back. The format seems a bit familiar... like someone's very poplular apartment I could name... oh, now I've lost it. But still, it's hauntingly similar to something... Okay, anyway, this looks to be an amateur audition site. Who knows if they're real auditions or just some models putting on an act. Only time (and video) will tell.


Credit Card:

2 day trial: $4.95
30 days: $29.95 (recurring)

Our opinion

The opening members' page follows the same format as the intro. You get a little pseudobio and sample pics for the three latest girls and a preview pic of the next girl to come. There are only 4 links on the site, all available from any other page. Simplewise is bestwise is what I say. Apart from the 3 newest girls, the archived videos are avialable in the "Video" section, which I shall click nowwise.

All of the girls are listed here, 8 per page (there are only about 20 models so far), each with their own big thumbnail. No problems with the navigations thusfar. The content of the videos is, as expected by the site's name, the casting couch type of thing (without a couch). All of the action on the site takes place in a guy's office and there's always a little introduction at the beginning. I like the innocence of the setup ("Would you like to suck my dick?" "Yes, of course!"), and I actually kind of appreciate the guy in the videos. He's got an accent I can't place, and if you're a bad facial hair aficionado, you need look no further- there are times when his stacheburnschops look like a Klingon would have looked like if he was in the American Civil War. He's even got the nü-metal top of the head pony knob. I'm not even making fun of the guy... I am actually in awe.

The girls also have the unplaceable accent (I think it's Slavic, but I'm terrible at guessing those sorts of things) and, in my opinion, the girls are above average on the cuteness level. I'm talking real cuteness, not pornstar bogus fake tits cuteness. I'm a big fan of the girls on this site- a very nice selection, though some mixture in ethnicity wouldn't hurt. On the subject, a little mixture in the suck, fuck, cum on their face format would be nice too. How about some girl/girl stuff or some solo? Well, I guess that's not what you're here for if you signed up for a site with a casting couch-y name. The videos are all in the standard one guy with a camera format (they call it gonzo, but it has little to do with Hunter S. Thompson and more to do with not having a tripod) and there's only mediocre lighting, but I doubt you're expecting German expressionism. You can see everything you need to I guess is the bottom line.

The videos come in five formats (all .wmv except the "downloadable" .mpg), all meant for streaming, but they're also downloadable with a little right click magic. The dial-up format is the standard postage-stamp-sized-animated-.gif-looking thing at 160x120 resolution and 50kbps bitrate. A three minute movie will run a whopping 1Mb. The DSL256 format looks surprisingly crisp at 320x240 with a 245kbps bitrate.

I wouldn't suggest expanding it, but it makes a good preview format at about 2Mb per minute of video. The DSL512 format is the same size but, you guesed it, about 512kbps. This doesn't even look too bad blown up a little- very nice middle-of-the-road format here at a little over 3Mb per minute. The Cable Modem format is 640x480 with a nice bitrate of 1187. This looks very reasonable at full screen. In fact, I think it looks better than the .mpg download they have offered which has a smaller resolution and is not DiVX encoded.

The pictures are actually just framegrabs from the videos at 720x480 resolution with that standard framegrab pixelization noticable, especially when there's movement. A little de-interlacing filter wouldn't hurt, but you're not likely to spend much time here other than for previewing the vids you want to watch. There's a section called "Warm Ups" which is kind of pointless except that they're real pictures instead of framegrabs. It's all pre-action stuff, though, so you'll probably only be here for your favorite girls (this must be a new feature, as only three girls are listed here).

You also get access to a site called "Teens Go Porn." I'm not sure if that's just an indication that all the good porn domains are gone or if that was really the one they had their eye on. But it's got some pictures and videos much like the ones on the main site, without the audition stuff.


Well, this site is small so far, and I can't really get a good idea of how often it's updated. It's got an okay (albeit overdone) format and style and the girls are definitely above average. The navigation is clean and easy (it would be hard to mess up such a small site) and the quality is very good. However, there is simply not enough content on the site to make it worth the premium price here. A ton of third party content wouldn't hurt, but I think they just need to have more of their own stuff before they start charging more than some megasites charge.

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