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Only Opaques review

Summary: Only Opaques is a softcore site ending their photo sets where most other sites begin. If you prefer the girls teasing instead of getting explicit within 5 pictures, then Only Opaques is a must-see. The girls are all cute and charming, and quality is high.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Melissa, 2007-05-21

Softcore, 18-23, Babes, Videos, Movies, Photography / studio, Amateur


Intro promises

When I first clicked on the link to open the tour area of Only Opaques, I found myself just uttering a deep sigh, sitting back, and thinking, this is going to be nice! They let you know immediately on the first page a quote that states, ďWe specialize in the erotic, not the extreme.Ē That pretty well sums it up, because what Iím seeing on throughout the intro is just a whole bunch of sexiness. They show off the prettiness of these babes in areas that are laid out like magazine covers, and very nicely done I might add. Pictures seem to be the focal point here, but they do offer videos as well.

First impression

Iím going to enjoy Only Opaques and itís going to be full of high quality... Iím saying that to myself over and over again, because Iím so impressed with tour, how could it be any other way? It seems there are really high count numbers for the images here, just from glancing through the uniquely presented model index.


30 day $19.95 (recurring)
30 day $24.95 (non recurring)
90 day $49.95 (non recurring)

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Our opinion

Ok, there are a few things I want to address before getting into the general information. Once adding username and password, it was like Pandoraís box opening, and it held nothing but choices and quality. I always like to check out the FAQ section of a site, just to gather tid-bits of whatever might interest a review reader, and I wasnít disappointed here.

There is something called preferences to Only-Opaques, and what that means is you are basically in charge of this website. You decide how you want to view an image, the size, number of thumbnails shown, number of models shown (which if youíre running a slower connection, youíll want to display as few as possible per page for your quicker download time), number of sets shown, etc. So, they are really here for their members in ways that will make you smile.

They are updating this site every single day, and they want to know what you think. So, donít be shy, if you have feedback or suggestions, let them know, they will appreciate whatever you have to say. You have your most recent updates right down the center stage of the main membership page, or you can opt for the links across the top of the page, but either way, navigation does not look like it will be an issue. They offer wallpapers for your computer and also a forum area for chit-chatting and again, feedback Iím sure.

81 galleries is what youíll find here as of the time this review was written, and what knock-out galleries they are. Sorry folks, when I see high quality, I donít mind sharing the adjectives with you. I actually went through the advertising shots of each and every one, and you wonít find a bad apple in the bunch here. They are presented as archived months, which dates this site back to August of 2006. They do offer the ability for a ZIP download, which, for this site would be a must. In checking out the set featuring Sophie and Penelope, you have the standard size of 10.57MB (711x1066 pixels) for the zip file, the extra large size, 51.93MB (1365x2048) and then the ultra large size, 61.48MB (2000x3000).

The presented thumbs through the site are well laid out, they have all of the things I like to see when the presentation comes up, the clarity, the thin black border to make them pop from the white background and also the uniformity itself. When enlarging here, youíre given a very nice quality image in your selected size. But just so you know, the ultra layout will more than fill your screen with seduction, and these ladies are full of it.

You get the teasing look in their eyes, the closeness of their lips, maybe a hand on a breasts while theyíre being bared, but nothing raunchy, or anything that could be labeled as lesbian showings. They are so sleek in their nylons, flashing that little bit of thigh, or maybe even a nice crotch shot, but again, they are holding true in their promises that this is not going to be extreme.

I came up with a count of 37 videos, and again, these are laid out per month. You have a high resolution and low resolution offered for your download viewing, and it doesnít look as if the run times are extremely long, most average out around 5 minutes in time. A nice grouping of information to the left will give you options for adding to your favorites list, downloading the screen caps that are offered and also the key or tag words taking you into other sets such as this.

These videos are in AVI format, and when downloading them, my player is popping up to present the extremely nice quality. Bitrate was 1400 Kbps and the video size came in at 640x480. You have a lot of smiles and shoulder raising sexiness to the videos, you know how a girl will raise one shoulder and then bend her head down, sort of giving you those big puppy dog eyes that will melt your heart, making you do whatever she wants? Thatís the look Iím talking about. The play was definitely nice, no doubt about that and the download time really was pretty speedy.

As I mentioned, there is a forum area to this website, and in checking it out, there doesnít seem to be a huge number of postings here, but enough just to give you a little reading material while your fingers are in down time mode. You really do need to take a break now and then.


My hat is off to the webmaster and other joined forces when putting Only Opaques together. It was like a breath of fresh air to me today. Yes, you get the naughtiness, but itís without the nookie. A lot of people enjoy something that teases them into an orgasm, it doesnít always have to be hard-core, and thatís what this site focuses on, itís the beauty, the long legs, the stockings, the frilly and oh so womanly lingerie and all of those things that will tempt you without really giving in. High quality every step of the way through this site.


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