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Only Tease review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Only Tease is just that - but it teases its viewers pretty much perfectly. The photography is superb, the models are extraordinarily beautiful and there's plenty of content to go around. If softcore posing is what you are after, this is a must see!

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Score 90.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2007-07-17

Softcore, Photography / studio, Babes, 18-23, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

- If girls in uniform and lingerie do it for you this is just what you've been waiting for!
- Exclusive British girls in unique content
- Now over 450,000 exclusive images in over 3,700 galleries and over 500 exclusive downloadable videos

First impression

Why do we like being teased? Are we just gluttons for punishment? Or is it just a more thrilling pay off to get what you want when you have to wait for it? This site has taken that concept to the extreme. Browsing the tour, the majority of girls I saw were fully clothed! These guys ain't playing when they call themselves 'Only Tease'.


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Our opinion

It looks like they've gotten a little creative with their teasing here. A banner atop the page features six, very beatuiful girls who all appear to have been busy playing dress up. I spotted a cop and a school girl right off the bat. Women in uniform, you gotta love em'! Directly below you'll find a horizontal menu with a row of buttons: Home, Models, Archive, Members Forums, MY OT(browsing prefrences), Updates, Links, Contact and Help.

All down the page you'll find links to new picture and video updates as well as previews of the next day's update (yet another tease?). From the looks of things, these guys update daily. Browsing through the archive will take you to a magical place containing 6 years worth of updates. It's the perfect destination on your trip to the land of jerk off.

One thing I don't like about the setup is that there's really no seperate picture or video sections. Everything is lumped together in one masive archive that dates all the way back to 2002. You basically have to wade through a mix of the two to find one or the other. I used this method to check out the pictures first.

There's literally over a four thousand photo galleries at this site. They're all in the standard 'rows of thumbnails' setup, which I'm sure most of you have become accustomed to. Each one contains 80-130 images, spread out over several pages. The thumbnails are actually quite large (120x180 px), which is a pleasent surprise. Most sites feel thumbnails need not be bigger than a postage stamp!

The pictures themselves look fantastic. Wonderful lighting, settings and overall photography skill shine through. They have a very magazine-esque look. More importantly, they're quite large! They clock in at an average file size of 400kb with dimensions of 1365x2048 pixels. You also get the option of downloading entire galleries compressed in a single ZIP file.

The photo sets vary a bit as far as setting and clothing go. I've seen the girls everywhere from a stuffy office to exotic locales. I've seen them wearing everything from lingerie to cheer leading uniforms. They do, however, all have one thing in common. They all do a great job of living up to he site's name. The photo sets seem to focus on the model removing items of clothing in an extremely slow fashion. As you get deeper into the galleries pages, you'll find the girl in various states of undress.

This isn't a quick thing, though. In fact, in the majority of these galleries, you won't see any sort of nudity until the last two pages. If you really are into the torture/pleasure of being teased, this should do it for you. I dig the fact that you can search for specific galleries that have certain things in common (i.e. Stockings, Brunette, Thong etc...) as this really helps you find exactly what you're looking for.

There are several hundred videos here and they all last from 4-7 minutes and come in the AVI format. There is both a low and high resolution option. For a five minute, high res AVI you'll get a file that clocks in around 55MB, with a resolution of 640x480 and 1396kbps. These high res vids look fantastic. I'd recommend you stay clear of the low res (208x160 24fps) as it doesn't look that great. I think compressing a 5 minute AVI down to 7MB was a bad idea. These videos look extremly grainy and just aren't worth watching. Unfortunately, there's no real option for streaming here.

With the videos here you get two types. One is what I call their 'standard tease', the other is behind the scenes footage. The tease videos are all pretty much the same. The girls talk to the camera and go through various poses. You'll get a few peaks, and every now and then an item of clothing is removed. The girls here really play to the camera, saying suggestive things and giving you the idea they enjoy being so cruel. I must admit, it's fun to try to guess what kind of under garments these chicks are wearing. The slow nature of how the girls undress really plays with your head, simultaneously both teasing and pleasing you. It's an odd mix of tension and excitement that works out quite nicely.

Like I mentiond earlier, they're big on costumes here. One of the newer updates has a girl dressed like Little Red Riding Hood. Hey, if I was the Big Bad Wolf I'd eat her too! The camera work in these videos seems to be all hand held. There aren't really any multiple angles or fancy cuts going on here. The camera operators, however, are pretty good. They seem to zoom in on all the right areas at appropriate times. Unlike most porn, this forces you to use your imagination a little.

The majority of the behind the scenes movies are just girls being video taped whilst posing for a photo shoot. These are pretty cool. I actually kind of liked these more than the regular videos. There was something more 'real' about it. I know that sounds funny, considering the girls in the photo shoots are just doing artificial poses and smiles for the camera. I'm not even really sure what it is, but I like em'!

This site is extremly interactive. You can leave comments on galleries, as well as rate a girl's outfit and the model herself. You can also vote for the 'best' model on the site. There's even a php based forum with nearly 50 thousand posts! It has an off topic sub-forum that would be a great place to blow off some steam after blowing your load!


Only Tease is a quality site with tons of material, frequent updates and they really seem to care about their members. The site is highly interactive which in turn helps provide it with a real sense of community that's lacking at most other sites. If you prefer slow and seductive over fast and wild, you'll likely find this site to be a real treat!


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