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Only Tease review

Summary: Only Tease leaves a bit to the art of seduction, keeping on at least one article of clothing at all times. This is a British site with over 2,200 image galleries and 320 exclusive downloadable videos.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Melissa, 2006-01-27

Softcore, Photography / studio, Babes, 18-23, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

The British are cumming, the British are cumming! This website promises to hold exclusive British girls in unique content. With claims of now over 270,000 exclusive images, in over 2,200 galleries and over 320 exclusive downloadable videos, they won’t be the only ones cumming if this is all true. A long write up on the intro page tells you about everything they offer along with some partially clad pictures of beautiful ladies that are inviting you in with the look in their eyes. It says that they are updated every day with exclusive content only to be found on Only Tease, and they add a minimum of 2 new still sets a day, plus a minimum of 2 new videos each week, all on the same theme of teasing. Their pictures are offered in zip format as well, which is always a nice option. One thing you’ll want to remember about this website is, these girls are all dressed in teasing outfits, and many do get naked but only for the last few pictures in a set, except for a small item, such as socks, or stockings. So, if you are someone that enjoys being teased more than having it all spread wide with no secrets left to it, then you will enjoy this website.

First impression

My first impression of Only Tease includes two things that immediately come to mind. Given the title of the website I was pretty sure what I would be looking at, but actually it’s not overly obvious, however, I do like the way that they let you know right up front that these girls all remain pretty much dressed except for a few images here and there and even then they aren’t completely naked, they still leave something on to make your temperature and other things rise. They could have not said anything and then waited for your membership, leaving you to find out on your own that you won’t be seeing the bit totally naked spread. Also, the beginnings of this website seems to show good taste in the layout manner, leaving a nice navigational flow and some beautiful images to show off the models that enhance this website.


1 month $19.95 (recurring)
3 months $49.95 (non recurring)
6 months $89.95 (non recurring)

Credit Card, Check

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Our opinion

Have you ever opened up a new site and thought, “Gee, what a pretty site?” Well, that’s what I felt when opening up the membership area. A powder blue background and pretty pictures showing white panties under a plaid school girl uniform will make ‘em hot every time. There are other offers of such things as, a playboy bunny type of outfit, a secretary looking professional, and a gorgeous blonde that is doing her work-out for your enjoyment as much as her good health.

Besides these bits of goodies, you have a long line of poll results, latest forum topics, latest news and a sneak peek into the next day’s addition to make you want to come back early in the morning for the complete layouts. Tomorrow’s is looking hot with some pool side pretties that are clad in stockings, garters, thongs and not much else. Personally, so far I’m impressed with the professional look that this website has, everything is nicely bordered to make the images pop from the powder blue and they are all the same size for a nice uniformed look to them.

Since I spoke about the school girl outfit and rightfully teased you with that thought, I’ve decided to venture into that area first to gather information from. It’s part of January’s updates, so it’s a recently put up venture. The high school looking girl with her highly hiked skirt is also January’s model of the month and her name is Louise. There are 148 images to her photo set which holds thumbnails nicely sized at, 118x177 pixels. If the originals are as clear as the smaller advertising shots, then you are in for a nice treat. I will give kudos to Only Tease for the way they have laid out the information.

Opening up Louise’s page it gives you a link for traveling into all of the sets containing the particular model, or you have hot words that are linked such as the ones here, “Stockings, brunette, cotton panties, college uniform, miniskirt,” so if those are the things that turn you on, you can get to them quickly, thanks to the timely task of the way this is put together. Also, on the zip file downloads, the standard size is 16.6MB in size and the extra large size is, 46.0MB, just for those of you that plan on unzipping more than your jeans. Clicking on a thumbnail you’re quickly loaded up with a big image measuring 708x1066 pixels (the zipped x-large ones are 1365x2048), and they are beautifully shot. A silent applause for the camera-man here, the images have such softness about them and the colors are so vivid, the models extremely beautiful, and I could now be considered a fan of this site. After all, it’s nice to leave a little to the imagination don’t you think? Or still leave a little something on that gives it that sultry, wild look of pure sex.

Some of the girls are video equipped while some are not. Unfortunately our girl Louise did not have a movie to check out, so we are going to venture onto Brooke, the health conscious, working out girl that knows how to do deep bends with a sexy look to them. Just to give you some information about the videos, each one is encoded with DivX to reduce the file size as much as possible without sacrificing quality. Before you download them though, you will be prompted again for you username and password, they say this is because they hold the videos on a separate server to the main site server, and this will stop non-members from downloading.

I have found in doing a little research on the ones with videos that they seem to be in AVI format, so to view, you will need to download the file to your hard-drive. The movie parts are offered in high and low resolution. The low resolution for this particular clip of Brooke is sized, 176x130 and is best for 56K dial-up users, each low resolution clip is approximately 6.4MB in file size. The high resolution version in size is, 640x460 and is optimized for broadband users. Each high resolution clip is approximately 37.1MB in file size. This particular movie is 5 min and 25 seconds in length. Forget the Jane Fonda work out tapes, this girl shows you how she shapes up her shapely figure partially dressed and letting her body talk to the camera.

Only Tease is apparently a link in the chain of other sites that are put together by the same people. However, I didn’t find an area on these pages that told whether you get any of the others as a bonus or if there are just advertisements for them and they have their own separate membership fee. That is the only glitch I’ve found with the site thus far. They offer you the ability to vote on each girl, what you think of the model herself and what she is clad in, along with what seems to be a nice member’s forum area. With topics like, “General Chat,” “Request a Model,” Technical Questions,” “Forthcoming Shoots,” and, “Clothing and Outfits” just to name a few, you’ll find something fun to delve into while you give your hand a break from all the action. Another nice touch that is offered on this site is an area called, “My Only Tease,” this is where you set up your own preferences to customize the way you view this website. Example; How you view an image, whether it be in HTML, in a new window, largest size available or standard size, also, how many thumbnails you would like shown per page, etc. Just little one on one info gathering choices that make this site exactly what you want.


I was sweetly impressed by Only Tease. Granted it wasn’t the hard-core nudity/penetration site that seems to overwhelm the world-wide-web, but it was a refreshing bit of eroticism that seems to have been lost in the times. There’s a lot to be said for building up the back up, making you go crazy with anticipation instead of just laying it all out there. With 2,200 galleries and over 320 exclusive downloadable videos, you definitely have enough on this site to keep your mouth watering.


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