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Pin Up Wow Review

Summary: Pin Up Wow is a modern interpretation of the old school pin up girl. Girls are wearing classy lingerie and classic women's wear while posing and playing with the camera. Content is strictly softcore and in good quality. Site is frequently updated.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Melissa, 2007-08-23

Softcore, Photography / studio, Babes, 18-23, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

I was immediately tossed back in time when I first opened the tour area of Pin Up Wow. Watching old war movies on TV and seeing as the soldiers would open their lockers to have pictures of pin-up stars keeping them company while they were so far away from home. That is what this site reminds me of, they are just as lovely, dressed in beautiful and stimulating lingerie and looking as if they need to be taped to your bedroom walls... or ceiling, for those of you that jack on your back! They promise on Pin Up Wow that youíll receive pictures and videos to make this a site youíll appreciate. Itís not hardcore, itís not holding that oh so dirty content that many expect, instead itís going to be beauty to the eye of the beholder, which is just as sexual.

First impression

Iím really looking forward to delving into Pinup Wow a bit deeper. I immediately felt that nostalgic touch when I opened up the page, and it was a nice feeling, so exploring it deeper I hope will keep the memory embers burning nicely.


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Our opinion

I am just absolutely in love with this site and everything theyíve done with it. I must admit I was a smidge confused on how to find the videos here, but everything falls under the gallery link, they are mixed between the picture sets, which is usually something I would complain about, but itís so hard to be unhappy when youíre on this site, it holds this magical look to it, like youíve just wandered into Disneyland for the very first time and the enchanted forest is full of erotica!

I canít help but to rave about this site, Pin Up Wow has captured not only the hairstyles, but the garters, bras, stockings, lingerie, evening wear, everything that makes you feel like youíve stepped back in time. One of my favorite parts happens to be the backdrops and the colors, everything is just so in your face bold and beautiful and it works, it almost gives it a glossy poster look that you wonít forget once youíve witnessed it. The most recent addition shows a bright red sweater, that pointy look of the bra (you know what Iím talking about) and a set of what we now call Capri pants, but back then they were called peddle pusher pants. Iím showing my age there arenít I?

Amelia, the blonde in this set is just gorgeous, her lips were made for the deep red lipstick and her body frame is perfect to carry out that nostalgic look. To view the enlargements online, you have that choice, along with a slide show effect, it comes in at relatively modest 709x786 pixels. The clarity is breathtaking and I am just swooning in my chair. They do offer the ability as well to download as a ZIP file, and in this set, as an example you have the lower resolution, (18.2 MB), which carries a beautiful presentation and itís hard to imagine they could get any better... but they do. The high resolution ZIP (70.2 MB) takes a few minutes to download, but the wait is worth it, especially if you enjoy pictures as much as I do, and there the pixel size changes to a perfect 1417x1571.

Youíll find many more times pictures than what there are videos, but letís face it, the site is about pin-ups, so that doesnít surprise me. The tally will rally around 110 galleries, and the approximate number per gallery comes out to be 120+. The videos only hold a sum of 14, with an approximate play time of 8+ minutes, but they do offer a high and low resolution, download is available only. In my opinion theyíve made the perfect choice of WMV as their format. The lower resolution for example comes in at 32.5 MB, 346 Kbps and a video size of 320x240. The higher resolution is where youíll really get seduced by the quality. This will bring in a 1996 Kbps and a 640x480 video size. These ladies do a wonderful job at flashing and playing peek-a-boo with you, and if you like the upskirt, white gloves and girdles with the thigh high hosiery snaps, you are going to love what they offer here.

There are what they call Pin Up Wow stars to this site, Rachel, Rochelle, Petra, Carla, Lucy-Anne and Hayle-Marie. There is an area all about them that will offer their bios and more. A forum area on this site might be calling loudly for you to start the process, because at the time of this review, there were no postings. If you have a fantasy youíd like to see on this site, by all means, let them know, they are eager to hear your comments.


Donít expect the naughtiness to be projected at Pin Up Wow, but definitely expect it to be implied. This is a softcore site that will turn back the hands of time to tempt you to appreciate the body of a woman in its truest form. Clad in the sexiness that used to drive men wild before things were overtaken by hardcore porn. You have daily updates for all exclusive material, which is a great thing. Itís strip and tease all the way to pleasure here.


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