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Spring Break Fantasy review

Summary: Spring Break Fantasy is a collection of authentic pictures taken at wet t-shirt contests, bikini contests, mud wrestling and other similar events. The content that is there is actually not bad. But there doesn't seem to be a lot of updates lately and there is rarely much nudity.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Fred Lake, 2008-04-28

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Intro promises

- Over 20,000 photos. Gigs of wild videos. Totally real girls.
- Bikini beach spy camera. Bikini contests. Wet-t-shirt contests. Candid beach photos. Real drunk girls. Boobie flashing. And a lot more.

First impression

Entering the site, you go straight to the photo section (not the home page, which, admittedly, doesn't have anything much on it). There is a logo at the top, with buttons for videos, photos, extras (the bonus sites), and support (contact us, FAQ files, and so forth).

The photo section has 14 pages of files with 10 files per page, each with a thumbnail, a title, and some statistical information (number of photos).

The video section has eight videos. Total, eight. I wonder if maybe my browser cannot see links to other pages.

The "Extras" button gives you access with the same membership to other sites including Drunk Wild Girls, Club Cherries, and Mardi Gras Fantasy.


$19.95 for a month.

You can use a credit card (CCBill) or on-line check. They take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and JCB.

Our opinion

Some sites are advertised as "the site that goes where nobody else will go!" but this one is "the site that goes to lame and tame Spring Break events where nobody else will bother to go because the girls don't take anything off."

Ok, there are some boobs in here (lots of them) and to be fair their intro page doesn't actually promise that any particular portion of their content is nude or topless, but one goes into a Spring Break site reasonably expecting that most of the photos will be topless and that there will be enough totally nude girls showing their pussies to make it worth the trip.

Alas, this site is full of filler. Sexy girls in sexy bikinis and other sexy outfits, but no more than 1/3 of the photos are topless and five hours of clicking found a total of SIX pussy pictures. The 17,680 photos (and remember, the intro page said "over 20,000") are more of a drawback than an advantage. We see endless bikini contests where nothing comes off (I found boob flashing in a couple of them) and endless Wet-T-Shirt contests where only a few of the girls went topless. You also have some "random beach photos" and some other contests of various sorts and some private model shots (mostly without nudity). If they would delete the wasted non-nudity junk (or at least put it into another section where you don't spend hours looking through bikini contests for a hint of nipple) what is left would be a decent site, but with such a huge number of photos, the non-nude ones just make it hard to find the good stuff.

As for updates, I cannot really tell how often they do it, but there are NO updates from 2008 and only TWO from 2007.


If you want to see every Spring Break site there is, then I guess you need to see Spring Break Fantasy.

If you don't really care if the sexy college girls are naked or topless or not, then there are a lot of sexy girls here.

If you expect a Spring Break site to be wall-to-wall boobs with enough pussy to liven up most event files, save your money. You can do a lot better than this mess.


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