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Asha Kumara review

Summary: Asha Kumara is a 19 year old girl of Indian descent. On this site dedicated to her, 21 photo sets are offered with a smilar number of videos. Photos are good quality and look great, but videos are slightly below average. The action is softcore posing. Not too much content considering the price.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Melissa, 2008-05-23

Sologirls, 18-23, Softcore, Personal-Amateur, Asian, Babes


Intro promises

Softness and sensual beauty are the two things this tour area has been wrapped up tightly in. Beautiful pages of promised pleasure from a girl that has one of the most alluring looks Iíve seen for a while.

Asha Kumaraís eyes are mystifying, her full lips and perfect toned complexion is just the beginning of her charm. There is a free video trailer to partake in from the tour area, along with a slide show of mesmerizing images, and the pledge that youíll receive updates three times a week, that falls under the headings of some for images, videos and diary entries. Extra perks for this site will include wallpapers, games and also a bonus site.

First impression

Iím the first woman to admit the beauty of another woman, and this young 19 year old holds the allure that will break the hearts of many men. But of course not before she gives them a tremendous erection! I really am in admiration of the tour area for her site, which leaves me more than hopeful to what Iíll find within membership.


30 day $24.99 (recurring)
30 day $34.95 (non recurring)
90 day $59.99 (non recurring)

Credit Card, Check, Phone

PayCom, CCBill, Passwordbyphone, GXBill

Our opinion

India has definitely given of itself within this lovely girl, she holds the look, the class, the style, she is just a bundle of beauty, and her site reflects heritage and horniness nicely. She does let you know that in her country, rain means love, and when the sprinkles start to fall, she becomes aroused Ė apparently they were in their rainy season during the filming of material for this site, because you can just tell sheís loving everything sheís doing for the camera.

Navigation will not be an issue, the main membership page to Asha Kumara opens to the horizontal links across the top and then in scrolling down the page you have the most recent galleries, videos, the extras that are offered, etc. No strain to the brain, itís all laid out with ease. I really like the eye the camera-man has had during the gallery shoots, of course Asha Kumara is the main focus, but itís not always done as her entire body, giving the posed look, sometimes youíll have her lips, and breast section, while another picture may just be something provocative in the leg area, itís mixed up to really show the loveliness of her entire body, keeping the same focal point but at the same time, changing it.

My count brought in 21 actual picture galleries, and the thumbs are displayed exquisitely, theyíre large, they're colorful and itís all uniformed to perfection. Many of the sets hold an approximate count of 60+ images, a nice amount to hold your interest but not so many that it is overwhelming, they are keeping this as a very personal production. Just so you know, when clicking on a thumb, a larger version will appear, along with options for using the slide show, and there is a ZIP option for the photos, and from this first installment you get 665x1000 pixels, but, donít be afraid to click one more time, because when you do, her beauty will radiate from a very nice, 1064x1600 pixels.

Twenty-one seems to be the magic number, because that is also the count for video clips from this site. Again, just like with the galleries, everything is laid out nicely. Going into the most recent addition the choices are there for you to make. Either stream or download, and there are two formats, Real Player and WMV. Both formats are available in either small (24.19MB), medium (47.17MB) or high, (72.33MB). Youíll find Asha to be extremely playful in her videos, she has a cute coyness that comes through nicely, along with it being on that fine line of extremely romantic. She does strip totally naked for you, sharing her lovely dark skinned body, and masturbation is also high on the list of lusciousness. She shares outdoor scenes, bedroom romping, shower seduction and much more through the 21 offered clips.

The low option brought the numbers 330Kbps, 320x240 video size, the medium, 653Kbps, 480x360 video size, and the high, 1009Kbps, 640x480 video size. I am not entirely pleased with the quality offered, since it the picture looks too exposed with a lot of details washed out. Asha was just a joy to watch getting naughty though. They do offer an iPod choice as well, so they are thinking of most anything you might need.

There is a live chat offering from Asha Kumara, this however is from a third party feed, with multiple girls listed as being online and ready to get dirty with you. The tour area promised a diary, and there is a fun one to be found. Following this lovely girl through her day and capturing pictures of her excursions, which includes shopping and massages, means there are even more images to get to know her a bit better. If you still have questions, do check out the bio area. Games are included so you can play something a bit different, just to give your hand a chance to rest of course! And there is one bonus site to accompany your membership fee, and that is, Girls Love Toys.


I just fell in love with everything about Asha Kumara, her personality spills upon the pages through the galleries and the videos, showing her sweetness, and at times even shyness, which does live through the camel toe shots, masturbating moments, etc. She does a wonderful job of showing her youthfulness as she steps into womanhood.

All intro promises held true, giving you the wallpapers, games, a bonus site and of course the pledged high quality for content - at least pictures. My only thought that doesnít hold all positive emotion is at this time, with the amount of material offered, the membership price may be a smidge too high, but if they really are doing updates three times a week, this site will build quickly - I am not sure I saw 3 updates during the week I spent there though.

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