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Brandi Belle review

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Brandi Belle is one hell of a horny girl. She has 203 exclusive scenes that are mainly in HD, and these last for approximately 19 minutes each. These can be downloaded and streamed in various formats, including one for most mobile devices, and she also has 110 high-resolution photo sets. It hasn’t put anything new up for a few years, but for a small extra amount, you can also get access to the Bangbros network.

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Summary: Brandi Belle is not your average cute girl amateur site. Brandi is a hardcore sex fan and apparently uses every possible occasion to demonstrate this. She plays with her girlfriends and hot guys she meets on the street. Decent quality video content.

Melissa, 2017-11-21

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Intro promises

This tour area actually holds a lot of text. You can tell immediately that Brandi Belle is selling herself like a pornographic politician. She starts off with the center of the page being dedicated to what makes her stand out from the rest. She wants you to know that nudity is abundant here and she won’t tease like other sites, she does the real thing and she’ll fuck anyone she wants when she wants. There is a welcome video linked above the other promises of what this site holds. You can venture into the home page, learn all about Brandi, see her updates page, take advantage of her free downloads, such as wallpapers and screensavers, etc., her blog and then of course the join link.

First impression

Since Brandi has expressed that her site is nothing like what you find elsewhere, I’m anxious about exploring what she offers to see if that pledge holds true. I’m not 100% blown away right off the bat, but that may change once I get into the member’s area.


Our opinion

I find myself being drawn to the FAQ section of a site when one is offered, and there was one here. I just like getting some back-door information. She states here that she’s 21 but always being carded which I can understand. She can look really grown up in some of the advertising shots, but in others she certainly doesn’t. She is in all of the videos, answers all of the emails and all the shoots are her idea, but you can voice an opinion on what you would like to see. When asked why she started this site she quickly claims how lame other sites are and she wanted to make something real. She does let you know that if she sees you in public and you get out of hand, she has a brand new taser-gun that she’ll gladly try out on you.

Back to the Home Page and you’re greeted with even more text and a long list of Brandi Belle’s updates. After scouring the dates offered it looks as if once a week is when you are blessed with new material. She definitely enjoys talking about herself, there are a lot of excerpts of getting to know Brandi here. The most recent update was done on 5/2/06, so we’ll start there to see what this site holds. The title is called, 3 Way B Jay, so that pretty well tells you what this is going to be about. Brandi and her two friends are showing what talented mouths they have on this worthy volunteer. Clicking on that choice brought up links that are titled, “Screencaps,” “Download Movie,” “Watch Movie,” and Trailer Movie. Which tells me that you have streaming and download choices here. At least they do let you know right up front that the images are screen caps. There isn’t the normal breakdown as on most sites for images and videos, it’s all mixed into the updates section and you pretty well have to hunt for just what you want to see.

The most recent updated screen caps offers hundreds of thumbnails for you. They were small, the quality was poor, but hopefully the enlargements might bring something nice to the table. Well, you have pixels in the size of 654x480 when you blow these pics up. Some are really clear, others have that motion look to them, as if the picture was pulled from the video in a moment of movement. I do like the way Brandi’s friends are normal, every day walk of life girls that aren’t some heavily groomed model that has her hips perched perfectly before she wants to see that flash going off. As a matter of fact, one of the girls in this particular choice has a bit of extra junk in the trunk. One of the images shows them standing with their backs to you, just some thong action going on and she has a bit of cushion to the pushin’ below the waist. Which is good, I like to see real girls on sites.

I thought I would try out all the options that are given for the videos, so my first click fell upon the trailer movie. This opens up in a self-supporting page with WMV being the format of choice. I’ll say one thing for these girls, they cut to the chase quickly, shedding clothes and inhibitions between the three of them before allowing the male to enter the pictures. Oh, and the girl I mentioned with the voluptuous rump, she has a nice set of swinging tits with nipples that your mouth would have to work to get all of it in. The trailer had a run time of 1:10, the bit rate was 1.04 Mbps and the video size is 640x480. The full length played with the time of a bit over 10 minutes, with same data as the trailer, and the content was playful and pornographic, but I think I could say with some certainty that these videos were shot by someone that can’t claim to be a professional. If you have any problems with vertigo, you might want to pass by this site.

You’ll find 203 choices to go into on Brandi Belle, and in going back to some of the material added in 2005, I really couldn’t see much of a change in anything. The average time that I found in video play was around 15 minutes, some a bit shorter, some a bit longer. If you want to do some reading while you give your hand a break, then you might want to check out her blog area, this is where you’ll find rants, ravings and revelations.


I know that Brandi was wanting her site to be different and in some areas there is a bit of uniqueness, but, this is pretty much hardcore and amateur all the way. I do like the folks that she surrounded herself with in the material, they are walk of life wanna be porn stars, they do a nice job but it’s the naturalness of it that I think I enjoyed the most. The video options were nice, the playing of them was a bit rough, not 100% clear, and the movement really made watching some of them not as enjoyable as what they should have been, but... like I said, it’s amateur. Brandi is cute, as is all of her friends, male and female and they aren’t shy about showing what their Mommas gave them. All images offered here were screen caps and although the enlargements weren’t bad, the thumbs were pretty grainy.

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