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Cassie Leanne review

Summary: Cassie Leanne is a cute 19 year old girl with her own site. She used to be non-nude, but now also fully nude. The site features quite a lot of photo series in good quality as well as videos of varying quality. Pretty standard solo girl site.

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Melissa, 2006-08-04

Sologirls, 18-23, Softcore, Photography / studio, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

Oh for the young wonders of discovering your own sexuality... and then sharing it with the world through the internet. This young brunette is the ripe olí age of 19 and sheís allowing you to get off while looking at her goodies. She really is cute, but thereís something about her eyes, they just have that sad look to them. Of course you probably donít care about the eyes, youíre more interested in whatís below the chin, right? Ok, she has the perfect set of tits, theyíre perky, and match the rest of her... adorable. She is very lean, and carries a flat tummy that Iím sure youíd love to kiss your way down. Cassie Leanne holds promises such as; weekly picture updates, which includes two sets, one weekly video update, weekly streaming video/audio chats, wallpapers for your desktop, guest model galleries and more.

First impression

Since this is my area to speak my piece from the tour area, I just have to say this girl has eyes that will almost mesmerize you. They have such a pitiful look to them, but at the same time, itís sexy. The advertising images that she tries to coax you in with are really nice, playful, sexy and sultry. She does enjoy being in front of the camera and that self-professed trait is one that can be captured more quickly by the camera than even the color of her hair. I like it when the true enjoyment is there, itís one of those ďthingsĒ that although hard to explain, youíll know what I mean. All of her newest sets are totally nude, so letís see how provocative Cassie Leanne can be.


30 days $24.99 (recurring)
90 days $54.99 (recurring)

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Our opinion

Nothing too flashy once the membership doors open. You are supplied with journal type entries, so you can keep up on all the ďnormalĒ things going on in this young girlís life. A list of links at the top will take you where you want to go first and then her recent updates are laid out for your finger tip access as well. The first page isnít one of those that scroll into eternity and back. For me, I would rather have 50 sub pages, then to have one really, really long page that tries to cram everything in because they canít figure out how to link to another page. This site so far wins my award of easy navigation.

Oh that naughty, naughty camera man. When I strolled my way into the most recent picture set, we find Cassie in the bathroom, either getting ready for a special night, or just making this trip to the bathroom the special time. The cameraman zeros right in on her tight set of sesame buns that are nestled inside a very snug fitting pair of blue jeans. I like the way she wasnít hamming it up for the camera, she didnít make sure every hair was in place and her body placed just so... instead itís natural shutter bug clicking and catching Cassie in some natural stances and expressions. I enjoy that. Just to insert a tid-bit of information here, did I mention that this site is totally hers? She is doing a good job in this reviewer's opinion at bringing content that looks seductive. The thumbs are very nicely sized, they are evenly placed, everything is just picture perfect (pun intended). I really like the way theyíve done this bathroom beauty shots, using the mirror as a double illusion type of projection, and I really enjoy the way sheís not always staring into it, as if looking back into the camera from the reflection, itís all about the naturalness of this site. The enlargements are done with nice quality and come in at, 798x1200 pixels and some even 1000x1500, so you are getting nearly a full monitor full of this female.

In checking out the most recently updated video section, youíll find an array of different types of things here. Some of the clips are taken from her own webcam, where she apparently is chatting with some of her fans and she does some nice strip tease actions for you. Not quite as natural as some of the images that I really enjoyed, but they were still good. Others were shot in a stand alone type of setting, indoors, outdoors and stairways, which was one of my favorites by the way. She and her friend Ashleigh are making the risers blush on this stairwell. Cassie really does have good times with her female friends, but sheís also self-resilient when it comes to her solo shots. She does enjoy the feel of her own pussy. Streaming her videos the quality of streaming... well, letís just say I wasnít overly impressed with it. The download was much better, but nothing was DVD quality for sure. The download was so quick Iím thinking that even dial up users wouldnít have a really long wait. The size is, 6.3 MB, and the media length is 5:32 minutes with a video size of 320x240. Itís not the type of videos where you can have clips for dial-up users and then the full run time in broadband, each one offered is a full run, but in clip size. Some of the clips I found when downloading them opened in a much larger screen and the video size jumped to 720x480. Windows Media is the format of choice and some hot girl/girl action is the content of choice on a lot of these.

This site does offer a bit of content to be a personal amateur adventure. Cassie has a webcam that her front page will give you the next airing date to find her live. All you need to do is type in a nickname and you're set. She does supply on her site archives of her past cam shows, which is nice, but being there first hand is really be hot. If you are wanting to suck up to Cassie and win some brownie points, she offers a wish list through this site of some items that she would be very thankful to receive, and as a thank you, youíll find yet another link of some awesome looking wallpapers, I mean, these really are nice! On the date of this write up Cassie Leanne has 77 registered users on her forum, so it seems to be growing nicely as well.


Ok, here is my honest opinion of Cassie Leanneís site. Kudos to her for taking on the challenge and making it happen. Yes, she is a hot young girl that brings some naughty nookie to your monitor, but from everything that I ventured into, the quality was good, but there were things lacking. The download of videos brought better viewing pleasure than the streaming, but still it wasnít DVD quality. The pictures were nice, I will give that up for her. She also offers a live cam and the wallpapers really are gorgeous. This is a stand alone site, no bonus perks added to, and Iím teetering on that fine line as to whether I can recommend the membership price theyíre asking for this site.

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