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Chelci Fox review

Summary: Busty Chelci Fox is quite the cutie. And she shows you why on her site. 20+ episodes of good quality videos and pictures are available so far. The action is solo, but with lots of masturbation and close-ups. Overall a good solo girl site.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Melissa, 2007-04-01

Sologirls, 18-23, Amateur, Boobs, Softcore, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

Get ready for another young lady with big boobs and an urge to strip for the camera, because that’s what you’re in store for on Chelci Fox. After skimming through the tour area of her site, it looks as if you will have plenty of solo action here, I didn’t see any testosterone in the site. Of course it won’t be all wilted fingers from the moisture they delve into over and over, there will be toys that hum in such a way it will make any pair of panties wet just to hear the sound, once you’ve felt that against certain areas, just the trip of that switch will make you squirm before contact is made, and she is out to show how well she manipulates the hard plastic stocked with AA Batteries. You can tell that she is more than proud of her natural 36D’s, and I have a feeling those will be making their presence known throughout the promised exclusive images and videos, with weekly updates to keep her cumming to your screen. Intro does offer some nice large sized pictures and some free trailers as well.

First impression

I must admit, I like the layout of Chelci's site, the handwritten messages scattered here and there that gives that personal touch, and the pastel shades of seduction her site is done in, it will immediately make our minds go to... “CUTE!” I want to hope she’ll bring a little twist of something new to the web that will make her stand out above all of the other sites basically offering the same material, or, Chelci herself might have to be so alluring, that she will be the quality to make you click here instead of somewhere else.


30 days $29.95 (recurring)
90 days $59.95 (recurring)

Credit card, Check, Pure Vanilla

PayCom, CCBill

Our opinion

You won’t have a hard time with navigation on Chelci’s site, everything is bundled up into packages as pretty as she is. Her wholesome look is displayed through 4 large images that hold the treasure chest’s content right below them, along with a nice write up as well, some personal information included along with what this particular set holds. I must admit, they are taking into consideration their members with what’s offered in the form of speed for the video/episodes and also a full length choice. The images come to you as vid caps in a regular display, high resolution or super high. Ok, we have to give this young hottie kudos for the neatness and the consideration we’ve been given here, you’ll appreciate it all in the end. If pretty young blondes with an hour-glass figure and boobs you could nurse on all night long are your thing, then step right up! I like her freckles, with her shoulders covered in those cute little speckles, I want to take out my pen and play connect the dots on my monitor!

What you’ll find here are exactly 22 sets at the time this review is being written, those sets include as I mentioned above, the video captures, the episodes and also a choice for full length movie viewing. In starting with the plain-Jane caps, the quality actually wasn’t bad at all, and they offered up a pixel size of 720x480, so definitely large enough for you to get a taste of what the movie holds. Well, this little girl is winning my heart over in the detail of her pictures, I’ve found the high resolution doesn’t contain video caps at all, it’s posed shots that are extremely well done and provocative.

She has a streak of grown-up sexiness coursing through her veins and it’s becoming apparent with what I’m seeing here. The quality is really nice and my screen is filled with 1200x800 pixels. Hold onto your jock straps for the super high resolution! Just to get this detail out of the way, the pixels for these are 1600x1067, and you’ll find about 100 shots per folder, and the camera is on track with bringing you some extremely close up shots. One in particular is with her legs wide open and every small detail of her crotch is being exposed. She has a cute and devilish looking tattoo close to her pubic area and this shot is so clear, you can tell that she needed a quick touch up on her mound shave when these pictures were taken. Yay for the images!

Now that I’ve recovered from the image section, shall we proceed to the movies? You’ll find the episodes come to you in the choice of “midband,” all 6 parts of it. If you’d rather opt for “broadband,” that’s covered too, 3 pieces of higher quality await your mouse. Drop down just a bit further and they offer the full length movie through mid or broad, so as I said, you are getting the choices here. The episodes hold a run time of pretty much a minute and a half, but I was impressed by the fact they give you a 448x336 video size, so the clarity was pretty good. At streaming, the number was 768Kbps, and at full screen size, it was just as enjoyable.

There is no DRM to be found on Chelci Fox, so stream away or download for your hard-drive and future jerk sessions. The broadband ups the numbers nicely, taking your run time for the episodes to a pubic hair over 3 minutes, a video size of 640x480 and 1048Kbps. I really enjoyed the way they played immediately, no buffering lapse or choppiness, just smoothness and satisfaction. The full length broad band offer held the same numbers except increased to 9+ minutes long. She does some chatting before the action really starts, but one thing is for sure, this young lady has a high sex drive, you can just tell there are some animalistic qualities about her that show from between her legs!

There is a nice diary to be found on Chelci’s site, with blogs basically telling you about what she’s doing, what she’s not doing, how she’s plagued by migraines and considers herself to be an exercise fanatic... which you’ll see some nice gym side wet work-outs in her content. She really does use this area to make herself more real to the members. There is also a forum area, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like much action takes place here. Why are forums overlooked so often? With just 4 registered users and 8 posted articles, it won’t take you long to breeze through, so why not leave a comment while you’re there. Chelci also comes equipped with a couple of bonus sites for you as well, those include, Manojob (handjobs) and The Dick Suckers.


Let me tell you who will be the most interested in Checi Fox... people that enjoy pretty, cute blondes that do naughty things through the act of masturbation and showing off a hot body. That’s pretty much what it’s about, they used great backdrops and props (vibrators included!), the lighting, the film, the quality, everything came together for a sum of seduction and sexiness. I liked it here, I know there are millions of sites just like this one out there, but the ease of navigation, the crisp, clean look of it all, the choices you’re given for images, screen caps, episodes and full length runs, and of course the lovely Chelci Fox herself just made for an enjoying time for me.


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