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Fuck You Paul review

Summary: Fuck You Paul consists of photos and videos of 18 year old Mel who allegedly made the site to send a fuck you to her ex-boyfriend Paul. Content is strictly softcore, but navigation as well as picture quality disappoints a little.

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Tamesin, 2007-11-07

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Intro promises

- Exclusive hi-def videos (1920x1080 pixels) in WMV
- iPod and PSP formats available
- Exclusive hi-resolution images - up to 3000 pixels
- Downloadable videos and image sets
- New photosets every week and 2 new videos a month
- Bonus access to her girlfriend's site

First impression

Fuck You Paul looks to be a sassy site from an impish looking young woman named Mel. She
started stripping and doing porn out of revenge on her former boyfriend, Paul, for dumping her. Well, I guess that's one way of starting in the porn business. But no matter; Mel looks to be cute, sexy, and has an attitude that instantly grabs your attention. This should be a fun site to review.


30 days - $24.95 recurring
3 months - $59.85 non-recurring
1 year - $119.40 non-recurring

Credit card, online check, and pay by phone through EUPaycom

Our opinion

Mel flips you off as soon as you enter her members' area. Luckily she doesn't have a "fuck you" attitude when it comes to navigation - or so it first appeared. Menu items include Photo Flash Viewer, Explore Photo Gallery, Video Viewer, My Girlfriends, Next Updates, Play with Me, and Downloads. There's also a link to her blog at the top. There's only a handful of blog entries since June.

Photo Flash Viewer takes you to almost 40 photos that are about medium size. Click on the photo to enlarge it to 827x550 and 3000x1995 pixels. Explore Photo Gallery takes you to a drop down menu where you are to select a gallery. The only trouble with this is that you are given titles of the photosets and not thumbnails, so you have to choose blindly. Once you choose a gallery, you have the option of clicking on the photo to enlarge it from 822x550 to 1280x856. The photo you want to see closer will show above, so if you happen to click on a photo that is lower on the page, remember to scroll up. Otherwise, you'll miss it and think the photo isn't enlarging for you.

What I'm starting to really find annoying is that most things you click on will take you to a new browser window. Pretty soon you'll have dozens of browser windows open if you don't keep that in check. I'm also used to pressing the back-arrow in my browser, and you can't when viewing photosets in the Explore Photo Gallery drop down menu. If you do, you're kicked back to the home page. To prevent this, remember to click on that drop down menu so you don't have to start all over again.

The amount of photos in each gallery varies. It seems that the usual amount is over 50 pictures. They're pretty good quality photos, and there's also a slide show option. Currently, there are 19 photo sets; 17 of them can be downloaded under the Downloads menu option. You can choose the size of the photos you want to download: in 800, 1280, or 3000 pixels. At the bottom of the Downloads page is a link to "My Webcam." When I clicked on it, the message I received was "No webcam yet guys!! leave me messages on the blog!!! xoxo" So does that mean the webcam option hasn't been set up yet, or there's no webcam at the time I clicked on the link? My guess is there's no webcam because there's a Webcam calendar with empty dates. How disappointing. The tour leads you to believe webcam shows will be a feature of this site.

Videos are uploaded about once every two weeks. You can download the movies in HD, high, low, and iPod. You can stream in high, medium, and low. There's really annoying music on some of the videos, and I didn't see any that had Mel talking. There are 17 very good quality videos. Unfortunately, the camera operator liked to move around a lot. That got annoying after a while, too. The videos only last a few minutes and are not what I would call a full movie. They're just teasing little softcore porn videos. By the way, there's no hardcore action here. Also, there's not much coochie shots. If you're looking to see up close shots of Mel's pussy, you'll be disappointed.

Next Updates shows a good sized thumbnail and nice description of what's coming up. The schedule is as follows: November 1, 6, 14, and 15; December 1, 15, and 22. It appears the site is updated on a regular basis, although there are some weeks that go by without an update.
Play With Me are online games to play "with" Mel.


At first I had high hopes for Fuck You Paul, but then the inconvenient navigation started frustrating me. The way it is set up, you really have to work hard to see your porn.

I'm sure most porn surfers are motivated enough to find the porn, but a paysite should be easy, not annoying in its navigation. While the content is good quality for softcore, there's not much of it, especially considering it's been around since June 1st. The site should be updated more and not have periods of a week or more with no updates. There's also no webcam shows, as you're led to believe on the tour. All in all, considering the price of the paltry amount of content inside and the tricky way of navigation, you're the one who's going to be fucked, and not in a good way.


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