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Michelle Aston review

Summary: Michelle Aston is a scientist turned hardcore pornstar. She recently entered the business and has just opened her own site. So far it contains pictures only. About 2500 pics to be more exact. They look pretty good, but the site definitely misses videos.

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Joseph, 2007-08-20

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Intro promises

No specific intro promises, but the tour sets the mood with lots of pictures of Michelle Aston as well as an interview:
- "What made you make the transition from science to porn and was there any intermediate stage?"
- "What inspires your look? Beauty through pain. Reclaiming my body as art."
- "What are some of your favorite fetishes? Armpit odor, licking of the taint, slapping, consumption of women's feet by mouth and pussy."

First impression

“Part of the joy of being a porn star is that I get laid, really well, and I get paid for it. It really is a blast.” So says Michelle Aston, a heavily tattooed beauty with a mohawk who claims that her unique look is inspired by a desire to achieve “beauty through pain” and to “[reclaim her] body as art.” Michelle has been reclaiming her body by doing things like dying her hair wild colors, including red, blue, red and green, black, purple and pink with blond roots, and sporting dreads, perms and a shaved head.


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Our opinion

Believe it or not, Michelle started out in science, studying neuroscience and English at UCLA as a young lady. Say what?! An educated porn starlet?! Will wonders never cease?

And not only is Michelle highly intelligent, but she was also a late bloomer, which also sets her apart from most girls in porn: Michelle was serially monogamous in her twenties and didn’t get into “the freaky stuff” until her thirties; in fact, her first sexual encounter with a woman didn’t occur until she was thirty-two (join the club, Michelle!), her first anal toy experience happened when she was thirty-four and her first transgendered experience didn’t happen until she was thirty-five (again, join the club, Michelle…).

Michelle really likes sophisticated fetishes with layers of perversion and she personally enjoys mummification, bondage, strap-on play, isolation tanks, flogging, corsets, liquid latex, expensive sex toys and dressing up. Some of Michelle’s favorite fetishes include armpit odor, licking of the taint, slapping and consumption of women’s feet by mouth and pussy. She loves giving severe dominatrix sessions and she really does get off — she loves planning sessions, purchasing unique tools and reading weird scenarios that her slaves dream up. In short, Michelle enjoys playing with others.

Well, now that we know a little about Michelle Ashton, let’s take a look at her site, which is brand spanking new and currently contains just twenty-seven galleries filled with over twenty-five hundred photos. Yeah, I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but give Michelle a break — she just launched her site, after all. Oh, and there are no videos on the site just yet. Yeah, I know, just give her a break, okay?

Navigation for Michelle Ashton’s site is impossibly simple; the members area displays every photo gallery on the sites and all pertinent links can be found at the top of the page. Along with the photos galleries, members get access to video clips (none just yet, only an illustrated listing of DVDs that Michelle has appeared in), Michelle’s journal (which is actually very well-written and entertaining to boot), a chat room and information on how to book Michelle as well as send fan mail to her. Oh, and I guess there’s also a message board, but it’s for Blue Blood, which is the company that is hosting Michelle Ashton’s site.

Seeing as there isn’t much action on Michelle Ashton’s site at the present time, we’ll focus the rest of this review on her photo galleries, which currently make up the bulk of the content here. I’d guess there are around fifty to one hundred average-resolution photos in each gallery on the site. The photos, which look pretty good, are professionally shot and clear as day. The content of these pics is generally pretty softcore, though you do see plenty of Michelle’s lady junk, maybe more than you want to see.


Michelle Ashton is not your typical porn star. First, she’s smart. Second, she looks like she’ll beat you up and take your lunch money. Third, she’s ambitious; she says her goals are“to make enough money to further [her] artistic porn endeavors” and “to buy an art loft and film [herself] fucking in it.” Quite frankly, I think Michelle Ashton deserves a better site than this and I’m willing to bet she’ll get one in due time — give this site a few months to grow and I’m certain it will be a force to be reckoned with. In the meantime, check out some of Michelle’s porn movies instead (may I recommend Cousin Stevie’s Pussy Party?).

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