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Minx Addiction review

Summary: Minx Addiction is the home of goth babe Minx. She is featured in 80+ galleries in more or less spectacular outfits and settings. The image quality is pretty good. So far only 4 videos are available, but the site has great potential.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Joseph, 2007-07-03

Sologirls, Softcore, Fetish, Personal-Amateur, Amateur


Intro promises

"Greetings! My name is Minx and this is my addiction...

Please come inside and explore all I have to offer. Before the camera I transform into my many alter egos; a melting pot of sexy contradiction, delicious absurdity, and addiction to dark beauty.

I feed my addiction for art and erotica at least twice a week, and my site is packed with thousands of original high-quality pics of me; a wide variety of gorgeous girls hand-picked by me; lots of candids, sneak peaks, contests and prizes; and plenty of opportunities for you to explore the real Minx. You can tell what you'd like to see, learn my secrets by reading my journal, request a shoot or give me ideas, and watch them take shape before your eyes.

I'm completely surfer-friendly without pop-ups, blind links, obnoxoius ads, or traps of any kind! Just lots on naked naughty Minx for your pleasure!"

First impression

Minx Addiction is the brainchild of a gothic model named Minx and her primary photographer, Owen Johnson. The pair strives to make Minx Addiction “beautifully artistic” and “erotically original.” Minx claims that her art is her addiction (mine’s chocolate — I’m a chocoholic!). Minx’s goal in modeling is “to intrigue people, mix up innocence and evil and [breathe] a breath of fresh air into erotica.” Our gal Minx has been modeling for about seven years now and has done everything from glamour, erotica, goth and fine art nudes to modeling for death metal bands. Minx wasn’t always such a gothic cutie; in fact, she started her modeling career in her early teen years doing “preppy” modeling (we’re talkin’ beauty pageants here, folks). After being introduced to the “dark side,” though, Minx began shooting a lot of gothy erotica, using her tattoos and piercings to gain employment as a Suicide Girl and bondage model. Minx eventually started Gothic Minx, a site which she maintained for a few years before abandoning modeling altogether for several years. Well, Minx is back after her five-year hiatus with a reformulated look and style as well as a website that encapsulates her body as art — Minx Addiction is that site.


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3 months membership: $19.95 non-recurring

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Our opinion

With a menu bar at the top of each page, Minx Addiction is impossibly easy to navigate. The menu bar in question provides links to information about Minx, photos, updates, support, contact, a wishlist, Minx’s LiveJournal, extras (monthly contests, an FAQ and fan art) and links. Minx updates Minx Addiction twice a week with over two hundred new photos and will be adding lots of new features very shortly, like “hot” wallpapers. Presently, though, the bulk of the content on Minx Addiction is made up of photo galleries found in three categories: Just Minx, Gorgeous Guests and Candids.

First, we have Just Minx, which contains over six thousand exclusive images in seventy-eight galleries that hold roughly seventy-five pics each. Just Minx is all about Minx — see her in a wide variety of photo shoots, including some of her favorites: bondage, lingerie, girl-girl, fetish, artistic nudes and absurdity (?). These images can be downloaded one at a time in two sizes (531 by 800 and 797 by 1200), in a single ZIP file or viewed in slideshow. The photo galleries in Just Minx are typically gothic — think cemeteries, voodoo dolls, knives and gas masks. Yes, Minx is just that pretentious! (And clichéd! What do you expect from a girl who lists Nietzsche, Plath, Poe, Sartre and Camus as her favorite authors?). Heck, there’s even a set entitled “Face of Addiction” that features a naked Minx posing with drug paraphernalia — how taboo! (Guys, is there anything more erotic than a paper-thin girl who sill suck your dick for drug-money? I think not.)

Next, we have fifty-nine Gorgeous Guests galleries containing twelve hundred photos at press time. Gorgeous Guests is where you will find all of Minx’s latest “girl addictions;” in other words, these are galleries taken from the sites of other alt-models that Minx admires, from fetish, latex, bondage and punk to Playboy playmates, Penthouse pets, glamour and the girl next door. Each girl is handpicked by Minx and some of these hotties appear in special shoots with our heroine in Just Minx. Fans of alt-porn will certainly recognize some of these ladies, like former Suicide Girl Apnea and Anna from Nerd Pr0n. These galleries average about twelve pics a piece and can only be downloaded one at a time. Some of these galleries offer images in different sizes but most do not. The quality of these sets varies as they all came from wildly different sites.

Lastly, we have twenty-one galleries filled with four hundred and twenty-eight Candids, which are candid (natch!) behind-the-scenes shots, amateur pics and peaks into Minx’s terribly exciting personal life. Each gallery has detailed descriptions, commentary and/or weird tidbits. The galleries in this section of the site contain an inconsistent number of images and downloading options; also, they aren’t very hot. D’oh.

Minx has also started adding videos to her site (one a month, to be precise), though there are only three of ‘em on Minx Addiction at the present time. Each video can be downloaded as a WMV file or a high-resolution MPEG file. The videos are okay and document Minx roller-skating, showering and being photographed for her site. Honestly, the video section needs a lot of work.


All in all, the photo galleries on Minx Addiction are pretty hot and I’m guessing the site will be a force to be reckoned with once videos are added to it. And, hey, it’s only ten bucks a month to join Minx Addiction! You can’t beat that. If you like gothy girls and witchy women, then you’ll find Minx Addiction to be positively addictive. Granted, you won’t see anything on Minx Addiction that you probably haven’t seen on countless other goth and alt-porn sites, but Minx is cute and she’s good at what she does, so who cares if she isn’t reinventing the wheel here? The wheel we’ve already got works just fine, thank-you-very-much.


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