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Only Melanie review

Summary: Only Melanie is about the cute amateur Melanie, who exposes everything but the precious area between her thighs. Good quality pictures as well as videos and overall a good softcore site.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Melissa, 2007-02-27

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Intro promises

If you could give rewards for a beautiful tour area, this site would be taking home the blue ribbon! Everything just blends together for an effect that will cause your desires to fall under making love instead of having sex. Only Melanie states you may know her from Only Tease, but now this is her own new exclusive website where youíre in store for thousands of new, unseen images and videos of her. This pretty little thing enjoys playing dress-up, so those of you that enjoy lingerie, etc. get your lotion ready because sheís going to bring you all sides of herself, and this girl would look good even wearing a burlap bag! The free samples offered throughout the intro area alone will show you how elegant she can look in a long, flowing evening gown and then how she immediately turns it on itís ear to naughtiness when she hikes it over her head to show off her matching panties.

First impression

Every now and then I come across a site that has me so woo-ed by the introduction phase that my hope scale raises high for what Iíll find within membership. Unfortunately many of those times Iím disappointed, but I really donít think that will be the case here, this gorgeous creature canít help but put out good stuff, she has a natural beauty about her thatís going to make it all look hot. Fingers crossed Iím going in for the truth!


30 day $24.95 (non recurring)
30 day $19.95 (recurring)
90 days $49.95 (non recurring)
180 days $89.95 (non recurring)

Credit card, Check

CCBill, NoChex

Our opinion

So far so good folks! The same professional look with everything placed in all the right spots makes for a nice membership area as well. Taking a quick scroll through the content offered on this main page Iím impressed by how this pretty blonde is like a chameleon, her look changes with what sheís wearing. Perfectly she fits into the roll of a teen, with the freshly smelling cotton panties, and then in the next group, she looks as alluring as any other full grown woman, so take your pick on what personality turns you on the most, but youíre going to love all of her. Links across the top and text down the right side will bring you up to date on the navigation here, so you wonít find any head-scratching confusion. They currently update this site on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so the material stays fresh, along with her being on the forums regularly, hoping you want to talk with her or leave questions.

Youíll find the breakdown of galleries per month on this site, this most recent month (January) being center stage, but just a browse to the left will take you back in time to April of 2005, so you are going to get a nice amount of Melanie material here. A thin black border encases the thumbs, making them pop from their teal colored background, in nice sizes of course, and options above, which include holding the image galleries in Zip file downloads, either standard size at around 10MB, or extra large size of around 48MB. Believe me, you are going to want this sweetie enlarged as close to life size as you can get.

The number of photos are pretty high, with an approximate folder content being 100+ each choice, and with there being 200+ galleries, thatís not too bad. The enlargements give 708x1066 pixels, so plenty large enough to get a good look at this girl. The zip files even up the pixel size to 1360x2048. I enjoyed how a lot of her galleries contain some pastel shades to them, creating a softness in her surroundings that softened her look even more, especially for the sets that has her as a youthful, naughty little thing, it really enhanced it. Oh, and just so you know, this girl has got some of the largest nipples Iíve seen, not the areola part per say, but the nipple itself. Check out one of the close ups and youíll see what Iím talking about.

Within the FAQ section in regards to the video clips here, they talk about a WMV and AVI being what youíll find. They are offered in a high resolution with a video size of 640x480 and is optimized for broadband users. Most of the clips you find in this genre is going to be approximately 55.0MB in file size. The lower resolution plays in a 208x160 video size, and definitely caters to the dial-up users that will be engrossed within this site. The lower res clips are approximately 8.0MB in file size.

When streaming, tt takes a minute or two for the movie to start playing, after which the majority comes in at around 5 minutes worth of teasing, taunting and stripping. She does a lot of solo acts here, along with a little bit of play along with a few of her female friends. When you download clips, or at least for me, it was nearly immediate in the completion. Melanie also supplies screen caps on the video page as a plus. I did notice one thing while going through set after set of pictures and many of the clips, this girl has no qualms about baring her boobs, but I think it would take a bulldozer to remove her panties! Sheíll gladly slide them down to do some cheek jiggling, but you just donít quite get a good look at that V area and the treasures hidden between her thighs.

Youíll find Melanieís diary to be just some personal inserts as to what happens to be going on in her life. Around 150 words or a bit less, so thereís not some extremely long entries, but a nice touch either way. Her forum is definitely exercised with hundreds of topics, a couple thousand plus on posts, with the most recent being done on todayís date, so her members enjoy the personal attention she gives. She even takes things one step further on the personalization offered by giving you choices on how you view her website, so just click on, ďMy OMĒ and that will take you to the wonders of change and rearrange. Within her friends section she is of course plugging some other sites, but those do include some free image galleries, worth checking out for sure.


My hopes werenít let down once entering through the membership doors to Only Melanie. The quality remained high, the navigation was a breeze and she couldnít have been prettier. I wish there had been more choices in video formats offered and her ratings would probably jump higher if she did a complete undressing, but then again, maybe itís refreshing to leave a little mystery. The price of this site is reasonable, especially if you happen to enjoy beautiful blondes that really reach high for the title of tempting miss, because she will tempt you. To keep things a little on the coy and shy side she doesnít disclose all of her attributes, and I would consider this more of a hard R rated site rather than an X.


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