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Sandra Shine Live review

Summary: Sandra Shine Live is the official site of gorgeous European glamour model Sandra Shine. Here she is featured in good quality photo sets and videos as well as backstage pictures and messages from Sandra. A new update seems to be added every 3-4 days. Content is good, but more video and photo viewing options would be a welcome addition.

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Mephistopheles, 2011-01-18

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Intro promises

- Official site
- No. 1 personal model site on the net
- 3 weekly exclusive updates

First impression

Sandra Shine may be a well known name to many porn viewers - especially if you have seen sites like 1 By Day and 21 Sextury. Both these sites feature models like Sandra Shine - Eastern European glamour models who are about as perfect as girls get. Beautiful face, round luscious and natural breasts, a firm heart shaped ass and finally a neatly trimmed pussy. A description that fits Sandra Shine extremely well.

Is the unwillingness of your significant other to indulge your darkest fantasies leaving you feeling nothing but blue balls and frustration? Then you need look no further than Sandra Shine Live. This svelte beauty may, at first glance, may look like a fine and upstanding lady, but the tour's teaser images betray her. This woman is capable of getting tough and dishing out some discipline. Don't be surprised if you see Sandra decked out in full police uniform and regalia, looking primed and ready to protect and serve particularly the latter.


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Our opinion

The the members page is a little sloppy. Set against the backdrop of two poorly cropped photos of Sandra, in a box situated at the middle of the page, you'll find links to the latest updates. There's a scroll-bar on the right, but minuscule size of the box gives you no choice but to scan them slowly and carefully. Worse yet, there's a large mixture of redundant categories (Pictures, Video, Backstage Video, Backstage Pictures, Fun Pictures, Fun Video, etc.) that are dispersed quite literally at random random. It's a little irritating, to say the least.

Your main navigational tool is a horizontal menu that sits atop the page. It contains all the bare necessities, with a few extras thrown in: Diary, FunStuff, Extras, Wallpapers, Backstage, Promo. I checked out the Blog. Sandra updates it every week or so, and writes a lot of candid messages. It's not all sex talk, like you'd think. In one update she might attach a picture of her cuddling with a dog, in the next photographs of a her best friend blowing out birthday candles. It reminds you that you're following a real person and not just a plastic porn star.

There's a second menu, this one focusing on extracurricular, which can be found on the left-hand side of the page. It contains links to a php-based discussion forum and a Store. The store has DVDs, magazines, and clothing used on location in scenes you can watch on the site. You can even purchase Sandra's soiled panties. There's also a section of the site where you can order custom videos, tailored to your specific fantasies. Estimates on prices can be attained by inquiry through e-mail.

I found the discussion board to be a fantastic addition to the site. Giving the user the ability to chat with Sandra and her friends were a stroke of brilliance, as it, no doubt, helped in making this has to be one of the most active porn site discussion boards I've seen. As of today, there are over 65,000 threads!

Sandra Shine's talent are diverse, and as of such content encompasses 15 different niches: solo lesbian, foot fetish, legs, anal, dildo, lingerie, fingering, stockings, pantyhose, bikini, outdoors, big tits, uniform, and fisting. Oddly enough, there's a total absence of men in this footage. I suspect Sandra may have a preference for women. That's hot.

Don't ask me why, but I felt myself gravitating to the photo section first. At current count there are 177 galleries. The number of images from gallery to gallery varies wildly, but you can expect a bare minimum of 60 images per. Galleries can, however, contain in excess of 250 images. All in all, I'd say there are over 15,000 photos.

Pics are viewed in one of those slide-shows. Convenient, yes, but it's also a wasteland full of low resolution images, e.g., 600x400 pixels. If you, instead, download the set in its entirety, you'll find yourself courting much larger pictures clear and vibrant JPEGs, with substantial dimensions of 1200x800. It's strange they didn't just add in both resolution options in the slide-show.

Nevertheless, the photos are nicely shot, with an emphasis on soft focus lens and advanced lighting techniques. But that's about as complex as it gets. No, you won't find any dodgy bullshit or post-processing voodoo here, just good old-fashioned photography. Indeed, I have the feeling there are old pros at hand here, large and sweaty men who have had decades of on-set experience to develop an understanding of focal length and how it affects the composition, lighting dynamics, contrast, and aperture. This definitely isn't just some random guy off the street who just bought his first Nikon.

Truth be told, the bulk of the content consists of Sandra Shine solo sets. But there are also, sprinkled throughout the updates, scenes and sets featuring her "girlfriends." When that happens, pussy munching, toy-play is bound to ensue.

There are 51 'girlfriends' altogether. Aside from the occasional minger, they all share that my-shit-don't-stink, European model look that I just find irresistible. Don't expect to find any girl-next-door types here. The best-of-the-best are model-quality, the bottom rung are equivalent to mid-level call girls.

I counted 110 videos, and just as the tour promised, each video is accompanied by its own 30-second-trailer. They come in the QuickTime format, displaying a resolution of 800x450 and an above average bitrate at 2,500 kbps. Downloads were fast, with speeds in excess of 800 kilobytes per second. Unfortunately, I experienced problems while downloading - downloads simply stopped suddenly out of nowhere. And since even movies come in zip files, it made it impossible to view the videos. And streaming of the videos only applies to trailers, which last all of 30 seconds, so that's no consolation. Why they skimped on the actual scenes is beyond me. It's like slapping a fancy paint job on a car with a bad transmission and a blown head gasket.

My favorite scene came via the coupling between Sandra and old pro Lara Craft. It starts out in a yummy looking, contrasty black-and-white conversion. I love the use of angles, and how the close-ups and fade-outs culminate in the scene becoming full-color. Sandra's pussy changing from shades of gray and black to a luscious pink was a sight to behold. The video, of course, ends with both girls in the throes of orgasm, gazing into each others' eyes, rigid and shaky arms clutching neon dildos.

A full membership at Sandra Shine Live also affords you access to 4 Bonus Sites: Cruising Girls, Glam and Art, Stocking Live, and Sandra Shine Bonus.


Sandra Shine Live does a bang-up job of catering to a wealth of niches all the while never faltering in her role as seductress. This certainly isn't the strongest site I've seen in this particular genre, not by a long shot, but I still think it's worth taking a looksie. The monthly investment should go pretty far if you factor in the frequent updates, 110 videos and 14,000+ pictures.


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