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Sweet Amy Lee review

Summary: Sweet Amy Lee is a mega-site with personal/amateur content. There are frequent updates to the XXX pictures and videos along with access to 6 other sites.

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Score 80.0 /100
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J., 2004-03-20

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Intro promises

Frequent updates, XXX pictures and video, Access to 6 other premium sites, One "Lucky Member" every month gets to star in a video with Amy herself.

First impression

A little bit cluttered in a good way. Looks like there's lots of content here and Ms. Amy Lee doesn't look too shy about showing it off. There's a preview video, plenty of preview pics from her videos and every link you need seems to be right up on the top toolbar. The front page gets top honors!


Credit Card, Online Check, Dialup

30 days: $24.95
90 days: $59.95

Our opinion

Based on the front page, you learn that Amy Lee' site is part of a larger group of sites that includes SilverstoneVideo, ChristineYoung, ShelbyBell and PeterNorth.

You can also tell that the site's layout is probably a cookie cutter format also used by these other sites. That could be a problem if the navigation was poor and clumsy, but it is certainly not that. Links to every section of the site appear on the top toolbar, as well as in the body of the main page which looks very nice and professional. No problems here. In fact, one of the most handy devices I've ever seen on a site that's part of a larger group is the Updates section at the top of the page that includes update info from every site in the group! No more checking every single site every week- the links to the new stuff are right there in front of you. Big up to Brain Entertainment (the overseeing group) or whoever designed this page on this little feature.

Amy Lee is a relatively petite brunette with somewhat exotic features who reportedly maintains this site herself. She hasn't updated her Diary in almost 5 months, so who knows what "maintains" means. However, she's a very attractive girl and, most importantly, is not shy about showing off her adventures in both picture and video form here on the site. In the Pictures section, Amy has about 20 original and exclusive sets (each with plenty of images) of primarily solo stuff, but also includes a handful of boy/girl shoots as well. The production value on these shoots isn't of A+ quality, but to be fair, some of them are more candid shoots and are more about her personality than they are pornography. Most of them ring in at about 600X800 resolution and look as if they were taken with a high end consumer digital video camera. Again, not A+, but the pictures look just fine on the screen and perhaps the more consumer-grade quality can be written off to this being a "personal" site and meant to bring you closer to her. Or maybe I'm just making excuses because she's cute. Either way, you'll probably not be disappointed with the nearly 2,000 pics here.

The Videos section of Amy's site is where the real meat is at (see, I can still come up with some new puns!). Here are over 30 video sets of Amy solo, Amy with guys, and Amy with girls. She pretty much runs the gamut here, focusing on blowjob-only and girl-girl stuff more than the extremely hardcore action. The boy/girl stuff usually follows a formula of POV BJ FNS (point of view blowjob fuck and suck, for those uninitiated into the world of porn acronyms, or, WOPA), but she'll keep you entertained with a few surprises and enough interesting girl/girl stuff to keep even the most avid lesbian fan (that is to say, me) happy. Video sets are available in High and Low speed versions for either download of in-browser play. I had trouble getting more than one download from the site at a time and the server wasn't exactly screaming fast on their end (180k/s), but that's a tough point to judge due to the number of variables involved.

The high speed videoes break down resolution-wise like this: WMV700 (352X240) is the highest and best-looking with a great framerate and a little bit of softness at full screen, MPG650 (312X240) is a noticible deprovement at full screen from the previous but still isn't so bad. And WMV228 (352X240) has a watchable framerate and doesn't completely fall apart at fullscreen- stick with it if you're in a hurry. Obviously, the higher the resolution and framerate, the larger the file will be on your hard drive so be sure to keep that in mind. In fact, the video download system would be much more efficient if you were given a thumbnail for each video section, along with filesize and length for each section. Alas, you must guess. The Low speed videos are (and I can't say this vehemently enough) ONLY for the connection speed challenged. The lowest speed video they have, looks like a little kid scribbled some pictures on the screen in crayon and farted into a microphone. Ignore it completely. The highest low speed video they have available (MPG350) is definitely watchable, but don't even try to blow it up to full screen. The low quality of these low speed videos is a fault of your slow ass connection speed, so quit feeding that hamster that runs your current computer and upgrade to broadband.

Apart from the exclusive video and picture areas, there is a page where you can contact Amy herself and even enter your name to be a guest on her site. That means that you get to have sex with her on camera if you win. Now, this
sounds too good to be true and I have no way of verifying it (Amy, please contact me directly if you would like to have a verification arranged), but I doubt she'd just make it up. Check out some of the member videos she's done... these guys are definitely not pros.

You can read her not-so-oftenly-updated diary and you can get a whole big list of updates on all the sites in the network.

There's a Store button that doesn't seem to work and a Friends button which is just links and a network-wide live shows that I assume has live chat with the owners of the sites in the networks, but again I can't verify this as I never caught a model in there. A Bonus Sites section has links not only to the other sites in the network, but to hundreds of third party video, photo, games, live show and magazine sites from all the big names (Holio, DVDTV, etc.). There's some nice added value here, apart from the nice exclusive content.


Amy Lee is, indeed, sweet and so is her site. Nicely laid-out, quality exclusives and a supposed chance at being a star in one of her videos (again, Amy, feel free to prove this with me!) are some pretty nice draws, as is the sweet bonus content.

Amy adds to her site every week, so the amount of content will keep growing. As it stands, I would say that the exclusive content (I use the word "Exclusive" loosely, as she reuses some of her old Lesbo101 shoots here) doesn't quite stand up on its own in the quantity area just yet.

But she's on her way and she's got the right idea by teaming up with the sister sites she's involved with. This site (and network of sites) will continue to grow exponentially and will soon be a steal at the current price. So get on board and start sending in your requests to be a guest in her vids! I think she's Canadian, as most of these girls are these days (I'm checking on a temporary Visa from the States so you can verify the guest spot thing, Amy), so you'll have better luck if you're local I assume. So pack your bags and pull out the credit card... you may be in for a nice ride, one way or the other!


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