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Tracy Trix review

Summary: Tracy Trix is a 19 year old amateur featured on this site. Although weekly updates are promised, there is only 8 sets of content online. Apparently the site is not active any longer, and we suggest looking elsewhere for amateur teen content.

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Melissa, 2007-09-25

Sologirls, 18-23, Amateur, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

- "Updated every week"

Tracy Trix is a 19 year old brunette from South California with a slim body. She enjoys bringing things to her website that will make everyone feel at home. She invites friends and members to live out their desires from these pages, and from the look of things, some lucky members get to meet her one on one. Now thatís a personal touch! This site apparently holds videos, pictures and a diary. The tour page is nice enough, in some ways itís like a carbon copy of many others in the layout, so Iím hoping membership will hold something that makes it more unique.

First impression

Normally I have a lot of feedback from the tour area to get a perspective on what they promise and what Iím hoping for, but for some reason this site has me teetering on the edge of just what Iíll enjoy or not enjoy within. In a way thatís good, a little mystery is always good for the libido.


1 day $1.00 (recurring)
30 day $24.95 (recurring)
90 day $49.95 (recurring)

Credit Card, Check


Our opinion

My first impression seems to have been right on the money in some ways. Entering in username and password takes me to an identical page to the tour area, so much so in fact that I wasnít sure for a minute if I was even in the membership area, there was no, ďWelcome MembersĒ message or anything, in fact, it continued to show the link to obtain membership, so that was a bit confusing. Another disappointment came in the fact that there were only 8 photo sets offered, holding approximately 32Ė64 shots each, and those are screen caps.

One thing to keep in mind on the video page, is that youíll only find 8 offerings here as well, there is a working link that says, ďNextĒ but it continues revolving you around to page 2, there is nothing at this time beyond that point. Updates seem to be done on a weekly basis, which will help, but for now... itís lacking. They do supply an easy enough layout for finding everything, so you wonít get lost in your endeavors. Even in the movie pages, everything is boxed together neatly.

There are two basic offerings for the download of these movies, what they are calling a 500K and a 1000K, for the first choice, there was a mere 320x240 video resolution, and with my DSL connection it took a little over 3 minutes to open, but keep in mind these movies are varying from 6 to 30 minutes in run time. Needless to say the 1000K was in a much better quality of play, bringing in a 640x480 video size. WMV is the format they've chosen for everything to play in.

They donít skimp on the action, because for my write up I concentrated on a movie featuring a couple that have had fantasies about doing the mattress mambo with Tracy Trix and they got their chance. It looks like a motel room that housed the horniness, with the star of the site immediately using her mouth to go to work on his strained erection, but then it didnít take long until some girl/girl play was involved as well.

I was hoping her diary area would hold some stimulating text to make for hot reading material, but alas, there wasnít really anything current. In fact, there has only been one entry in this current year, and that was from back in May, nothing since up until the time this review was written. There is a fan mail area as well, where you, the member can ask questions, and have them posted along with the reply. There were quite a few in the archive, but the most recent was from two years ago. Which brings a question to mind... if this site has been around for that long, then why is there so little material?


Iím going to put the facts about Tracy Trix out there in this summarization and let you, the consumer, decide on what you want. There are a total of only 8 sets offered, containing screen caps and videos. The quality of play on videos was nice, with approximately 30 minutes offered for some, while some are down to the 6 minute range. Entries for fan mail shows this site has 2 years at least of time under itís belt, and yet so little material makes me wonder whatís really going on, especially when they promised through the tour that updates are done weekly. For what they are asking in the line of membership fee... I would think long and hard.

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