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Club Cytherea review

Summary: Club Cytherea is the homepage of pornstar Cytherea who is well-known for her ability to squirt. The site is well organized, but lacks content. It would be great to see content made exclusively for her site.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Joseph, 2006-10-31

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Intro promises

“Cytherea is one of Today's hottest adult video stars! With such amazing hits as Cytherea iz Squirtwoman, Squirting 101, Deep Throat This, Babydoll Firstimers, Cytherea Teen Cream and many more! Not only is she beautiful but she has an incredible appetite for sex. She likes her sex rough and she likes it dirty. Cytherea is most well known for her squirting ability, otherwise known as female ejaculation. Not only does she squirt in almost every scene she usually drenches the porn star. We are sure he doesn't mind being squirted on. Her female ejaculations soak her co-porn stars every time! Aside from her squirting ability Cytherea is a Teen Dream. She is naturally beautiful with natural perky breasts. Cytherea has her pussy pierced and a butterfly tattoo, that adorn her sexy teen body. Her amazing ability for deep throating cock is also high up there on her resume of porn talents. She is very into getting fucked hard while she squirts all over her porn partner as well. Inside you will find tons of Cytherea's hardcore fucking porn pictures as well as her dvd quality high resolution fucking, sucking and squirting videos. Cum inside and see why Cytherea is one of today's hottest teen pornstars ! Squirting and Flirting!”

First impression

Cytherea, the gaunt star of blockbuster mega-hits Squirting 101, Deep Throat This and Cytherea Iz Squirtwoman, is one of today’s hottest adult video performers. This smart and sassy woman likes her sex rough and is best known for her squirting ability. Yes, this truly amazing talent has mastered the fine art of female ejaculation, a rare and impressive feat for any woman — Cytherea just loves to squirt all over her sexual partners whilst fucking their brains out. (Fun side note: Cytherea has a dog named Squirt! Isn’t that something?) Cytherea is also known for her impressive deep-throating skills, thus it should come as no surprise that you will see plenty of deep-throating and squirting on Cytherea’s official website, Club Cytherea.


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Our opinion

Club Cytherea is easy as pie to navigate (what makes a pie easy anyway? Are pies especially slutty or what?). The main members page features updates, the Pic of the Week and the Video of the Week, not to mention links to all of the content on Club Cytherea, which includes videos, pictures, bonus stuff (including access to a number of hardcore sites and video feeds), a store, support, etc. The site may be easy to navigate, but that’s probably because there isn’t much content on Club Cytherea to sift through and the site doesn’t appear to be updated very often (please note that the updates are not dated, thus I have no idea when they were actually added — I just assume the site isn’t updated very often due to the fact that there’s so little content on it).

Currently, there are but twenty-six photo galleries on Club Cytherea: nine galleries of glamour shots, seven galleries featuring Cytherea with friends, five galleries of personal photos and five galleries of photos featuring friends. Each gallery has a modest amount of photos in it, from ten photos to two hundred photos. The photos look alright but aren’t very big nor are they high resolution. Blah.

Currently, there are thirty-four videos on Club Cytherea: seven videos from Cytherea’s most famous flicks, twenty-two clips from Cytherea’s “special collections” and five videos starring Cytherea’s friends. I think most of these videos come from Cytherea’s many adult movies, but the one found in the “special collections” appear to be exclusive to Club Cytherea. Each video is cut up into brief clips that can be streamed in two speeds or downloaded with Windows Media Player or QuickTime. Honestly, I wasn’t really too impressed with the videos, which are a little on the grainy side (certainly not the “DVD-quality” that the tour promised). Meh.

To Cytherea’s credit, she puts a lot of herself into Club Cytherea (also, a lot of people put a lot of themselves into Cytherea on Club Cytherea). Not only does she keep a diary on Club Cytherea, but she also posts on the message board and answers fans’ questions on the Ask Cytherea section of her site. I only wish Cytherea would put that kinda dedication into creating some more videos and pictures for Club Cytherea... Just adding some more clips from her movies would be a good start!


If you’re a fan of Cytherea and/or female ejaculation, then you’ll probably get some mileage out of a membership to Club Cytherea. Be warned, though: The cupboards are rather bare at this particular club, so you may starve to death. Even the biggest fan of Cytherea will probably burn through all of the content on Club Cytherea with a five-day trial membership. C’mon, Cytherea, your adoring fans deserve better!

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