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Squirtalicious review

Summary: Squirt Alicious features many well known pornstars demonstrating their ability to squirt. The movie scenes all origin from dvd releases and are indexed by star name and movie title. Navigation doesn't work perfectly though. A good amount of bonus content.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2007-05-22

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Intro promises

Real female ejaculation!

First impression

The tour page at Squirt Alicious isn't packed with promises or catchy come one liners. It looks like these guys prefer to let their images and trailers do the talking. This is a refreshing change from most of the other tours I've viewed, which were riddled with silly marketing slogans about how they're the greatest site in the universe. These teaser images are huge (560x400 pixels) and look awsome. This site looks like it could cater to those who are into interracial action as well. I saw tons of little white girls getting fucked by big black dicks.

As with most of the female ejaculation sites I've visited, there are plenty of pictures of girls gushing cum all over the floor, guys' faces, cocks, and even the camera lenses. However, looking at some of these shots, I've gotta wonder if this is really cum at all. The amounts of 'cum' definetly call this into question. In a few pictures it looked more like a stream of urine flowing out. I think I'll be able to judge this a little better after I have a look inside.


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Our opinion

Along top of the member's page is a banner with 10 small still, action shots, of female ejaculation in all its glory. There are also two menus. One at the top of the page, which is for browsing material from the entire network, and one at the bottom of the page strictly for Squirt Alicious material. The squirt menu has only the basics - Movies, News, Updates, Links, Store. In my opinion, this is a good thing, you can't beat simple nagivation.

You may have noticed that there was no pictures option in the menu. Well, after a quick look at the movie section of the site, I see the only images here are screen shots. Each movie has four preview shots on the initial page, but by clicking the 'See More Screenshots' button, you're treated to a gallery that can contain anywhere from sixty to over one hundred screen caps. These are decent quality but definitely have the 'screen capture' look. Quite a few of the images tend to show motion blur. These aren't the biggest pictures, either. They generally clock in at around 50kb with a size of 720x528 pixels.

Anyway, onto the movies! That's probably what most of you sign up to these sites for, right? Well, Squirt Alicious currently has 71 movies in total and they're all DVD rips, supplied by Devils Film, a high quality company that has been producing raunchy porn for some time now. Apparently they recently made a deal with the Devil to shoot more female ejaculation scenes for their site.

These girls go all out with the hardcore action. I've seen a lot of double penetration, cum swapping, and squirting action. The content varies a bit from video to video. I've seen great lesbian scenes, MILF action, and gangbangs. The bulk of these videos seem to be interracial. So, if you're into that, this site may appeal to you even more. Another thing I noticed, which was quite refreshing, was that most of these girls appear to have natural boobs. I'll admit, the bulk of them do look like porn stars, but at least they're not silicone filled pornstars, right?

If you're looking for plots, it's a bit of a mixed bag. Some of the movies have pretty much no plot and are just straight to the fucking and sucking action. However, there are others which make laughable attempts at 'acting'. Although, I've almost never seen a porn with good acting, so this is excusable. For example, 'MILF Squirters 4' starts out with a muscular dude sitting on a couch, yelling at the broad in the next room, telling her they're going to be late. She says she's tired and doesn't feel like going to the gym. He makes it known that he's her personal trainer, and that she needs to 'put more time in'.

She complains that her ass is sore, he begins to rub it, next thing you know her boobs are sore too. You can probably guess what happens next. The rest of the video is pretty much hardcore sucking and fucking action with a new female ejaculation, topped off with some gooey cum swallowing at the end. The female ejaculation part of the video did look quite real. This did not look like urine to me at all, nor were there any strange cuts to indicate it was faked in any way. The girlie literally sprayed in multiple directions off her pussy lips.

I've watched quite a number of these videos, and the female ejaculation looks equally legit in all of them. I must note, however, that there are some videos on here which do not contain female ejaculation. Although, the overwhelming majority (I'd estimate 95%) do. One of my favorite movies on the site was actually the first one listed in the movies section. It was a movie where an adorable gal named Ariana Jollee takes on 65 guys in a gang bang. I absolutly adore gangbangs so, naturally, I had to check this out. She masterfully takes on all of these guys, usually two at a time (double penetration, ass/pussy). This was very hot, and it's hard to believe a girl with such a tiny little cunt could handle so much action without looking stretched out. About the midway point in the video, whilst having her clit rubbed and being fucked in the ass, she gushes a ton of cum all over her inner thighs and the ground. This definitely did not look faked at all. I recommend you check this one out. It's titled '65 Guy Cream pie'.

All in all, these videos are very good hardcore porn. Nothing too 'out there' but very, very raunchy. And, they have lots of real female ejaculation, exactly as advertised. Although, I did notice in quite a few of the movies, the emphasis isn't on making the girls squirt. It just kind of happens, without warning. Fear not, there are quite a few, which are in fact, dedicated just to squirting. The camera work and audio quality are both very good. I didn't notice any use of multiple camera angles, however, whoever is operating the camera does a pretty good job. There are tons of great closeups shots in all the right places. The sound quality is pretty good, but sometimes it can be harder to hear some of the people as they move away from the camera. Nothing major, though, and it shouldn't distract from your viewing pleasure at all.

The videos are offered in the WMV format for download, with two quality options to choose from: Small Version and Large Version. I'm going to use an 18 minute movie as my benchmark here. The Small version would clock in at 36 MB whilst the Large Version would clock in at 285 MB. There is a notable difference in quality between the two. The small version is fairly grainy, and looks down right terrible if you go to full screen, but that's to be expected. I'd recommend you stay away from it, unless you have dialup. The large version, however looks excellent and has decent sound quality to boot! I also got very good download speeds on these babies, averaging 700 KB/sec! There's also an option for streaming the videos, in the real player format. The buffer rates are acceptable, but the videos do tend to hang from time to time. I think this probably has more to do with server issues than my connection (3MB/sec). I like that they stream in Real Player, though. The screen size is quite big compared to other formats and makes viewing the movies much more enjoyable.

With your membership, you also get access the GammaVIP Porn DVD database which contains 120 DVD rips, that's 2,278 hours of viewing. Most of these come from North Pole Productions and Devils Pictures. These videos are organized exactly like the ones on Squirt Alicious. The rips are seperated into a series of scenes, and the download options are identical. There's a wide array of niches covered here. Everything from Trannies to barely legals. You also get access to a shitload of the network's picture sets, which actually look to be shot by a photographer, as oppossed to screen caps. They clock in at 120KB with a very acceptable size of 800x1200 pixels. The pictures I checked out were all very well lit and shot very well from some tasty angles.


Squirt Alicious brings you high quality DVD Rips produced by Devils Pictures, tons of interracial action, live cams feeds, and most importantly - real female ejaculation! They have plenty of scenes to keep you busy, seem to update frequently, and there's lots of bonus material offered up from the GammaVIP Porn Database. My only gripe is that they don't have any squirting pictures, other than screen caps. All in all, I'd say this site is worth a look if you're into female ejaculation, or even interracial porn. Give em' a try sometime!

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