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Team Squirt review

Summary: Team Squirt is a decent site in the squirting niche. As opposed to many other squirting sites, the girls are together with guys in all scenes. Both picture and video quality could do with a minor upgrade though. Part of Reality Kings network.

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Score 75.0 /100
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J., 2006-05-29

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Intro promises

- "This is NOT pee. This is female ejaculation, a proven scientific phenomenon."

First impression

Every female ejaculation site I've seen makes a point of tell you that it's not pee. This is a funny distinction to me. I wonder if some piss fetish guy has ever been beating off to female ejaculation porn, learned it wasn't pee, then suddenly went limp. "Well hell, if it's not pee, what good is it?!" Such is the fickle nature of fetishes I guess. So this site's main page has a bunch of images of chicks gushing all over themselves, camera lenses, and the dudes they're fucking (plus a pseudo-medical diagram of "how" a girl ejaculates). I guess we know what to expect, but I'm curious to see the quality of the content here.


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3 day trial: $4.95
1 month: $24.95

Our opinion

I had no idea until I entered the members' area that this site was a member of the collection of All Sites Access (a megasite that includes access to this and about 15 other fully functional content-specific sites). Seems like something they would've mentioned on the front page, considering the amount of bonus content to which you have access if you join the site.

Anyhow, the site's main page is set up just like all of those other sites (see our reviews of MILF Next Door, We Live Together, VIP Crew, etc. to compare notes). You get a header at the top with a short navigation bar and, below, a large box detailing the latest update. Updates on these sites are made in sections- one video series contains usually three or four sets, each of which has 12 of 13 minutes worth of video a piece. Sounds confusing but let me break it down: Every third day you get about 12 minutes worth of a particular scene and there are usually three or four installments to complete a scene. So up top, as mentioned, you get a large thumbnail of the scene's girl and links to the latest available content for that scene.

Below the latest update box is a listing of every other scene available on the page, each with a small thumbnail. I've always found their method quick and to the point, if a bit lacking in detail. The small thumbnail is always a headshot or posed shot, and the description of each scene is truncated to about ten words each which means you don't get much detail about what the scene entails. Of course, on a squirting site, you can bet it entails some squirting. But if you wanted to know something more specific you'd have to look deeper. That shouldn't be too much of a problem on this site, I suppose, since there are (at the time of this review) only 17 scenes from which to choose. As I said, every third day sees an update, so that means that a new scene is completed updated about once a week. Not a bad pace- let's hope they can keep it up!

From the update box, you can jump directly to a specific set of updates (or to the one set of pictures that's posted with the first video set) and get right to the action, but with the older scenes below, you have to click on the thumbnail to get access to the individual sets. It's all very uncomplicated and easy to navigate, though sometimes the extra clicking gets annoying when you're in a hurry. The sets are organized into one minute clips, are streamable in high and low speed formats, and are also downloadable. More about the qualities of these later. Clicking on a format choice opens their viewing page with Windows Media Player (no info on how compatible these are with Macs, sorry). From this page you can click through to the next video, the previous video, other update sets for that scene, or that scene's main page. Again, all pretty handy and easy to understand. Even more helpful is the addition of a "download update" button at the top which lets you download the whole of that particular update in one .wmv file- there is a streaming option for this as well. One thing I'm a bit disappointed in is the lack of a "download scene" option once the entire scene has been updated. I'm not sure why it's absent, but it would add another nice level to the accessibility of the content.

Now for the videos themselves. The dial up is a very small 200x150 in resolution, with a bitrate of around 165kbps. That makes for a pretty crisp picture at that size, but I highly suggest against blowing that up at all. The broadband streaming video format is much larger (480x360) and of much higher quality (540kbps) than the dialup. This is the same format you'll see when you click the "watch update" or "download update" button at top if you'd like to see all the one-minute clips strung together. These are all in .wmv format, which means that the streaming videos must load completely before they become searchable. This isn't much of a problem with the one minute clips, but those full update videos take some time to load. The downloadable one minute clips are .mpgs, which are very small files (<10MB) and essentially a more compressed version of the broadband streaming format. I suggest downloading in this fashion only if necessary.

The production quality of the videos is on par with other sites of this type: the sets are all just bedrooms or living rooms, the camera work is all gonzo handheld stuff, and the audio is an on-camera mic. The resolution suits its format and there really isn't much to complain about, though occasionally scenes could use an extra light or two just to bring up to overall level and increase the depth of field to something a little more sharp. Overall, though, if you're not looking for a Bun Hur-style spectacle in your squirting porn, you probably won't be disappointed. There is only a little variety in the girls here- a couple of Asians and a European or two, but mostly the California-style porn girls you see everywhere. A few fuggos, but mostly on level with the standards. What's kind of unique about this squirting site is that the girls are all with guys. For some reason, all the other sites of this nature I've checked out are solo or girl/girl only. So there's that, if you're interested. I'd actually prefer a mixture of stuff, personally, but this network tends to pick a formula and stick with it (see the sites I mentioned earlier). Oh, and there are pictures, too, but they're just basic posed stills from the shoot... nothing to write home about, but good as thumbnails if you want a more in-depth look at the action (though, with a thumbnail for every minute of video, that's a bit superfluous).

Extras on this site are more plentiful than on maybe any other network (BrainPass and maybe Bang Bros are the only ones who come close). Here you get access to all of the sites on the network (all of which are listed and accessible from the main page). These sites include, but are not limited to, MILF Hunter, Cum Fiesta, In The VIP, Street Blowjobs, and 8th Street Latinas. Most of these sites are fully functional and updated as regularly as this one and are reviewed here on this site, so take a look at some of them to get an idea of the content to which you'll have access.


Overall Team Squirt is a solid site on a solid network. My only wish is that video quality would be slightly improved and that a full scene option was available. It's small now, but it's growing rapidly and until it's up to speed content-wise, there's plenty else to see on the network and keep you busy. If you're into squirting porn, this one's worth a look, even with the slightly premium pricing.


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