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All Amateur Movies review

Summary: All Amateur Movies is a mega-site of hard-core content featuring the movies. They offer 150 gigs, & 400 hours of movies, with some being exclusive and amateur. There are links to sites with images.

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Christian J, 2002-07-11

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Intro promises

150 gigs & 400 hours of movies
100 exclusive real amateur movies
File size from 300k to 10mb

First impression

The interface is very simple, with just a nice headline as interface graphic, and all the links are put on one big scroll down page. Itís a bit uninspiring but after all itís the material that counts. I think itís a good design because it loads fast and it's easy to navigate through.


Our opinion

The main page contains three sections. Appetizers, main menu and dessert. Very clever, and in fact, I got quite hungry, just looking at the thumbnails.

I ordered a light appetizer with some linked live chat shows, and a bit of peeking into a ďbig brotherĒ house.
The live chat show was fun and the girl actually did most of what I wrote to her. No pussy showing is allowed though. A bit slow too and a shame there wasnít any audio.
The ďbig brotherĒ house feature tasted weird, slow, boring and the chat was a waste of time, couldnít help to think if they where really there. Nice girls though, but they only showed in bikini and swimsuit.

Still hungry after the appetizer, I moved on to the main menu. This menu offers loads of video, ready to stream, both for modem and broadband connections. The streaming dishes were served very quickly, even on slow connections. The modem streaming quality is poor though, but thatís only what is to be expected. A very nice surprise was the spice of the download option (Very taste... Yummy), but have patience here to.
Both the visual and audio is very nice quality. Itís a good and varied collection of amateur scenes with mostly young girls, and no matter what type you like, I am sure you can find your favourite. And the style is all the way through amateur, like the theme of the site.

Full, from the main menu, I decided to look at the dessert. It offers some links to sites with mostly pictures. Not so interesting and some of it is the same. But I guess itís a nice feature with some still pictures, and the girls are pretty enough. But after all, you donít really need any dessert after the very nutritious main menu.

The site is updated with new material regularly.


If you like amateur movies with hot young girls, then this site is a serious option for you. Thereís lots of it and the quality is good. You will be most happy if you have a broadband connection, but it goes without. And consider the prize to, before you decide. But all in all, you canít go totally wrong here.

[Editorial note: This site is part of a suite of adult sites, each with unique content for different niches. Some of the content you find on one site might also appear on another of these sites, if it appeals to the site's visitors as well. The sites in the suite are: Cumfiesta, Topshelfpussy, Bignaturals, Wivesinpantyhose, Boysfirsttime, Allamateurmovies, Mikesapartment and MILFhunter. When you join one of these, you'll have access to all of them.]

[Editorial not 2: One of our users has informed us that it could take a bit of effort to unsubscribe from the site, so be sure to check out exactly how to unsubscribe from the site and keep trying until you get a confirmation for your cancellation.]

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