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All Internal review

Summary: All Internal is a hard-core fetish site. There are screen captured images and videos that are streaming and downloadable in MPEG or WMV.

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Score 85.0 /100
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J., 2004-09-19

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Intro promises

- 100% original and exclusive internal cumshot videos
- Daily updates
- Multiple video formats
- "Highest quality videos you'll see online"

First impression

These guys don't skip on the samples. They give you the goods and prove that they're filling their niche (so to speak). plenty of nice-looking, well-laid-out images on the preview pages and I'm pretty impressed with the professionalism here. This appears to be a good-looking site.


Credit Card

3 day trial: $2.95
One month: $29.95
90 day: $69.81

One month: $39.95 (Online check)

One month: $34.95 (1-900 number)

Our opinion

The solid modern layout continues in the members' section, with a dynamic toolbar across the top of the screen and some basic site info at the top of the page. Scroll down a bit and you get a very nicely laid out listing of the most recent additions to the site. I like the icon system they have- click on the film reel for the videos for that set, the filmstrip for screenshots and the camera for photos. Simple and effective. Apart from the three newest updates (which each have a few thumbnails, you get one thumbnail and link for each of the archived sets on the site. It's all right there in front of you and that's how I like to see it!

The set pages are also very nicely presented, with detailed explanations of everything you need to know about the sets. It's really quite amazing how much information they put on these pages- and I bet it saves them a lot of time answering questions from members as well. There are 4 different formats for the video, all downloadable! Already these guys are impressing me. There's Low and Medium resolution .mpg videos for either streaming or download and both a High and a "Super High Quality" .wmv for download.

The Low quality vids are 256x192 in resolution and are very watchable at their natural size- nice framrate and only a little fuzziness. At full screen size, the pixelization is a bit much, but at 9MB for almost 4 minutes of audio/video, this is a pretty good compression. The Medium format is a little bigger at 320x240 and looks very nice at that size. As with the Low res, however, expanding the movie to about twice its intended size brings out the flaws. At more than twice the storage size, the quality should be a bit higher than this, but if you've got a quick connection, this format looks very nice. The High res format for download is over 50% bigger than the Medium on the hard drive and 448X336 in resolution. At this size, the video is practically flawless and is quite viewable at full screen as well. This is a pretty good bargain on quality vs. download time and these guys should teach a thing or two to a lot of the other sites who insist on old methods of compression that don't match up to this stuff. The Super High Quality videos are freakin' massive, at about 10MB per minute of video, with most of the videos clocking in at between 20 and 30 minutes. Natural size is 512X384 with a nice 1.53 Mbps bitrate and quality stereo audio. At full screen, this looks about the same as the High resolution, but the advantage here is that all the clips are consolidated into one for easy downloading.

The video content sticks directly to the site's main premise: internal cumshots. You'll see every variation of the internal shot here and some perversions of it that are borderline just weird. The production values on the vids are higher than average- the camera looks to be a quality prosumer MiniDV and they use primarily natural light when available (which makes things pretty flat but flat is better than dark), with no glaring errors visible for the most part.

The girls are mostly of the California pornstar type, including some with fake breasts, though most of them are greatfully natural. Point is that these girls are not amateurs and are pretty obviously acting in these.

I think that's okay because the point of the site is the cumshot and, if you're here for that, you probably don't care much what the girls are doing until the last thirty seconds. Speaking of which, I should mention that, while I may not be a fanatic about the creampie, I certainly appreciate it for what it is.

For me, though, the attraction of it is the realism it adds to what is otherwise an admittedly set-up situation. Most people who've been together a while don't pull out and blow on the girl's face when the time comes, so there's something intimate about cumming inside a girl. However, All Internal seems to focus mostly on getting the cum back out of the girl which, in my opinion, defeats part of the purpose of the cumshot being internal. I don't mind seeing some of it ooze out here and there, but having a guy with a thick accent I can't place squeezing a girl's pussy and saying "puuuuuuuuuuuuush" at the end of every video just gets annoying on a couple of levels. I would say that, on average, the girls aren't treated very nicely in the videos and the stereotype of women as semen receptacles is validated in a decidedly literal way here. I understand that they're actresses and they're being paid to do a job, but personally I think a little respect is sexy- and I've seen plenty of respectful creampie footage, so I know it's not the genre.

The screenshots are all thumbnailed neatly on their page for each video and there are certainly enough of them. Their full resolution is 768x576 and they look just as nice as the high res video. The photos for each set are seperate from the video and, for the most part are posed, magazine-style. The 1024x768 resolution looks very very nice, with no digital artifacts whatsoever. But, again, the action here is pretty posed and the videos are where the real action is. There's also a "bonus video" section that contains similar content, but I'm not sure where it is. I can only assume that it's non-exclusive because it would otherwise likely be included in the main video archives. That's essentially all the site has- I'm a little disappointed in the lack of third party content (especially on such a niche site, where bonus content could be what pushes a casual fan of the genre over the edge for membership), and even more disappointed by the appearance of advertisements on the site. They're built seamlessly into the navigation of the site. The problem with that is that it seems as if the other sites they're promoting are part of the same network, which they may be, but membership to that network is not included in the membership fee.


Apart from the advertisements and the generally low treatment of the actresses, this site is one of the best designed and excecuted that I've ever seen. I can't imagine any features that would add to the visual quality of the site or the videos, and that's saying a lot. The price is a bit higher than I expected- especially for check or phone payments, but niche sites generally can get away with a little more on account of the rarity of their genre. While creampie stuff is not exactly the Ark of the Covenant, it's certainly a niche that has its fanbase and, while it's too pricey for me as a casual fan, it might be worth it to someone who's been looking for some high quality non-amateur stuff in the genre.


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