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Amazing Pass review

Summary: Amazing Pass is a hard-core mega site. With high quality pictures, full porn DVD's, all downloadable and daily updates to the 100+ sites involved.

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J., 2006-01-07

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Intro promises

- Full porn DVDs
- High Quality Pics
- All Downloadable
- Updated daily
- 100+ sites, 1225.77GB of content

First impression

There seem to be a great number of these DVD rip houses opening up recently.
All of them boast a ridiculous amount of fully downloadable content and this one promises the same. The opening page is well-designed, albeit a bit flashy but all signs point to their promise of tons of content being fulfilled.


Our opinion

Well, I was all ready to jump into the members' section only to find that, to my surprise, there is none. Instead each individual site in their network of 100+ sites (over which is spread the whole of their DVD collection and 1225.77GB of content) requires that you enter your username and password. I certainly hope you made yours easy to remember and type because copying and pasting them 100+ times will get annoying quickly.

So I weasel my way into one of the sites and, as expected, the content is spread pretty thinly over the network with some sites having only a handful of scenes. Worse yet is the dreaded doubling up of content on multiple sites that is the bane of megasites such as this. Why the content is put on the sites like this to begin with is beyond me- I'm told that some people enjoy the hunt and, while I appreciate that, I certainly cannot appreciate clicking my mouse an extra 2 dozen times just to find the same video I just saw on another one of these sites. Personally, I'd prefer a listing of each DVD and its scenes on one simple site. Instead we get a bunch of poorly designed outlets for the stuff that we've already seen other places.

Speaking of having already seen content elsewhere, it's only fair to mention that this content is far from exclusive. I've seen a few of these outlet megasites before and the distribution companies that participate in them vary only slightly. Expect to see tons of the following studios: Zero Tolerence, Puritan and Jill Kelly Productions, some by Demolition and Legend with titles you can find on all sorts of other sites, such as: Swallow My Pride, Breakin' Em In, Top Guns, Two In the Seat, Cum Swapping Sluts, Puritan Video Magazine, Perfect Pink, Coming of Age, Babewatch, and Babysitter. Now, I'm not knocking the idea here- I think the amount of content here (and on other sites like this) is absolutely astounding.
Speaking as a person whose first hard drive was a whopping 340MB, the 1000+GB of content available hear is mind-boggling. But the fact of the matter is that this stuff isn't hard to find on other sites, so I certainly hope this one has something unique to offer.

Unfortunately, as I scroll slowly through the myriad sites here, I'm finding less and less by which to be impressed. Design flaws are rampant and ridiculous lines like "...the most beautiful sex whomen..." somehow make the cut. A more serious error catches my eye eventually, though. While the intro promised daily updates, I saw no indication of any updating anywhere during my first review of this site (in September 2005). In fact, the one page I see with update information dares to proclaim "Movies Added Every Day!" and is audaciously followed by "Last Update: May 27, 2004." A year and a half?! That is simply unacceptable. I came back to the site 4 months later and have found that they've resumed updating, but these updates are closer to weekly than daily but, to be fair, they've taken down their claim of daily updating. Looks like these guys bit off more than they could chew at first. While I'm all about giving second chances, the 1.5 year gap in updates is pretty nearly unforgivable, so I will adjust my score on content vs. promised slightly but remain skeptical of their ability to keep up their current pace.

The video quality is relatively standard for this type of site- they all call it "DVD quality" but what they usually mean is that it was encoded with a codec that is capable of being read by DVD players. That's not to say the quality is crap. In fact, the 480x360 resolution (there is some variation, but that's the overwhelming norm) vids look dynamite at their natural size and get only a bit fuzzy when you go full screen. The content is mostly from modern releases and follow the production standards of the day so there's not much problem there unless you really hate facials, fake tits and bad handheld camerawork. The sites are organized loosely based on type of content (anal, lesbian, etc.) and despite the poor design the system usually works acceptably (other than the problem of having to sign in to every page individually).


As I mentioned before, I remain skeptical about this site's interest in keeping the updates coming regularly. I'd love to come back in a few months and see that they've exceeded my expectations, but for now I'd say hold off until they can re-earn my trust. If you absolutely can't wait to see this content this isn't a terrible site to join but there are a lot of others just like it with pretty similar content. The bottom line is that these guys have to prove themselves yet and, unless you're interested in taking a risk with them, I'd suggest holding off for a while.

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