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Bang Bus review

Summary: Bangbus is an amateur reality site that focuses on videos. With 60,000+ members they offer hi-quality images and videos.

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Score 75.0 /100
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AdultMonkey, 2002-10-02

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Intro promises

Gentlemen, today I'll be reviewing the most subscribed to and talked about site on the Internet. The site that has a reported 60,000 members. The site that bamboozles immigrant sluts and domestic whores into acts of perfect defilement. Today we're taking a ride on the bus. The Bang Bus.

Bang Bus makes no appologies. Bang Bus only makes a commitment to bringing you the hottest women in Miami and fucking them sideways. If you need an idea of what they do, check out the tour by clicking our link above, and you'll see what it's all about. You're actually treated to some great previews as well as an opportunity to sign-up and recieve some bonuses via some other great sites. Read on and see what the talk is all about.

First impression

This site is nice and easy. You enter a members area that has the latest model - updated just about weekly - as well as some of the other latest conquests and your bonus links. You also have the option of clicking further and checking out past episodes. Simple and stupid is the best way to describe the navigation, that means it's perfect.


Credit Card
30 Days $24.95

Our opinion

Here's how the boys do it: The driver named Ugly and cameraman named Dirty begin each and every scene with a bit of small talk and jokes. In the backseat you'll find the stud ready and willing. While they drive you're treated to some jokes, some talk and - if they could - some tap dance and song. The actual hunt for a prime piece of ass is happening during all of this and when they find her, it's on. Some say that the action before finding a woman and before the hardcore action is tiresome and needless. I tend to disagree on the basis that the talent is too hot and if I have to suffer through a few minutes of worthless banter, then I will.

Once a target is sought out the bus pulls over and Dirty begins his small talk. He'll usually start off by trying to pass himself off as a college student in pursuit of interviews for a statistical study. But generally the fish doesn't bite, so he fattens the hook with some cold cash. In order to best describe this to you, I'll use the example of Maritza, the full blooded Puerto Rican mature type, that every one of us would fuck.

In her scene Maritza is coaxed in the bus with Dirty offering her $40.00 for an interview. It's obvious that any brain power she possesses is used to move her round brown ass because she was an all too easy sucker. After she jumps in the bus our Latina bombshell is introduced to her future fuck buddy as well as the bus driver. She's promised a ride home in exchange for her time, but we soon find the bus on its way to the Everglades and the very mild questions being asked changing to lewd and crude ones. I like it!

Eventually she grows tired of the questions and insists on going home. The boys decide that this is the right moment to take it up a notch. She's offered more money to flash her big brown tits. After some hesitation she agrees and gives us a flash that lasts a nano second. With our intersts at heart, the boys tell her that it's bullshit an insist on seeing more - thanks guys. After some tug of war our hero stud has her tits out and his hands firmly in place. Eventually one thing leads to another and he ends up with a solid milk chocolate nipple in his mouth. Going from frigid to luke warm, she begins to mildly respond. Man, this is so good.

After more sweet talk and money she agrees to show a little more. This time it's her ass and it's actually a lot more. What an ass Maritza has, it's round, brown, and seems as smooth as silk. She's bent over the seat with her ass up and spread. Our hero begins slapping it a bit and spreading her cheeks. After this plays out for a while she, like the rest of us, begins to get a little turned on. We next find her on her knees pulling down the pants of what turns out to be a freak of nature. It turns out that our hero stud has some donkey DNA because he is hung too well. She begins to stroke his cock and before long slips him a rubber and is performing the art of head. With incredible enthusiasm she works his tool all the while being told to shout lurid statements like "I love this cock!" while still having the donkey in her throat. These guys are geniuses.

The blow job lasts maybe five minutes before the super fuck begins. The stud lays her on the floor of the bus and spreads her wide. She seems nervous and I really don't blame her, this guy is a fucking mutant. When he first enters her she lets out a horrid moan followed by, "It hurts...." right on. He begins to speed up his pace and fuck her deeper and harder moving from the missionary to the world favorite doggie. What a scene it is watching this guy lay his pipe in this beautiful mature woman. She grunts, moans, and eventually screams with his pounding. As the pace continues so do the positions. We eventually find Maritza handling a load of sperm and loving it.

Satisfied with their latest conquest, the boys take Maritza and her baggage back home. They throw her out, give her the packages she entered the bus with, and drive off. Just one thing, they didn't give her the money! In the last moments we see our fuck-pot eating Bang Bus dust and waving her fist in disgust. What a film. It runs an hour and has a semi-slow build-up, but it's a classic and you will never forget it.

Nearly every scene in the Bang Bus runs about the same way. However, every model is different and brings something new to the table. They can have attitudes at times or are just plain easy. The variety of Miami's melting pot is obvious as you have about two dozen models of every variety. Some hot white ass includes the horny skank named Mary. I also highly suggest that you look into the newest capture, Brazillian cutie Melanie. If you like black women they do perform a nice scene with Mary Jane, and if you're like me and have a penchant for mature women like Maritza then you must see Vanessa. It's too good.

Bang Bus also offers some nice photos. Like the videos, they are of top quality, however, they do nothing for me. With this site it's all about the movies. Once you understand the humour and essence of the hunt then you too will be hooked for life.


I understand why it's the best on the net. Everyhing you could ever want is here, and then some. The tour really doesn't mention this, but when you sign up you're going to get some great, free, extra treats. Treats like Boob Squad, Older Ladies, Backroom Facials and Real Butts. All of these sites have their own content and are updated regularly. If you were to break it down the monthly membership of $24.95 you're paying $5.00 a month per site. This is the deal of the century. Get it now.

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