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Bruno B review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: Bruno B holds loads of original movies with bonus pictures from shooting. This is basically a reality video website.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Mads, 2005-11-20

Videos, Reality, Amateur, Movies


Intro promises

- Regular updates
- Original movies never senn anywhere else
- WMV format in high and low resolution
- Bonus pics from shooting
- Bruno promises: It's only a spare time activity (yeah sure, poor guy ;-)
- Access to 3 more premium sites with one membership

First impression

Still looks like a dazzling experience from the outside with loads of beautiful, hot Canadian femme fatales presented in compromising scenarios on the front page. The look of the site is Post Modern Porn with capital P due to the focus on the 'what u see is what u get' attitude. Still, to judge from the 'model catalogue' up front Bruno is doing really well... you can even get a preview of the girls performing.


1 month - $29.95 (recurring)

Payment by credit card or telephone
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Our opinion

This is a highly anticipated return to BronoB's premises as I was lucky to get the opportunity to review this site a couple of years ago. Back then it was a promising site that went for a kind of reality tv concept insofar that Bruno made a public exposure of inviting women to a kinky 'rendez-vous' in his apartment. Truely efforts that ought to be appreciated...

I must however admit that a couple of thing struck me after my fist couple of logins. First and foremost, the 'wysiwyg' approch that I seem to recall some years back (the member pages resembles the front page structure) has apparantly ceased to be. The navigation is decent, however the site seems somewhat indistinctive in terms of structure, logic and overall 'feel'...

Some might be thinking "daah, it's a porn site, remember..?!". Yeah, true and it's exactly horrifying in that context but the problem to me seems that the site has gotten somewhat flawed. First and foremost, the concept seems to have changed gradually into a showcase for exhibitionistic couples going hardcore, rather than BrunoB himself getting it on with the girls.

Fair enough, maybe Bruno has developed directing ambitions... I don't know, and honestly, who cares?! But remember, Bruno is a pioneer with a concept that has been copied countless times since he launched BrunoB, so... what is happening? Well, times change I guess and maybe I'm just an ol' brat...

However, one thing I know for certain is that the increased use of space dedicated to annoying commercials in the member section is a definite drawback...

There's a few other details, e.g. the length of the movie clips is consequently left out, the scenes cannot be downloaded as complete movies and though the quality of the movies is decent it's clearly not top of the pops high end tech stuff you get here. The format is wmv with 352x240 pixels and a bitrate of 637 kbps. They can be either streamed or downloaded to your disk.

So much for the bugging and bitchin'...

On the other hand the actual content is great if you prefer action from talking; the model quality is above average, the scenes are hardcore as always, and to Bruno's credit I must say that he manages to bring in new faces and has built up quite an impressive CV thus far...

The fact that the content has been broken down to bits makes the site user friendly to people with low bandwidth connections and modems, and the downloads go smooth (e.g. I achieved 80 to 100 KB/s with a 1Mbit broadband connection, with no limit in number of downloads)

Altogether, there's nothing sensational here, what is here is original (no recycling) and as such the site carries a definite values in itself. Lately there seems to be added one new episode every two weeks. The last episode featuring Bruno B himself was added at the end of 2004.


BronoB is still a great site with great ol' fashioned hardcore action.

I still think we could ask for more, though, and altogether the site would mainly benefit from 3 things as I see it:

1. Loose the popups and the commercials
2. Remember what you do the best
3. Increase the content quality of future productions

Sure, I'd like to see BrunoB reinforce og strengthen the concept that he started out with, or at least choose a clear original direction of some sort, but hey, if you are having fun and making a living of it I guess it matters less... I'm just looking for that little extra something but perhaps Bruno has already found it with his down-to-earth approach and this is as good as it gets....

BrunoB makes the cut to 7 stars due to the fact that the site has built itself into quite a media library and though some of the content is darn predictable and less well executed there's LOADS of original stuff here and hours of enjoyment for even the most hardcore fans.

Screenshots from Bruno B

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