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Doghouse Digital review

Summary: Doghouse Digital is a mega-site featuring pornstars in hard-core action. There are DVD quality movies, hi-resolution pictures, with all content being downloadable. This is part of the Brainpass Network.

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Score 80.0 /100
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J., 2004-12-19

Videos, Hardcore, Mega-Sites, Pornstar, Movies


Intro promises

- DVD Quality movies & High-res pictures
- All content is downloadable
- Exclusive live shows and interactive
- Full Access to the Brainpass Network
- Daily updates on the Brainpass Network

First impression

Doghouse Digital has been producing video content for a little over a year now, and they've recently teamed up with the Brainpass Network of adult sites to distribute some of their titles online. Brainpass is an extremely reliable network for quality, quantity and service, so I can only imagine that Doghouse had to meet their standards to be a part of it.


Credit Card (

30 days: $29.95
90 days: $59.95

Our opinion

Based on the first pages here, this one follows the Brainpass formula as expected. There are only a few pages here (Movie, Pictures, Bonus Sites, Updates, etc.) that matter and they waste no time or space in making them available to you at the get-go. This is indicative of the convenient navigation throughout the site.

The videos provide the main bulk of the site, as exclusive video production is Doghouse's game. The videos are seperated by release- each of their series gets its own little section and each installment of the series gets its own page as well. This way you can keep track of which videos you've already seen and whatnot. The video series that Doghouse is behind include such clever titles as Bubble Cum, Girly Gang Bang, Black Bros and White Hos, Eat My Feet, Chew On My Spew and Goody Goody Cum Drops to name a few. The site is relatively new, so there are only a few scenes from each series available so far. But, with one or two updates a week (an update is usually a full scene from a movie), the collection is growing.

The production quality of the videos is pretty normal by today's professional adult video standards: nothing fancy in terms of lighting or location, but you don't often see some random dude sitting in the corner or an empty bag of chips on the bed or anything. The video is mostly gonzo and maybe some tripod stuff and off-camera sound equipment would help round it out a little better, but overall there are few complaints. As with other Brainpass sites, there are six total video quality options: 2 high speed and 3 low speed. The high speed formats include a WMV 228kbps (352x240 resolution), an MPG 650k (352x240) and a WMV 700kbps (480x360) version. The smaller WMV looks decent at its natural size and is acceptable when blown up a little bit and the MPG version is equally viewable, with little compression artifacting at smaller sizes. But for my money, it's the WMV700 format you should stick with for full-screen viewing- it's really quite nice looking and only incurs minor to moderate pixelization at full screen. Of course, you have to wait much longer for it to buffer or download, but if you're an archiver, this is your format. The low speed formats are about what you would expect. A WMV56k version that looks like a stamp-sized (240x180) animated .GIF with a slightly better framerate, a WMV128k version of the same size with a little less compression, and an MPG350 at 240x160 with a slightly better framerate than the previous two. The low speed versions are what I would consider emergency only formats in general. And if you need to view the low speed ones full time, maybe you should invest in some high speed internet.

The girls in these vids and pics are also of the standard modern porn variety. The difference here is that they use a lot of the Brainpass girls very frequently (Shelby Bell, Sweet Amy Lee, etc.) so you get a little me of them if you're itnerested. Of course, you get access to those girls' personal sites as well, so you've got plenty of content on them. You even get a few picture sets that include these girls in the small pictures section. There are a handful of photo sets here of moderately high quality to browse through on the site- not much to write home about, but since it's here I can only assume that it's also exclusive. There are pictures from each video set as well, though those appear to be video captures from the vids themselves and are best used for previewing purposes.

Then, of course, you get all the extra Brainpass stuff from which we've come to expect great things. There's PeterNorth, ShelbyBell, SweetAmyLee, LexSteele and all those quality sites that come with this membership. Normally I consider that sort of thing "bonus" content. But in Brainpass's case, it would be a crime to ignore the vast amount of quality material at your fingertips.


Obviously, if you're a fan of DogHouse's stuff, this site is a no-brainer.
But even if you're just a fan of general gonzo stuff (or have some weird bubblegum fetish, as one series addresses), this is certainly a site to look into. The content is quality and with a name like Brainpass behind it, there's no doubt that it will continue to grow and add on new features at a steady pace.


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