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Give Me Pink review

- 1st revisit

Summary: On Give Me Pink you get to know the models REALLY up and close. The camera does a good job covering the models when they play with bananas, whipped cream, milk and many more interesting things being put to use in other ways than the obvious one.

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Score 90.0 /100
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CB, 2006-09-01

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Intro promises

- Insane close-up quality videos of hotties putting dildos in all their holes, pissing, fisting, panty stuffing & showing you deep inside their pussies

- A new, carefully selected chick every week!

- The videos are incredibly crisp and crystal clear unlike anything you've seen. These are the highest quality videos you'll find online.

- MPEG-1 videos in multiple formats for those hi-quality seekers and the dialup folks. 56k & AOL friendly!

- You can download each movie in a single complete part or you can choose from multiple parts.

- Human Customer Service & Self-Help website

First impression

It just so happens that I recently reviewed another site that is run by the same folks that bring us Give Me Pink, so I am quite sure we're in for some great stuff here. Give Me Pink is covering a pretty specific niche, focusing on all sorts of pussy play - from the usual fingers and dildos, to more extreme items like fists and speculums. In DVD quality, no less! I have a sneaky suspicion that we're in for some fun...


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Our opinion

Yup, we've hit paydirt. Give Me Pink serves up an astonishing amount of exclusive content, with a ton of bonus content that's just as good as the exclusive stuff.

The site is laid out very simply, with three main areas: Home Page, Exclusive Movies Archive, and Bonus Movies Archive.

The home page features the latest updates, plus convenient links to the other sections of the site. In every section, there is helpful information about navigating the site and viewing the content.

Clicking on a movie link takes you to an entire page devoted to various downloads for the selected movie. This page is very helpful, and features notes about each available format, convenient customer service links, links to screenshots and photos from the shoot, a link to the archive, as well as a voting feature that lets you rate the movie. Each movie is broken down into 8 segments; each daily update consists of one segment, with the final update being the full movie in one large file. You can either stream or download each segment, with the exception of the full-lengh movie, which is only available for download. There are two quality options for the streaming video, and three for the downloadable version, all in the MPG format. The full-length clip is available in a “super high quality” WMV format, or as a medium-quality MPG.

Here are the bitrates and resolutions of the various quality options:

Low MPG: 256x192 300kbps
Med MPG: 320x240 750kbps
High MPG: 448x336 1300kbps
Super high quality WMV (for full-length clips only): 512x384 1536kbps

The high quality clips look great, with the WMV full-length version being your best bet. It's nice to see such a variety of options, and I especially appreciate being able to download the movie in its entirety. At the time of this review, there were 99 exclusive movies available on the site!
The movies are between 20-30 minutes in length, so there is an awful lot of stuff to check out here.

You can browse the pics on pages of thumbnails, and you also have the option to download a zip of all the screenshots or digital photos for a given movie. The screenshots look great, and are 768x576 in size. The digital photos are even better, with super crisp detail and a good-sized 683x1024 resolution. The number of pics for each movie varies, but you can expect between 100-200 screenshots and about 20-50 photos for each movie.

The content is just as described in the preview. Lots of pussy, and all sorts of ways to play with it. Things range from your average solo shoot, all the way over to the kinkier end of the spectrum, with things like panty-stuffing, speculums, weird object insertions, and peeing. There's no shortage of fluids either - milk, cream, lube, suntan lotion, you name it. It's being poured over, rubbed on, and squirted out.

In addition to all the exclusive content, there are 43 additional bonus movies. These all follow the same layout as the exclusive stuff, except that there are no digital photos. They are a little more tame than the exclusive vids, with less of the weirdness and more of your standard solo or lesbian action. Great stuff nonetheless, and it definitely adds to the already sizable catalogue of movies available on the site.


Super high-quality video plus a boat-load of content makes Give Me Pink a site to reckon with. When you're looking for a site that focuses on a specific niche, there's nothing more exciting than when you find a site that has what you want, and nothing more disappointing than finding out the content is of inferior quality. All too often this is what I come up against, and it's refreshing to find a site that not only provides specialty content, but does it in style! Not only does Give Me Pink offer comprehensive coverage of a particular fetish, but they present it to you with such high quality that you can't help but be thoroughly impressed.


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Screenshots from Give Me Pink

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