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Give Me Pink review

Summary: Give Me Pink features great looking porn models and offers you a close-up look of their most interesting body parts. The girls frequently play with different food items and other toys. New episodes are added weekly, and the high quality movies look good.

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Score 85.0 /100
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J., 2004-12-03

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Intro promises

- Insane close-up quality videos of hotties putting dildos in all their holes, pissing, fisting, panty stuffing & showing you deep inside their pussies
- A new, carefully selected chick every week!
- The videos are incredibly crisp and crystal clear unlike anything you've seen. These are the highest quality videos you'll find online.
- MPEG-1 videos in multiple formats for those hi-quality seekers and the dialup folks. 56k & AOL friendly!
- You can download each movie in a single complete part or you can choose from multiple parts.
- Human Customer Service & Self-Help website

First impression

This is clearly a site dedicated to closeup hardcore stuff here. Even with all the extremeness slapped right in your face (there are tons of previews), the thing that most strikes me is that these girls are wearing a fucking ton of makeup. What a funny thing to finally realize about porn on a site with so much else to grab your attention. Well, they make no bones about their content and certainly don't shy from showing it all in the previews, so I suppose I should see if there's anything on the inside they didn't show on the outside. (That was not a pun).


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Our opinion

There's a lot of information on the front members' page here. Also a lot of makeup. There's a navigation bar on top, allowing you to scan through the pages of Exclusive and Bonus movies easily. There's a little rundown of what the formats and details on the movies are (daily updates- one part of a 9-part set per day), then there's a preview for the next update, then there's a little news section and then a poll and a navigation legend. After all of this, you get to the actual content of the site. Here you'll find the three latest updates. You get a nice closeup of each girl's face, plus three nice thumbnails of each set. You can choose to look at the Videos, Stills, or Photos from each set from this page, making navigation of the latest updates easy as pie. Things get a bit confusing on this page, as there's a lot to soak in (including unfortunate ads for another site and a male masturbator), but once you figure out the system they've got set up there's nothing to it. Under the latest updates, you get a page's worth of links to archived sets (there are a few pages of the exclusive stuff), those ads I mentioned earlier and some update links from their "Bonus" section (more about this later). Overall the navigation and load times on these pages is pretty good, consider how busy they look at first.

Jumping into the meat of the site (the videos), I am instantly impressed by the system they have here. As mentioned in the preview, each video set has 8 clips. Each clip gets a nice big thumbnail and links to all the versions of both the streaming and downloadable clips. Everything you need is right there in front of you- it's quite handy. There's also a brief video FAQ in case you're having trouble with their system (which you shouldn't). My only real complaint about the system (and this may be unique to my computer or something) is that the streaming videos load up fully instead of just buffering. It's a small problem, but you might as well download them instead of watching them in the browser.

The image quality on these videos is damn impressive as well. Even the low quality version looks pretty sweet. Each video is available in low, medium and high quality (high quality is download only) and all are .MPG format. It would be nice to see maybe a Quicktime or Real format here alongside the MPEGs, but having three different qualities is usually good enough. The vids are, as promised, usually about 30 minutes a piece all told (you can indeed download the entire video in one fell swoop- in both the medium quality and a super high quality as well). The breakdowns of the video qualities goes something like this: The low quality vids are 256x192 in resolution. They look surprisingly good for their filesize (only 11MB for a 4:40 min video) and somehow even maintain a bit of integrity at full screen (though, for best viewing, they're best kept small). The medium quality is 320x240 in resolution and looks flippin' great at that size. Blow it up much and it gets pretty pixelated, but still better than the low res at around 2.5 times the filesize. The high resolution videos are an even bigger 448x336 and look simply damn good, even at full screen where they lose a little definition. If you're a quality freak or an archiver, the full scene videos are a huge 512x384 are easily what I'd call a DVD quality video. These files are HUGE, with the 35+ minute ones hitting over 400MB. But if you want this stuff for your collection, this is the quality to go for. Well worth he wait, my friends.

Also impressive is the production quality of these vids. They're all quite professional with bright but even lighting (which really comes through in the high quality compression). The content is exactly as they promise: lots of closeups of large insertions, double penetrations, fisting, spreading, ass milk squirting (?!) and generally pretty dirty stuff (though I don't see any pissing as mentioned on the preview). The exclusive stuff is all solo girls. All of them are of the standard "modern porn girl" variety with big (sometimes fake) tits and an ability to do the same moan 400 times in a row. I'd like to see a little difference in ethnicity here- they're literally all white girls. And would it hurt to have a girl without a fake tan and 4 pounds of makeup? I mean, this stuff is close up, sure... but it's not so close that a little reality would look too disgusting to be on a site that focuses on dildoes the size of my leg. This is just an indication of what my personal main issue with these videos is: there just seems to be nothing real about them. These girls obviously are just on a shoot for their job- there's no passion from most of them. You can almost hear the discussion before the camera rolled: "Okay, first you're gonna stick this dildo in your pussy. Then you're gonna put this plug in your ass. Oh, but don't hurt yourself because we've got some milk to squirt out of it later." It all just seems so contrived. But I can't really imagine any "real" girl getting stoked about shoving a baseball bat inside her. Maybe if there was more info on the models or more of an interview segment I'd feel a little more connected to them. As it is, they just seem two-dimensional. Which is ironic, of course, because the things they're putting inside them are decidedly of another dimension.

Apart from the videos of each set, there are also screenshots and photos to go with each girl. The screenshots essentially act as thumbs for the video sets (which is good if you're planning on downloading the massive super high quality full videos), but the photos are legitimate seperate entities. The screenshots pages are jam packed with thumbs of screenshots- something like 50 to a page. The screens are a nice size and great quality actually, though, so they can serve a dual purpose (if pornography can really be said to "serve a purpose"). There are fewer thumbs to the page in the photo section and there are fewer overall. But the photos appear to have been taken seperately from the video and are at a nice 1024x768 resolution for the most part. These are high quality images, much like the high quality videos in appearance and they're a nice supplement to the video sets. You at least get to see a little more of each girl. Throughout the thumbs, there are banner ads scattered here and there. They may be for sister sites, but that doesn't exclude them from my wrath. If I'm going to pay a premium to look at a site, I expect it to be ALL that site. It'd be like HBO showing ads for Showtime. Just give me my Six Feet Under and shut your trap, that's my motto.

The bonus content on the site is setup exactly like the exclusive stuff (though there's a little bit less of it). There are some more on-topic (or near-on-topic) videos- some of it even girl/girl or boy/girl so you get a little mixture that is lacking in the exclusive stuff. The quality is roughly the same, though I don't think the same company produced the material. It's definitely nice to have some more stuff to look at here, even thought the updates are very regular with the exclusive stuff.


Give Me Pink has some very high quality stuff on its topic of choice. While a little more variation within that niche (some non-solo stuff maybe?) would help its overall appeal immensely, it's a solid site as is. The price is a bit high for the amount and variation of content, but the daily updates are quite a draw and I would imagine that a fan of this type of material would be quite pleased with it overall. A quality site, all told- one that may appeal only to a small niche, but will likely exceed the expectations of those interested.


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