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Xflix review

Summary: Xflix is a video on demand site with 1000+ titles available. The downside is that the streaming quality is low and that no updates have occured for a year. We recommend you look elsewhere for VOD sites.

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Score 50.0 /100
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Joseph, 2007-10-01

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Intro promises

- Hottest video on demand
- Thousands of hours of sexy XXX movies for your pleasure
- Amazing movie viewing experience

First impression

Xflix is a video on demand site, meaning you pay by the minute to view movies at Xflix ó watch any part of any movie for as many minutes as you have in your account. All new Xflix accounts automatically receive ten free minutes of credit as soon as they are validated (account validation is an automated process that typically takes about five minutes), so you can start watching movies for free right after you create your complimentary account. Members donít have to use all of their minutes at the same time ó Xflix minutes can be used at your discretion, in any amount and on any movie or combination of movies. In other words, watch what you want, when you want to watch it. Unused minutes do not expire ó once minutes have been added to your account, they will remain in there until you use them up watching movies. Of course, if you donít enjoy paying by the minute, you can always invest in an All Access Pass, which provides unlimited access to all of the movies on Xflix for a set period of a time (three days, thirty days, etc.) ó watch as much as you want for the duration of the pass. No matter which option you choose, Xflix has got you covered when it comes to streaming blue movies.


30 Days for $ 29.69 (All access)
3 Days for $ 3.95 (All access)

20 Minutes for $ 4.69
30 Minutes for $ 6.69
69 Minutes for $ 12.69
130 Minutes for $ 16.69
230 Minutes for $ 22.69
360 Minutes for $ 29.69
690 Minutes for $ 49.69

Our opinion

The members area of Xflix displays new releases and random selections (talk about random ó Forced to Lactate #4 and Her Pole His Hole #3 are but two of the random selections currently on display in the members area!). The left side of each page has a navigation bar which allows folks to search and browse movies on the site. Movies can be searched by keywords and titles or can be browsed by a variety of categories, including most popular, top studios, anal, legs, shaved, behind the scenes, Asian, fantasy and foreign language. I have no idea how often new movies are added to Xflix, but the four newest releases in the members area were added in October of 2006. Uh-oh. Also, I have never heard of any of the movies on the site nor have I heard of the studios these movies were released by (Shaftco, anyone?). Double uh-oh.

The movies on Xflix use Flash video ďto provide the highest quality video experienceĒ and work well on both PC and MAC platforms when the newest version of Flash is installed. If you donít have the newest Flash version, you can get it for free by reading the site's FAQ.

Click on a video that tickles your fancy and youíll be taken to its homepage, which provides interesting facts about the flick (running time, director, etc.), displays a handful of screen captures from the video and presents the front and back cover images of the DVD in question. Movies can be downloaded in three speeds: low (150 kbps), medium (384 kbps) and high (512 kbps). The videos stream in an embedded player and, sadly, arenít chopped up into scenes, thus youíre in it for the long haul when you start streaming these movies. The picture quality is okay, but itís a bit pixelated. You can add your favorite movies to a special area of the site for later use.


Honestly, I was not impressed with Xflix ó the selection is dodgy, the playback is pixelated and the movies canít be downloaded. Granted, if you can blow your wad in less than three minutes, then getting your porn fix from Xflix is probably gonna pay off in the long run. However, if you need more time to get off or you want to download movies in lieu of streaming them, then you may want to look some place else, perhaps in the direction of a DVD download site. Having said all that, Iíll remind you that you get ten free minutes when you register an account with Xflix, thus you may want to sign up and see for yourself if Xflix is worth the money.

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