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Tishan review

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Mini Review: Tishan performs sexily. She is definitely a lover. She likes kind attention, and will repay viewers who deliver this behavior with nudity and masturbation. Surfers shouldn't try to get her to do anything when they are low on credits because she will simply talk to them until they are depleted.

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Graham Stroker, 2012-06-28

Latina, Amateur

23, B-cup, fingering, stripping

Body facts

Age: 20-24
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Breast Size: Small
Body Figure: Slim/slender
Activities: Fingering, stripping.

Technical Features

Movies: NO
Pictures: YES
Cam to Cam capability: YES
Sound: NO
Couple/Group Show: NO
Non-exclusive live nude show: YES
Guest chat: NO

Model Biography and stats

Tishan is a twenty-three year old Latina. She has brown hair and light blue eyes. Her slim body is toned, and her B-cup breasts do not look that small on her. She likes being treated like a princess, and will reward people that do by acting like the court's harlot.

Detailed session info

Tishan was the first model I watched. I hadn't entirely figured out the website at that point and thus took her immediately into one2one. Her particular tariff drained all fifty credits in a minute and thirty seconds. There wasn't much time for me to do anything.

After I got the hang out of website, I managed to catch her online again. This time, she was naked in her chat room save for a pair of black thigh-high nylons. We chatted for a couple of minutes, she laying on her stomach. Then things got heavy. "I want to kiss you," she typed. Such a lover! I like it when girls are romantic, especially in a place where I least expect them to be. "Do you want to play with me?" I did. She was so beautiful.

She teasingly propped herself up on her elbows, flashing her tits and licking her fingers. I wanted to squeeze underneath her. She got onto all fours and crawled around before finally standing. She zoomed in the cam on her tits and rubbed them. I loved the lewd faces she made as she caressed her nipples. The action heated up even more when she got on her back and spread her legs, showing me her bright pink pussy. She fingered herself for a while, and I spent the rest of the fifty credits watching them dance in her wetness.

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