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All webcam girl categories - find your new favorite webcam girlfriend here

Girls who are ready to chat and have a good time with you - that's the definition of a cam model. The girls in these categories can become your BFF or you can simply shoot the shit with her for a while if you feel like talking to someone who will pay attention to nothing but you. Start by choosing an overall category here and see what our experience with each girl is like.


You have plenty of hot 18-23 year old cam models to choose from because it seems that today’s youth have no inhibitions when it comes to their bodies and their sexuality. Some 18-23 year olds are made for cam while other models best stick to chat. Our honest reviews will let you know which ones deliver the goods – both in content and technical quality – and which ones to pass up.


Due to the challenging economy, there are more and more Amateur cam models setting up shop. Unfortunately, some of these amateurs are doing it just for the money and their boredom or resentment of being on camera shows, which means a less than desirable experience for you. Our amateur cam model reviews will help you choose wisely when it comes to your hard earned money.


When you’re engaging a cam model for some anal action, you expect her to know how to position her body and the camera, and you expect the quality of the stream to be high. You also expect her to engage in anal hardcore action and not just leave you guessing. Our reviews take the guesswork out for you so you can choose the best backdoor babe money can buy!


Asian cam models tempt you with their exotic and mysterious ways, but can they really deliver once you’re one on one with them? Many of them can, and we’ll sing high praises for these gorgeous lotus blossoms. Those Asian cam models who fall short of the mark will also get the once over from us, so you don’t have to waste your time or money on mediocrity.


Do blondes have more fun on cam? There’s only one way to find out, but that means spending a lot of money. Fortunately for you, we’ve done the homework; it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it! We pass along our findings to you so you’ll know which blondes are great on cam and which models do poorly.


Just because a cam model has some great boobs doesn’t mean she knows what to do with them. While it may be hot to see those naked tits, a boobs cam model needs to know how to caress them in the right way, titty fuck them with a dildo, juggle and dangle them, etc. All of this, of course, needs to be shown in a high quality cam that will leave you grabbing for the computer screen thinking those funbags really are within reach!


If you prefer brunettes for your webcam experience, you certainly have plenty to choose from. But which ones offer sexy one on one shows without consistent technical difficulties? And which ones live up to their promises of what they’re willing to do? Our on-going reviews of brunettes will help you make informed choices when it comes to your cam model experience.


If Caucasian cam models are what you prefer, your head will spin at the amount of choices you have nowadays! But just because they have the looks you want, it doesn’t mean they’ll give you the cam experience you desire. We’ll be reviewing a variety of Caucasian webcam models, and we’ll honestly access their interaction with the customer, their technical quality, and how well they deliver an erotic experience.

Eastern European

Once the Iron Curtain dropped, the world got to see just how sexy Eastern European babes are. Luckily for us, so many of them are becoming cam models, and oh boy, do they ever show just how uninhibited and sexual they are. Our reviews of Eastern European cam models will help you find the best, giving you your money’s worth – and then some!


So much of the allure of Ebony cam models is their in-your-face attitude and their bootilicious phat asses. So do they really deliver the goods, or are they just trying to coast by on their beautiful ebony skin? We’ll give you the low down on which ghetto babes are the best in the ‘hood!


Fetish sites are great, but sometimes you really want to direct the action in the way you want. Fortunately, there are great fetish cam models who are ready to do your bidding when it comes to your kinky perversions. As with such niche sites, fetish cam models can be hit or miss, so we’ll let you know which ones truly understand fetishes and which ones are just going through the motions.


If you want to see a fish taco up close and personal in live one on one action, then Latina cam models is the way to go. These spicy senoritas know just how to drive a man muy loco, especially if they have high quality webcams that will let Latina lovers see what their cocks desire.

Middle Eastern

The dearth of Middle Eastern porn has been scarce due to their religious constrictions. Lately, however, more women from these repressed countries are letting loose their sexuality by becoming cam models. So do these Middle Eastern webcam babes live up to their mysterious allure? We let you know through our reviews.


You can see plenty of porn models on various sites, but sometimes you want to direct the action. Well, you can when you go live one on one with a pornstar cam model. These models are every bit as hot on webcam; in fact they’re even hotter because you can make requests in real time, and if the pornstar is all about customer service, you’ll be mightily satisfied. Check out our reviews to see which ones will give you the best.


Let’s face it; sometimes you question if squirting sites are showing genuine action. You wonder if there’s some sort of trick of the camera. Squirting cam models, however, don’t have any tricks since they’re showing you live one on one action. Read our reviews to see which ones squirt and which ones will leave you high and dry.

Sex toys

Sex toys and cam models seem to go cock in hand, but that doesn’t mean all of them will give you a great time. Many have the sex toys but they lack the skills in working the camera, or they don’t take direction very well. We’ll offer you honest reviews on which webcam babes do it best so you’ll have optimum viewing pleasure!


Gay webcam models give you live and very personal interaction with hot studs who get off knowing you’re stroking your cock over them. Why not mutually masturbate and cum together with the best gay cam models by checking out which ones are great at interacting with their audience and giving excellent shows.


Ah, to see a shemale in live action! To be able to talk with this exotic creature and tell her what to do to turn you on. Take a walk on the wild side with some of the hottest shemale cam models on the internet by choosing the best through our reviews.

SophiaSophia screenshotoffline

Overall Score:

Sophia is interesting to watch. I was lucky to catch her getting ready for her private show. Once you have her all alone,...
Read the full Sophia review.

Reviewed: 2010-06-02
Category: Sex-toys

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