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Boy Napped Review

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Boy Napped have 1,238 exclusive BDSM scenes they are mostly in full HD and the newer ones are now in 4K and mobile compatible. This is 20 more scenes than from my last visit. All the scenes come with their own high-resolution photo set, and they have over 215 boys in action. Membership includes full access to 3 sites, and they are Toegasms, Piss Twinks and Boys On The Prowl.

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Summary: In the mood for some great gay BDSM fetish action? Then you're going to love Boy Napped. This is the only gay BDSM site that divides things up between light and dark BDSM, and the collection size is great. It does tend more towards the dark side of things, so you'll get the most out of this site if you want the really intense stuff. Finally, the quality is great and you get a pretty good set of bonuses.

Tiffany, 2021-07-30

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Boynapped's tagline is Nap 'em and Tap 'em, and you'll see plenty of hot and kinky action that involve these hot boys getting tied up and teased. Aside from the bondage, it looks like there is plenty of spanking, sucking, fucking, sensation play, nipple play, and more hot and hardcore BDSM action.

The Boynapped member's area has a style that just works with the site concept overall, and there's functionality in that great form as well. The bonus site that you get access to is right at the top of the page, then there's a navigation section under that. The latest news looks to deal mostly with the live shows, so we'll come back to that. The latest episodes are given down the main page, and there is plenty of hot BDSM action that continues down that page. This is certainly shaping up to be one of the wildest twink sites that I've ever seen.


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Boy Napped has one of my favorite site concepts, and I love how they present it within the member's area. There's a Boynapped Light section that gives you light BDSM action, and a Dark section for those of you that want to go balls to the walls kink. It's a great mix, and perfect for when you have varying moods at the type of fetish porn that you're after. Of course I'm going to have to go to the dark section right away, because I love gay porn that pushes the limits of BDSM. You don't see nearly enough of it, and well done BDSM is even harder to find. Thankfully, they are spot on in pretty much everything, and the scenarios, locations, and kinks are all varied enough that you're going to tune in for every weekly update.

There are 1,238 videos and photo sets, so this is larger than your typical gay bdsm site. The guys that they feature have a guy next door look to them - they aren't all necessarily twinks, but they do tend along those lines either body wise or age wise.

The video pages give you a pretty thorough description and then present the video options to you. There are also links to the featured models in case you'd like to see more of them. Finally there's usually a photo set associated with the scene. This gives you a good idea of what to expect, and the type of guys in the scenes.

There are two sets of viewing options. You can have the streaming player, which offers WMV and Flash formats. In addition, it allows you to switch bitrates on the fly, ranging from 38kbps to 1.5 mbps. That's a nifty feature to have on a streaming player. The downloads don't give you that much flexibility. They are offered in full scene WMVs only. In addition, you're looking at DRM videos. It's not too bad, just making you log in with your username and password with each video, but if you're watching a lot of stuff in a row or previewing things, it can get damn annoying. These videos are shown at 850x478 and 1.5 mbps. They are also very lengthy at around 30 minutes a scene.

The photo sets have a basic layout, and you're getting a multiple speed slideshow feature with them. There are over 100 photos per set, and they are shown at 900x600. These are actual photos and not screencaps, which you might have assumed they were due to the fact that they are associated with the videos.

If you want something not kinky at all, you can check out the bonus site that you get with your membership. It's, and it gives you plenty of boys without the bondage. There's also a bonus live cam that covers men from around the network, model question and answer sessions, and 35 third party feeds.


Boy Napped is one of my favorite gay BDSM sites of all time for a few reasons. It's great that they have a pretty big collection and good quality content, but what really hits it out of the park is the large variety of fetishes that they explore, as well as the fact that they execute them all very well. That's rare to see, and will make any fetish lover happy.


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