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Gay Sissies Review

Summary: There are precious few places to see any sort of crossdressing in a porn context, so Gay Sissies is a welcome drink in the desert for that. They handle the subject matter well, although they could definitely use an increase in video quality, as well as a more feature rich member's area.

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Tiffany, 2009-11-20


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One thing that you don't see too often in gay porn is sissification and crossdressing. It's a part of the market that is incredibly hot, especially if you're into the BDSM connections with forced feminization. Gay Sissies is tapping into this side of things with cross dressing galore, so if you're in the mood to see guys in drag, men in pantyhose, or more kinky and deviant action then it looks like we should take a walk inside to see what we find.

The member's area hit one of my pet peeves right out I hate having to log in twice, and the first thing you do after logging in the first time is going through the process again. It's a little thing, but it does tend to annoy me much more than it should. Calling this member's area bare bones is an understatement, although I have seen plainer setups from time to time. You're presented with the pictures and videos section, and that's about it there's a link to the updates area in the bottom nav bar, but other than that it's just you and the sissies.


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Although this site really doesn't impress right off the bat, I've been around enough of this company's sites to know that they handle weird gay niches really really well. Crossdressing, sissification, and forced feminization are rare enough to see as is, so I am not too concerned over the incredibly simple site that it's housed in. There are 47 videos and 103 photo sets, with a new update every four days. It tends to alternate between photo and video updates, so you won't be waiting too long to see whichever one you'd like.

Video and gallery pages are super basic, with just a thumbnail on the videos to download from, and the pictures are your standard gallery fare. You get a full scene download in AVI only, shown at 640x480 and 1 mbps. While the video quality isn't going to knock me out of my socks, as expected the subject matter was masterfully handled. I don't mind video quality being a bit lower when they manage to handle a underrepresented niche like this perfectly. Videos tend to be around 20 minutes long.

The photo sets are around 60 pictures each, and are shown at 1000x1500. The quality is very good in fact the pictures were actually a pretty big highlight for me. Although the galleries are plain like the rest of the site, they do make sure to give you zip downloads so you can get the entire sets all at once. You do get extras, although they don't indicate this anywhere in the member's area but there are over 70 bonus sites in all sorts of crazy niches that you get access to.


Gay Sissies is a very straightforward site that might not be into bells and whistles, but they do handle a very complex gay fetish with no problem. If you're into cross dressing, sissification, or feminization you are going to be in an absolute wonderland. The only thing I'd particularly want to see would be higher video quality.


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