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My Sissy Boyfriend review

Summary: You aren't going to see a site quite like My Sissy Boyfriend, no matter how hard you look. This is part bisexual tendencies, part gender role swapping, and wholly hot. The site has HD videos, as well as a good sized collection of some of the rarest porn on earth.

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Tiffany, 2009-11-10

Fetish, Bisexual

bisexual, cross dressing, gender transformation, pegging

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My Sissy Boyfriend combines two rather uncommon fetishes crossdressing and pegging to bring you over to touching on bisexual themes, role reversals, and some rather intense fetishes. All of these guys have wondered just what it's like to take on a more feminine role, and quite a few of them are especially fantasizing about getting pegged in the ass.

The main member's area divides everything up between a few different sections, providing you with a very uncluttered look at things. There are sissified boyfriends all over the place, with their strap on swinging girlfriends getting ready to introduce their ass to some kinky insertion. Then you have the links to the content sections, as well as the bonuses.


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This is a mixture of fetishes that you really don't see too often, and while it's not strictly gay or bisexual the crossdressing does push it towards both of those niches, while the pegging just slams it home that these guys are getting quite comfortable with the idea of a cock in their ass. They're going to end up in MMF threesomes in no time after they've shown up on here.

The video and photo listing pages are pretty slick, with a preview video, a good sized description, and then a button to take you off to the full video. There are 25 videos and 14 photo sets, and while that doesn't sound like a lot, this is some rather unusual material that you aren't going to find anywhere else. There's an update every week, and the scenarios cover quite the gamut of fetish activities. There's a strong BDSM slant to each scene, and the cross dressing outfits are interesting, to say the least.

The video pages have a few different tabs to divide up everything. The first thing you'll see are the screencaps, and then there are tabs for the various qualities of video. All videos are provided as Flash streaming full scene only videos, with the lowest quality shown at 480x360 and 800 kbps, the medium quality provided at 720x480 and 1 mbps, and the highest quality shown at 1280x720 and 1.5 mbps. Videos tend to be nearly 20 minutes long, and every video features more than enough gender role reversal to keep you happy for quite some time. Even the highest quality videos buffer rather quickly, and the Flash is remarkably smooth throughout. If you'd like to get a preview of the video, the screencap sets have 40 pictures per set, shown at a good screencap quality of 1024x576.

The photo sets give you the option to get a zip download right off the bat, or you can go ahead and click through to view the full gallery. There are 150 photos in the sets, and these are full photo shoots of the action. The quality is quite amazing, shown at 1936x1296. You do have to enlarge them to see these, as they opt for a much smaller lightbox view to start with.

Off to the bonuses: there's a bonus zone that has quite a few different categories of porn, ranging from fetish to mature. This area is all pictures currently, with the videos showing a coming soon. There are three bonus sites, and one is surprisingly another sissy site. That's a bonus worth seeing for sure.


My Sissy Boyfriend has an unusual blend of fetishes that transcend gender roles, and make for some rather hot action. If you love cross dressing guys exploring getting ass fucked by pegging loving girls, with that hint of bisexual and transgender going across it, then you're going to love it here. It's small but steadily growing week by week.


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Nicole Ashley
2012-07-24 15:04:06

This sounds like a dream come true. I have cross dressed all my life and am totally adicted to it. Please take me into the world you have discussed. I am ready!