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Handy Studs review

Summary: Handy Studs is a solid site that might not stand out in a crowd, but it doesn't do too bad on its own either. That's more than I can say for many network based sites, so they've got that going for them. These muscle bound hotties are shown off in a decent sized video collection, and the bonus network is nothing to scoff at either.

Score 75.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2010-04-03

Hardcore, Hunks-and-Muscle

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Intro promises

Straight and gay men
Well hung studs

First impression

Handy Studs features all manly men that are very good with their hands, whether they are hauling something around or yanking at their wood. The guys are also all blessed with pretty damn delicious looking dicks that you'll want to just pop in your mouth and suck away at.

It's rather evident that Handy Studs is a part of the Gay Star network, as you are landed on a page branded with that over the site name. The site information is given underneath, showing you the general theme, the amount of pornstars shown on the site, and the categories that it falls under.


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Our opinion

Handy Studs comes off as a pretty generic network site at first, but the collection size is certainly much larger than one of those usually merits. You're getting 85 videos in total, and these aren't skimpy little things - instead they're 20 minutes long on average. The photo section is hurting a bit, however, with only 2 photo sets in total.Updates hit every two weeks or so it looks like.

You're getting a very nicely laid out video page, with a big Flash streaming video right up top, and the download and screenshot options underneath. The Flash streaming video is shown at 720x480 and it buffers smoothly. The downloads underneath are given in WMV and MPG, with the first shown at 720x480 and 2 mbps and the second is 640x480 and 1 mbps. Overall the quality is great, although the production value does vary from video to video (as they are sourced from different DVDs). The screenshots come in a basic gallery with a zip download, and there are around 50 photos per set. They are shown at 720x480 in an average vidcap quality.

There are only two photoshoots on the site, so you aren't going to be getting much from that area of the site. The ones that they do have are about the same size as the screencap sets, and they are shown at 800x600. You can grab a zip of these as well.

For the rest of the network, you're getting 16 sites in total, and they do have an eye for the hunky guys. That's not all that's here, but there's enough to keep you safely horny and happy for many hours. The network looks to udpate daily, and it's a snap to get around so you won't have any problems at all.


Handy Studs is a solid hunk site that has above average quality videos and a good selection of manly men. Although it's not the most original or innovative site around, it does show off a great deal of gay porn that will keep you occupied.


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Total average: 72.2/100 Our score: 75.0/100

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